15 Things To Bring To College You Can’t Forget

This post is all about things to bring to college you’ll actually need.

things to bring to college

Deciding what to bring to college can be quite overwhelming, but there are a few dorm room essentials you shouldn’t forget about.

When I moved to college I found out there were so many unexpected things to bring to college that saved my life. So in order to make your college life easier, I’ve put together a list of 15 things to bring to college you can’t forget.

These are all college dorm essentials I couldn’t have gone through college without.

I hope this list is helpful to you and you can be much more prepared than I was!

15 Things To Bring To College You Can’t Forget

1. Towel Wrap

unexpected things to bring to college

If you don’t have a bathroom in your dorm room you’ll definitely need a towel wrap. Towel wraps are super practical because you can secure them with a velcro strap.

I love these ones from Etsy because you can totally customize them with your initials and there are so many styles and colors you can choose from.

2. Portable Makeup Mirror

college packing list

Most dorm rooms don’t have any mirrors so you’ll need a makeup mirror if you want to make sure you look decent before heading out!

This one from Amazon is portable and it comes with led lights which is perfect for dorm rooms because they tend to have really bad lightning.

3. Laundry Bag

what to bring to college

A laundry bag is also a must if you don’t want to grab your roommate’s clothes by accident and vice versa.

Also, you’ll need a laundry bag if you don’t want to have your dirty clothes all over the place. This one is customizable and they embroider your initials on it which looks super cute.

4. Sheets

college packing list girl

Don’t forget to bring your own sheets, but don’t bring more than two sets. Sheets and bedding stuff in general take a lot of space, and you should use your space wisely.

Two sets of bed sheets are more than enough as you can use one while the other is in the washing machine.

5. Mattress Topper

how much clothes should I bring to college

When I moved to my college dorm room for the first time, I realized my mattress was super old and not too comfortable. A ton of college students have had this problem and the best (and most affordable) solution is to get a mattress topper.

This one adapts to your body and is gel-infused which prevents overheating (perfect for those hot Summer nights on campus).

6. Mattress Protector

college dorm essentials

You should always use a mattress protector on your bed because it is way more hygienic.

This one is 100% waterproof which is super convenient when you’re on your period and don’t want to ruin your mattress.

This should be one of your top 10 things to bring to college.

7. Command Strips

must haves for college students

Have you ever wondered how to decorate your walls without ruining them? I’ve got the answer for you: command strips.

They are super easy to attach to your wall and work great to hang anything from string lights to photo frames. The best thing is they don’t leave any marks when you remove them.

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8. Power Strip

what to bring to college dorm

As lame as it may look, here’s one of the most important college dorm essentials that I can assure you you’ll use all the time.

These days everyone has so many electronic devices that need to be charged: your phone, laptop, iPad. And other things like hairdryers and desk lamps that need to be plugged in.

You’ll get a maximum of 4 plugs if you’re lucky and you have to share them with your roommate, so make sure to get a power strip!

9. Magic Hangers

packing for college list

Your dorm’s closet will probably be super limited, so if you want to make the most of it I highly suggest getting magic hangers. You’ll save more than half your space simply by using them.

10. Shower Caddy

college checklist

Having to walk to the bathrooms every time is not the most convenient thing, but there are some things that will make your life easier like a mesh shower caddy.

It’s perfect to carry all your stuff and hanging it without getting everything soaked.

Unexpected Things To Bring To College You Can’t Forget

11. Wrinkle Releaser

things to bring to college

There are a few unexpected things to bring to college that you haven’t probably thought about (I didn’t either when I moved to college for the first time) and that will make your life so much easier.

An iron is too bulky and not the most practical item to use in a dorm, so wrinkle releasers will become your best friends. They are effective and fast, perfect for every college student.

12. Clip-On Fan

things to bring to college

Hands down my most used thing during my four years of college. Dorms get so hot during the first semester and when Summer is coming that it’s basically impossible to sleep or focus on your schoolwork.

I’m 100% sure that this fan saved my life and my grades, so I highly recommend you add it to your list of things to bring to college.

13. First Aid Kit

what to bring to college

Most people bring medicines to college, but not of people have basic things like bandaids or bandages.

For me, a first aid kit is among my college essentials. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it, but it’s nice to have one in hand just in case.

14. Small Vacuum

what to bring to college girl

It’s always nice to have a small vacuum because dorm rooms get dirty all the time.

This one is super affordable and you can easily storage it with your other cleaning products.

15. Keurig

unexpected things to bring to college

If you and your roommate are coffee lovers you may consider splitting the price of a Keurig. Since they are made for a single-serve they are small and can be easily fitted anywhere.

Maybe a coffee maker isn’t one of the most important dorm room essentials, but you’ll get a cup of fresh brewed coffee every morning in just a few minutes, and THAT is an essential!

Things You DON’T Need To Bring To College:

  • Your entire wardrobe
  • Too many extra sheets
  • Iron
  • Bulky luggage
  • Expensive items
  • Fresh food or snacks that have a short expiration day
  • A TV
  • Pots and pans

This post was all about things to bring to college

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