15 Trendy Dorm Room Decor Ideas We’re Loving Right Now

This post is all about trendy dorm room decor ideas.

dorm room decor

Decorating your dorm room is the funniest part of moving to college.

When I went to college for the first year I spent the entire summer planning my dorm room decor and making lists of ideas and cute stuff.

The idea of getting a boring space that’s like a blank canvas and transforming it into a Pinterest-worthy dorm room is super exciting, and I promise you will love every second of the whole process.

To make things easier for you, I’ve gathered a list of the trendiest college dorm room decor ideas right now!

15 Trendiest Dorm Room Decor Ideas

1. Use Tapestries and Mix Textures

dorm room decor ideas
@emwilkos on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room decor:

I swear any space will look instantly better by adding a tapestry.

The changes are your dorm’s walls will be old and ugly, so the easiest (and cheapest) way to solve this is hanging a tapestry that will cover most of it.

You can mix it with other wall decor and try to make it look more put together with a cute bedding and throw pillows.

2. Create a Photo Wall Collage

dorm room decor for guys
@emmyzobitz on Instagram

Recreate this dorm room decor:

Another way of making your walls look instantly better is by creating a wall collage with your favorite polaroids or photos.

This not only is a great dorm decor idea, but it’s also the best way to keep something that reminds you of home at sight. You can include photos of you friends, family, and good memories.

3. Go For an All-White Look

dorm room decor guys
@jennyreimold on Instagram

Recreate this dorm room decor:

dorm room decor boho

If you’re looking for a minimalistic college dorm and want to keep things simple and clean, this idea is for you.

You can never go wrong with an all-white look, and you can mix with light brown and beige elements like these Urban Outfitters pillows.

4. Add a Floral Touch

guys dorm room decor
@laurakbosak on Pinterest

Recreate this college room decor:

Flowers and greenery are super trendy right now! A lot of girls put flowers or hang flower garlands in their dorms.

It doesn’t surprise me because any floral accent will make your room look more fresh and warm, even if they are fake flowers. This flower set from Etsy is super cute and you can combine it however you want.

5. Get a Neon Sign

college dorm room decor
@sadieemae on Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room decor:

If you need like your room needs more light but you don’t want to get the same old boring desk lamp, you should seriously consider a neon sign.

Not only they are the cutest dorm room decorations, but you can also use them as a source of light. And they come in so many colors! Although I recommend you to get a white neon sign if you’re going to use it to do your homework or read at night.

6. Add Funky Pillows and Fairy Lights

cute dorm room decor
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room decor:

dorm room decoration ideas

It always amazes me how much your dorm changes when you simply add fairy lights and cute pillows.

You can get fairy lights like these ones on Amazon for less than $10. My favorite place to shop for pillows is Urban Outfitters because they always have so many options with a variety of prices.

7. Curate a Cozy Boho Space

girl dorm room decor
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this dorm room decor:

Boho dorm rooms are a huge trend right now. Even if you don’t want to go full bohemian with your dorm, you can always take the elements you like the most from this trend and implement them into your own space.

Easy Diy Dorm Room Decor

8. Pastels & White Bedsheets

girls dorm room decor
Source: gatheredky.com

Try this dorm decor:

dorm room decor ideas
dorm room decor for guys

This is one of my favorite combinations and it’s super popular: pastel colors and white.

I love the pop of color in this room thanks to all the flowers and colorful pillows. This idea is super easy to recreate and you can find most of the stuff on Urban Outfitters.

9. A Vibrant Poster Wall Art

dorm room decor ideas diy
@ameliahanalei on Pinterest

Recreate this college dorm decor:

Maybe I’m late to the party, but I recently discovered collage kits and they changed my life!

This is probably one of the easiest DIY dorm room decor ideas because all you have to do is buy a collage kit and stick it to your wall. I love this one from Etsy because it includes 50 to 100 aesthetic photos ready to hang on your wall.

10. Stick To a Color Palette

dorm room decor diy
Source: Pinterest

Recreate this dorm decor:

Sometimes the hardest part of decorating your dorm is knowing where to begin. I remember being so overwhelmed about my dorm room decor that I couldn’t make any decisions.

In case you’re feeling the same way, my tip for you is to stick to a color palette. Choose a color combination you like and implement it on your dorm decorations, bedding, wall collage and so on.

11. Combine Different Patterns With A Minimalist Wall Decor

cheap dorm room decor
caitymiller on VSCO

Recreate this dorm decor:

Less is more when it comes to college dorms. Keep in mind dorms are small, so you don’t want to oversaturate them with stuff.

My biggest recommendation is to keep it simple. A combination of patterns and cute pillows with a few minimalist prints on your wall will be perfect.

Minimalist Dorm Room Decor

12. The Minimalist Boho Style

college dorm decor
Source: Society6

Recreate this dorm decor:

If you like bohemian dorms but feel like it’s a little too much for you, you can go for a minimalistic boho dorm.

It will keep the essence of the bohemian style but looking way more clean and still cozy.

13. White + Neon Colors

@renstyled on Instagram

Recreate this dorm room decor:

dorm room decor ideas diy
girls dorm room decor

This dorm is super cool and you don’t need to break the bank to recreate it!

The neon colors in contrast with the white will make you dorm look more vibrant colorful. Dorms tend to be dark so adding a pop of color is always a good idea.

This mirror from Amazon is also super cute and useful since dorms normally don’t have mirrors.

14. Create a Jewelry Station

jennakocon on VSCO

Recreate this college dorm decor:

I love this dorm decor idea because it’s such an easy and fun DIY project that you can do for cheap, plus it’s super practical to hang all your scrunchies and jewelry.

A lot of girls use bulletin boards in their dorms to stay organized or create a photo collage, so why not use it for your accessories?

15. Stick To One Color

@milkteadani on Instagram

Recreate this dorm decor:

If you have a favorite color, don’t even hesitate to use that as your decor inspiration. Planning your dorm decorations around a single color will make everything look more aesthetic and put together.

As lame as it sounds, using your favorite color (or color palette) as a reference will make everything so much easier!

This post was all about dorm room decor ideas!

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