11 Best College Planners To Stay Organized

This post is all about the best college planners.

college planners

Staying organized in college is key in order to focus on your goals and stay motivated.

When I was in college, planning everything helped me to be consistent with my work and stay on top of my to-do lists.

Whether you’re a freshman student or simply starting a new year at college, here you’ll find the 10 best college planners for every type of student.

Planners with stickers, custom college planners… this post is all about the best college planners to stay organized and be more productive.


1. Urban Outfitters Daily Planner

best college planners

Urban Outfitters has the best planners with the cutest covers!

This one is a daily planner that features a page for every day of the year and extra ones for doodles and notes. It isn’t numbered so you can fill the pages with a custom date.

I love the fact that is planner is simple but easy to understand, and has different sections for your objectives, to do lists, schedules, projects and more.

2. Marbled Academic Planner

custom college planners

Target has a wide range of options when it comes to planners, but The Home Edit collection is the best one for students.

This planner includes everything you’ll need as a college student. It’s dated from July 2021 to June 2022 which is a full academic year, and it has 12 months of hourly daily planning calendars. This is perfect if you are a fan of time blocking and like to plan every hour of your day.

My favorite part are the stickers because they help you to keep everything more visual. Definitely check this out if you like stickers for college planners!

3. MR Studio London Mid-Year Planner

college financial planners

This Papier mid-year planner has you covered from June 2021 to July 2022. I love the fact that it includes pages for the whole summer because it’s super helpful to plan everything about your college move-in.

It also has weekly, monthly and yearly overviews and extra space to write down your goals, to-do lists and important deadlines.

When I was in college I always looked for planners that had a big weekly overview with enough space to write down all my tasks, so this one is perfect!

4. Urban Outfitters Productivity Planner

best planners for 2021

The Productivity Planner has been designed according to actual productivity principles that are proved to increase your productivity.

This planner is based on the Pomodoro style work system which consists of setting a timer for each of your tasks and focusing on a single task until the timer rings.

It also includes motivational quotes and pages to rate your productivity at the end of the day that will help you stay on top of your weekly goals!

5. My Daily Planner

academic planners for college students

The name of this planner speaks for itself. My Daily Planner is one of the best college planners to stay organized in all the aspects of your life: work, life, social, and more.

It has so many different sections like meal planners, shopping lists and habit trackers, so you can do way more than just planning your school tasks and deadlines.

It doesn’t come with dates so you can start using it at any time of the year.

6. Weekly Planner

best college planners for students

This weekly planner from Etsy includes weekly and monthly overviews for each month of the year.

It’s simple and minimalistic, but has everything you need to stay organized and remember important dates.

I love that it’s made with recycled paper and vegetable-based ink.

If you’re looking for weekly custom magnetic planners, this is the best website to find them. Getting a reusable planner in college is super helpful and way more sustainable.

7. Stickers For College Planners

college planners for students

I felt like this needed to be included in this college planners list because stickers are super helpful when it comes to staying organized!

Stickers will make your planner much more visual and will give a pop of color to your appointments, goals, and daily tasks. This sticker book includes 2,600 stickers (I know, crazy) so there is a sticker for literally everything.

I love stickers for college planners so this is one of my favorite finds so far!


8. Custom Zodiac Sign Constellation Planner

Everything is better when you can personalize it. This planner from Etsy not only is super practical with the spiral-bound, but it is also completely customizable.

You can choose the color, the cover constellation, and obviously, add your name. And you can also choose what type of layout you prefer: horizontal, hourly, weekly and notes, morning to evening, or weekly with dots.

This is such a complete planner and the fact that you can totally personalize it definitely makes it way better.

9. Marbled Custom College Planner

stickers for college planners

Marbled planners and notebooks are super popular right now, and I’m not surprised. This one is super cute and you can also personalize it with your name and the start month that’s more convenient for you.

This is super helpful for college students because depending on when you start you can choose one start month or another. It includes so many sections like to-do lists, weekly views, hourly views and more!

Definitely one of the best custom college planners.

10. Personalized Name Planner

If you’re looking for a more classy and elegant look, this college planner is for you.

You can choose between softcover and hardcover, and indicate the month of start. They obviously customize it with your name and there are up to 10 fonts to choose from.

There are also three types of layouts available: horizontal, vertical and vertical schedule. You can completely adapt this planner to your own needs which is what makes it unique.

11. Minimalist Custom Planner

I’m an undated planner type of girl because it gives me more freedom and flexibility to use it whenever I need it. So what I love about this daily planner is you can choose the timeline and whether you want it dated or undated.

They also give you multiple options for the cover style and customize it with your name. This is one of the best college planners for students who like to track every single aspect of your life.

It is filled with SO MANY different sections that are super helpful and practical: daily diet and hydration plan, daily meditation reminder, daily gratitude section, healthy, relationships and career goals, and so on!

This post was all about college planners!

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