10 Unique Dorm Room Rugs For a Cozy College Dorm

This post is all about the trendiest dorm room rugs!

dorm room rugs

Decorating your dorm room is the most exciting part of moving to college. You can bring the cutest dorm decor like a wall collage or nice bedding, but there’s one thing that will completely transform it: dorm room rugs!

Getting a rug for your dorm room will always be a win-win: your room will look ten times better and it will be cozier and more comfortable.

I have made a selection of the 10 best dorm room rugs that I would 100% have in my dorm.

10 Unique Dorm Room Rugs

1. Reese Printed Rug

dorm room rug

I always find the cutest dorm room rugs at Urban Outfitters. They have so many options for all kinds of styles and a wide range of prices.

I love the Reese printed rug because it has a vintage vibe and a distressed finish which is perfect if you want to style a boho dorm room.

The best thing about printed rugs is that they are easy to vacuum and won’t get dirty easily.

2. Tufted Rug

rug for dorm room

A dorm room rug should be cute and make your room more comfortable, but it should also be practical.

This tufted rug from Urban Outfitters is the best because it’s made from 100% cotton and has tufted details that pop up. This rug is perfect for you if you’re looking for something to add a bit of color to your room but still keep it subtle.

3. Minimalist Boho Dorm Rug

Maybe you want to go for a bohemian style but still keep it simple and minimalist. You don’t need to get super colorful dorm room rugs to improve your space.

This dorm rug from Amazon is perfect to add a bohemian touch to every room but without going too far. You can keep it neutral but still get that boho vibe!

4. Pink Shag Rug

area rugs for dorm room

Shag rugs are perfect for small rooms because they don’t take up too much space and can completely transform how your room looks.

The are also the comfiest rugs ever, so you can sit on them to do your homework, watch a movie or hang with your roommate.

If you’re looking for a color accent that adds some texture to your room, this rug is for you!

5. Black & White Geometric Rug

If you have already decorated your dorm room with a big variety of colors and items, you’ll most likely want to get a neutral rug that equilibrates that pop of color.

I would definitely go for something simple like a black and white rug. This one from Amazon is super cute because it has geometric black lines that give a classy look but without being boring.

6. Daisy Woven Rug

dorm rug

This dorm room rug is like anything I’ve seen before. You can use it both indoor and outdoor, and it’s reversible so you can choose what side you prefer.

I love that the pattern is simple and the colors are neutral, but it will still make your space stand out. The fact that this is a big rug that will cover most of your dorm is perfect because college dorms tend to be old and have ugly floors.

7. Artsy Abstract Rug

If I told you this rug was from Urban Outfitters you would totally believe me!

I found this rug on Amazon and it’s the perfect rug for a dorm room because it has a combination of everything: printed geometrical shapes, tufted details, and tassels. If you’re a fan of bold and artsy decor, this is for you!

It makes a perfect area rug and will look super cute next to your bed. You can even clean it on the washing machine so you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty.

8. Checked Rug

college dorm rug

Checked patterns are EVERYWHERE right now! I’ve seen them on clothes, decor, and even furniture, so why not on rugs?

This checked rug from Etsy is the type of funky rug that will completely transform your space and make it look ten times better.

I love the 70s vibe of this rug and the fact that it’s handmade makes it even better.

9. Round Tufted Rug

dorm rug target

If you’re looking for a unique rug that has a ton of personality, this is for you.

This rug is handmade tufted from upcycled wool, and it’s totally customizable with your favorite colors and size.

This is such a cute piece of decor to add to your dorm room that will make you feel cozier and will keep your feet warm in the morning. I can imagine it in a dorm with pastel bedding and warm toned pillows that match the colors of the rug.

10. Animal Print Rug

dorm rugs

Animal print is a classic when it comes to rugs. I have to admit I’m not the biggest fan of animal print, but I think this rug gives an original twist to the traditional animal print and makes it so much more interesting.

I love how they used white and pastel colors for this type of rug because it instantly looks more classy and perfect to add a subtle touch of color to your dorm.

The tufted details are super cute because they give texture and make the overall look more put together. This would definitely fit any dorm room aesthetic!

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