20 Thoughtful and Cute College Graduation Gifts For Her

This post is all about college graduation gifts for her.

college graduation gifts for her

Finding the perfect ideas for college graduation gifts for her is not an easy task. You want to get her something that is special and unique to make sure she sees how proud you are!

I’m a college graduate myself so I can tell you exactly what college graduation gifts for her 2021 graduates will definitely love.

I’ve gathered a list of 20 college graduation gifts for her that are trendy and thoughtful and will make her big day memorable!

This post is all about college graduation gifts for her.

20 Best College Graduation Gifts For Her

1. College Graduation Gift Basket

college graduation gift ideas for her
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Recreate this college graduation gift idea:

A college graduation gift basket is a really great idea if you can’t decide on one thing to give the graduate.

I love these boxes of sunshine because they are filled with a huge variety of goodies. There are a lot of customizable options on Etsy but this one is my favorite.

2. Initial Necklace

college graduation gifts for best friend

Jewelry pieces are great as a gift for any college graduate, even better if they are personalized like this initial necklace!

3. Polaroid Camera

Now that college is over and the graduate is entering the real world, she’ll live so many new experiences she will probably want to remember.

A Polaroid camera is a really great gift and the coolest item to get instant photos of everything you do. I love this set from Amazon because it comes with a camera case and two packs of film.

4. Work Bag

Adulting is not easy but there are some things that will make the graduate’s life easier.

A work bag is one of the most essential college graduation gifts for her. Every graduate that starts looking for her first job will love this. Plus, this one is black and classy, so you can’t go wrong with it.

5. Scented Candles

Now that she is graduated from college, she will probably start looking for her dream apartment or gathering home decor inspiration for her future apartment.

Scented candles are a must to make every room look better and the smell makes you feel more at home. These bubble candles make such a cute gift!

6. Cheese Board

I remember when I graduated from college all I could think about was celebrating it with my friends.

A cheese board is a must at any friends gathering and it’s something the graduate will definitely use right away.

7. Jewelry Organizer

college graduation gifts for daughter

A jewelry organizer is not only great to organize all your necklaces and bracelets, but it’s also a really cute decoration for your bedroom.

I got one like this a few years ago and I still use it to organize all my most valuable jewelry pieces, otherwise, everything gets tangled!

8. Macramé Wall Hanging

Sometimes the best ideas for graduation gifts for her are the simplest ones.

When I graduated nothing made me more excited than decorating my first apartment, but home decor can be expensive.

This macramé wall hanging is super cute and I’m sure every girl that is graduating from college would love to hang it in her bedroom or future apartment.

9. AirPods

AirPods aren’t only the best 2021 college graduation gift for her, but a life-saver.

You can use them to work out, clean, study, cook, and take the subway. If you want to give your graduate something she will use all the time, this is it!

Personalized College Graduation Gifts For Her

10. Custom Graduation Portrait

college graduation gift ideas

Nothing says more «I care about you» than a personalized gift.

If you’re looking for something original and unique, I highly recommend you check this custom graduation portrait artist on Etsy.

All you need to do is send her a photo of the graduate and she will make a portrait of her, and you can even include pets or an item that represents the graduate!

11. Monogram Makeup Bag

college graduation gifts

A custom makeup bag is something every girl should have.

Whether she uses it for traveling or staying at a friend’s house, it’s always nice to have a bag where she can store all her essentials.

12. Coordinate Necklaces

college graduation gift ideas for her

Coordinate necklaces are the most thoughtful college graduation gifts.

If your graduate is moving out of home after finishing college, you’ll want to give her something that reminds her of home and the people who love her.

Coordinate necklaces are really good college graduation gifts from parents.

13. Personalized Stainless Steel Tumbler

graduation gifts for her 2021

If you’re looking for cute college graduation gifts for her that are actually useful, a personalized tumbler is something she doesn’t have and will use all the time.

This is something she will use whenever she goes to the gym, the library, or even on a picnic with friends. This one from Etsy has super good quality and you can choose from a big variety of colors.

14. Personalized Message Bracelet

If there is a special message you’d like her to remember forever, you can make it possible with this personalized bracelet.

You can have your special words or message engraved on it, so she takes them with her wherever she goes. It is super cute and the details are extremely well done.

15. Monogrammed Throw Blanket

Of course, you can never have too many throw blankets in your dream apartment!

You can personalize this one from Etsy with the graduate’s initials and I personally think it’s one of the best (and most practical) ideas for graduation gifts for her.

16. Personalized Cookies

college graduation gift ideas

Who doesn’t love celebrating big achievements with food? Especially with sweet treats!

Food just makes everything better, and everyone loves it, so you can never go wrong with personalized cookies on her big day.

17. Custom Planner

Getting an apartment, finding a job, and surviving the adult world can be hard if you don’t on top of your to-do lists.

This personalized planner from Etsy not only is super cute but will also help her stay organized and achieve all her goals.

18. Personalized Jewelry Case

ideas for graduation gifts for her

A personalized jewelry case comes in handy to store small jewelry pieces like earrings and rings. It will be especially helpful for traveling.

This one from Etsy is elegant and has enough space to keep all your rings, earrings, and even small bracelets together. You can totally customize the color and the font.

19. Personalized AirPods Case

college graduation gifts for her

AirPods are small and it’s easy to lose them.

A personalized AirPods case is perfect for the girl who always loses everything, so she can keep the pair together and protected.

20. Handwriting Bracelet

graduation gifts for her

This is probably one of the most unique college graduation gifts for her from this list.

If you thought you couldn’t get a bracelet with your own handwriting, you were wrong! Because guess what, you can.

This Etsy seller turns your handwriting into a bracelet that is unique for you and no one else will have. There’s nothing more personal than a message you write with your own hands, only now you can also wear it as a piece of jewelry!

college graduation gifts for her
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This post was all about college graduation gifts for her

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