23 Bullet Journal Page Ideas That Are Easy To Try

This post is all about bullet journal page ideas.

bullet journal page ideas

When I first started my bullet journal, I remember one of the hardest things was finding bullet journal page ideas that were easy to recreate but also cute.

The Internet is full of so many good bullet journal ideas that sometimes it can even be overwhelming, so I decided to take a step back and start from the very beginning.

I started by choosing what bullet journal pages I wanted to include, and then decided on a theme to recreate them with my own style.

In this post, I’ve gathered the best bullet journal page ideas that are easy to copy and develop into your own style, whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

What Do You Need?

If you’re just starting out on your BuJo journey, you don’t need to spend hundreds of money on professional tools as a lot of established bullet journals recommend you. Instead, I got more affordable options that do exactly the same:

Journal. I use this bullet journal I got for a really inexpensive price on Amazon. The pages are dotted, which makes it easier to draw straight lines and perfect squares. It has been designed exclusively for bullet journaling as you can see on the front cover. On the first page, it has a blank space led by “This bullet journal belongs to” that you can fill in with your name. The best thing is that it doesn’t bleed, so you can use watercolors and markers!

Pens. I use the Pigma Micron black finalizers for writing titles and lines. These are a bit more expensive than usual, but you can get a pack of 6 for a really good price on Amazon. Each one has a different size, so you can do everything with them and you won’t need to purchase any other pens. When bullet journaling, pens are probably the thing that you’re going to use the most, so investing in good ones from the beginning is a great idea.

Stickers. Adding stickers into your bullet journal is the easiest and quickest way to decorate it. If you aren’t good at drawing, you can substitute drawings for stickers – or you can combine both! I make my own bullet journal stickers because it saves me so much money.

Markers. I personally prefer minimalist bullet journals with clean spreads, so I’m not a big fan of markers. However, I add small touches of color here and there and I do it with my favorite markers. If you like decorating your bullet journal with a lot of colors I highly recommend investing in a pack of good quality markers that will last you long.

23 Bullet Journal Page Ideas You Can Copy

1. General Bullet Journal Page Ideas

bullet journal ideas
Source: Pinterest

Here’s a general view of all the bullet journal page ideas you can use to fill your journal!

Each one of these ideas can be transformed into a whole bullet journal spread. So as you can see, the ideas are endless.

2. Doodle Corners Ideas

bullet journal pages
@nicolegracestudies on Instagram

Doodle corners are the cutest ideas to decorate your bullet journal pages!

3. Divider Ideas

bullet journal first page
@tonisjournal on Instagram

Whether you want to divide the content on your bullet journal spreads to make it look more organized or you want to add some drawing, divider ideas are always great!

4. Header Ideas

bullet journal goals page

Doing the same headers and using the same fonts all the time can be boring (and you’ll probably end up tired of them), so here are a lot of header ideas you can use on your spreads.

5. A Monthly Playlist

bullet journal pages printable
@mishbujo on Instagram

Here’s one of my favorite bullet journal page ideas: a playlist!

You can choose your favorite songs from each month and make a playlist on paper using your bullet journal. This is perfect when you want to remember the name of a song.

6. Mood Tracker

bullet journal ideas pinterest
@thejournaltea on Instagram

Creating a mood tracker in your bullet journal will help you to reflect on your feelings and what triggers them.

This is a really healthy thing to do that will definitely help you to get to know yourself better.

7. Sleep Tracker

bullet journal ideas for beginners
@sharonajournals on Instagram

If you don’t have a consistent sleep schedule, having a sleep tracker will help you to improve your sleeping habits.

8.A Cute Bullet Journal Cover

bullet journal ideas doodles
@plan.tful on Instagram

Your bullet journal monthly spreads can never miss a cute cover, so make sure you make one for every month!

9. Inspirational Bullet Journal Page Ideas

bullet journal ideas 2021
Source: Pinterest

The best bullet journal page ideas are the ones that inspire you and motivate you, so here’s a self-care page to remind yourself of self-love.

10. Life Tracker

bullet journal pages layout
Source: Pinterest

This is a classic habit and mood tracker but everything combined into one bullet journal page so you can have everything in one place.

11. Anxiety Tracker

bullet journal page ideas list

I suffer a lot from anxiety, so tracking it has definitely helped me to detect a pattern and find out what triggers it.

12. Workout Tracker

bullet journal page ideas creative

If you want to be more active, or you already are but want to keep track of it, there’s no better way to do it than a workout tracker!

13. Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

bullet journal pages free printable
@bujoandcookies on Instagram

Most people use their bullet journal as a planner, so if that’s what you are planning to do, adding bullet journal weekly spreads is a must.

14. Bullet Journal Monthly Spread

bullet journal page fillers

Every month I include a monthly spread at the beginning so I can have a bigger and better vision of how the month is going to look like.

This is super important to me when it comes to getting organized and planning the month ahead!

15. Bullet Journal Banner Ideas

bullet journal page ideas layout
@lyra_b_browning on Instagram

Here are some banner ideas to spice up your bullet journal pages!

16. Social Media Passwords Page

bullet journal pages
Source: Pinterest

If you’re a person who is constantly forgetting their usernames and passwords, you’ll need this.

This is way smarter than saving your passwords in your computer or phone since no one will ever see it.

17. Podcast Bullet Journal Page Ideas

bullet journal ideas

Are you into podcasts? I love them, and here’s a bullet journal page idea to keep track of each one.

18. Birthdays Reminder

bullet journal first page
@BelovedArt on Instagram

I literally can only remember the birthday of 3 people, so this is a nice idea to add to your bullet journal if you’re anything like me.

19. Monthly To-Do List

bullet journal goals page
@littleolivebujo on Instagram

To-do lists are my jam! I love crossing a task after it’s done, it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

20. Savings Tracker

bullet journal pages printable
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another important thing you must keep track of: money!

I love creating bullet journal pages that are actually useful and that I know I will need.

21. Step-By-Step Doodle Tutorials

bullet journal ideas pinterest
@intokupages on Instagram

Bullet journal doodles aren’t a must and it’s okay if you’re not into drawing, you can still love journaling!

Even though I think they are a great addition and make everything look cuter.

22. Reading List

bullet journal ideas for beginners
@skyler.reads on Instagram

Here’s a reading list to keep track of all the books you’ve read so far. I try to do this yearly and set a challenge for myself, like 20 books in a year.

23. Self-Care Reminders

bullet journal ideas doodles
@seedsuccessfulyou on Instagram

Last but not least, here’s a little self-care page to remind yourself of the bad habits you should change.

I love this idea because I definitely do a lot of these things, so that’s something I should start working on.

This post was all about bullet journal page ideas

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