27 Dorm Room Organization Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

This post is all about dorm room organization ideas.

dorm room organization

College dorms tend to be small and it can be a struggle to make the most of the space you have. You will be spending a ton of time in your dorm, that’s why your dorm room organization is super important!

Staying organized will help you maximize your space and keep everything tidy and clean. Here are some tips on how you can stay on top of your dorm room organization and take your dorm to the next level.

This post is all about dorm room organization ideas and hacks.


1. Use a Wall Wire Gird

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Try this dorm organization idea:

If you don’t want to accumulate a pile of papers and sheets on your desk, I highly suggest you get a wall wire grid. It’s super helpful to make everything more visible and remember the important stuff.

You can use it to hang your to-do lists, your goals or motivational quotes.

It’s also really easy to hang on your wall with these command hooks because they won’t damage your wall.

2. Get a Desk Organizers Set

dorm room organization ideas
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Recreate this desk organization idea:

The way you organize your desk area also plays a huge part in your dorm room organization.

You will spend a lot of time at your desk, so you want to keep it clean and organized. It will help you to focus and stay motivated.

I can’t start working unless my desk is completely tidy, that’s why I love this rose gold desk organizers set!

3. Use The Space Under Your Bed

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Recreate this dorm organization idea:

Dorm rooms are small so you should optimize every inch of space you have. That’s why using the space under your bed for storage is so smart!

You can add an extra drawer or some storage cubbies to hide your shoes or bulky items.

4. Maximize The Space In Your Closet

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Try this dorm room organization idea:

When I walked into my college dorm for the first time and realized how tiny my closet was I honestly almost cried.

Luckily, there are many ways you can maximize the space of your closet. I personally used this closet organizer to put all my shoes and big items like towels and bedsheets.

If you have enough space, you can also add a transparent drawer. They are pretty affordable and will provide you with so much extra space.

5. Use a Rolling Cart

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Recreate this dorm organization idea:

A rolling cart is PERFECT because you can move it around your dorm room, so it adapts perfectly to the space you have.

You can use it to storage blankets and books, or even as a nightstand. It’s also super cute and there are a ton of colors available.

I’ve seen a lot of girls use this since it’s super practical and makes your dorm room organization much more efficient.

6. Use a Shoe Rack

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Try this dorm organization idea:

A shoe rack is an extra dorm room organization accessory I would only use if you have enough space.

This is not an essential but will make your life so much easier. Mainly because you will have all your shoes in one place, and also because you will have a good vision of all of them so it’s easier when you get dressed.

7. Drawer Organizers For Your Tech Items

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Try this dorm organization idea:

Even if you organize your drawers, in the end, they always end up super messy and it’s difficult to find things.

The best solution to avoid this is getting a set of drawer organizers. They are cheap and will make your drawers look super tidy and organized. This is especially helpful when it comes to tech items like cords and earphones.

8. Over The Door Storage

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Try this dorm organization idea:

The doors in your dorm can also be used to improve your dorm room organization!

And it’s actually super easy to do it. All you need is an over the door organizer. I love this one because it comes with baskets so it’s easier to store bigger things like bags or even your school backpack.

9. Get Compartment Drawer Organizers For Your Undies

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Try this dorm organization idea:

dorm room organization storage

Your undies are something you should always keep organized. Don’t just throw everything in your drawer and hope that it will magically look tidy and organized.

My biggest discovery in college was drawer dividers. They look like a bees’ honeycomb and have multiple holes where you can put your bras, belts, socks, etc.

10. Use a Scrunchie Organizer

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A scrunchie organizer is not only super handy to place your scrunchies, headbands and bracelets, but will also look super cute as decor!

I love this one from Etsy because it’s handmade and you can personalize it with your favorite wood tone and size.

11. Put Your Smaller Accessories and Items in Jars

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Try this dorm organization idea:

Another option to store small items like jewelry, scrunchies, or belts is using a jar. This probably one of the cheapest options because you probably already have a big jar at home that you can reuse.

If not, Amazon has plenty of options of all sizes and shapes!


12. Transparent Makeup Organizer

I personally brought all my makeup to my dorm room in a makeup bag, but keeping everything in there wasn’t practical at all because the process of finding the products I needed was super slow.

That’s why I decided to get a transparent makeup organizer for my desk. It has a compartment for every product and everything looks much more organized.

Plus, you have a clear view of everything and it’s faster to get your makeup done in the morning.

13. Gold Desk Organizers Set

A desk organizers set will make your life so much easier.

I don’t know about you, but I’m way more productive when my desk looks clean and every item has a specific place for it. I also love that it’s cheaper to buy the complete set than to get every item separately.

14. Magic Hangers

These are called magic hangers and I couldn’t have named them better!

They are the best space savers and I promise you will double the amount of space in your closet because you can hang multiple pieces in one single hanger.

15. Jewelry Organizers

dorm room organization diy

If you’re a jewelry girl that wears bracelets and necklaces you’ll need a jewelry organizer to avoid any tangling.

This one from Urban Outfitters is super cute as dorm decor and will help you stay on top of your dorm room organization!

16. Cloth Storage Containers

These cloth storage containers are especially helpful for moving into your dorm, but they are also a great idea to use as extra storage for bulky items like your winter clothes.

17. Bedside Pockets

If you don’t have a nightstand, bedside pockets work exactly the same and take no space. They are super practical to keep things like your phone or a book near when you’re in your bed.

18. Mirror With Storage

dorm room organization freshman year

This is an extra but something that will look really cute in any college dorm.

Dorms have a little amount of space and they don’t have any mirrors, so a mirror with storage is perfect because you solve two problems with one item.

19. Bulletin Board

A bulletin board works exactly like the wall grid but it’s made of cork instead of wire.

Bulletin boards are great to create a wall collage with your polaroids or your favorite aesthetic photos.

20. Laundry Bag

dorm room organization space saving

This laundry bag is one of my most recommended dorm essentials and I think it’s super important for your dorm room organization.

Carrying a laundry basket to the laundry room is not practical and it will give you neck pain for days. I highly suggest you get a laundry bag instead.

This one from Etsy is the BEST because you can personalize it with your initials and there are so many font styles and colors you can choose from.

21. Multi-Purpose Ottoman

An ottoman is one of the cutest dorm organization storage ideas and you can use it for so many things.

It’s not only great to store stuff, but also works great as an extra seat for when you have friends over.


22. Only Bring The Essentials

I know it’s easy to get carried away and overpack when you’re moving into your dorm room. But trust me, you are not going to use all that clothing!

Only bring what you need, and make sure you put your seasonal clothing in bins or boxes so you can store them under your bed.

23. Cut Down on Bulky Items

No, you won’t need three coats and 5 jackets. You’ll most likely be fine with two of both.

Bulky items are what will take more space in your dorm, so don’t waste it with stuff you won’t even wear. I probably only wore half of the clothes I brought to college my first year, don’t make the same mistake!

24. Use The Free Space On Your Walls

Dorms may be small, but you can optimize your dorm room organization and get much more free space if you use your walls.

You can hang over the door organizers on your closet doors or you can use command hooks on your wall for extra storage space.

25. Maximize The Space In Your Closet

You can double the amount of space in your closet if you know how to organize it. Closet organizers are lifesavers, but there are so many other items like magic hangers that will be super helpful.

I showed you my most recommended ones that helped me when I was in college, but don’t hesitate to do your own research and find what’s best for you and your dorm.

26. Communicate With Your Roommate

If you will be sharing your dorm with a roommate, don’t forget to communicate with her in case you’re planning to make big changes.

If you would like to purchase a more expensive item that you think could benefit the two of you, you can ask her to split the price so it will be more affordable.

27. Plan Your Dorm Room Organization Before Moving In

Everything is way easier when you plan it ahead, so is your rom room organization.

Make a list of all the things you actually need before moving to your dorm and think about ways to organize them to make sure you are prepared.

You can see the exact complete college packing list I used by clicking here. This is the one I used when I moved to college and it was key to stay organized during the moving process.

This post was all about dorm room organization ideas!

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