What To Bring To College: 10 Essentials You Must Have

This post is all about what to bring to college.

what to bring to college

Your moving day is approaching and you are probably still wondering what to bring to college.

Don’t worry, I get it. I’ve been there. And even though everything seems to be chaos and confusion right now, I can assure you it will all make more sense in a few minutes because I show you exactly what to bring to a college dorm in this post.

I’m 100% sure these things would have made my life SO much easier, so this is why I’ve put together this college packing list for girls who are moving this year and don’t know what to bring to college.

Here are 10 college essentials I wish I brought to college.

What To Bring To College: 10 Must-Have Essentials

1. Laundry Hamper

what to bring to a college dorm

If you’re making a list for what to bring to college, add laundry hamper at the top of it.

Since you’ll probably be sharing your college dorm with a roommate, I highly suggest you get a laundry hamper to keep your dirty clothes in a separate space from her.

A lot of times I confused my clothes like basics and underwear with my roommates’ because they look super similar.

2. A Mirror

what to bring to college dorm

This is one of those unexpected things to bring to college people tend to forget about.

College dorms don’t have mirrors, so you’ll have to get one if you want to do your makeup properly or simply see how you look before leaving for class.

I love this one from Amazon because it doesn’t take a lot of space, it’s easy to place wherever you need and it’s portable!

3. Bedrest Pillow

A bedrest pillow will come in handy whenever you want to watch a movie, do some school work, or simply chill with your friends but you don’t feel like leaving your bed.

Bedrest pillows aren’t only good to use on your bed, but you can also put them against the wall to create some sort of chair. This is perfect if you don’t have a table area in your dorm.

4. A Fan

what to bring to college dorms

This is one of the things to bring to college that saved my life. I wish someone had told me this when I moved to college: dorms are HOT.

I remember starting my first semester and not even being able to focus on my writing because my dorm was super hot. So I decided to get a fan and it completely changed my life.

I love this one from Amazon because it’s small and easy to move around your dorm.

5. Custom Towel Wrap

packing for college

Not having your own bathroom is not easy or comfortable, but most college dorms don’t have them, so you have to share the bathroom with other students.

I know, it’s not the most convenient thing, but you can make it work. Here’s what to bring to college to make this situation easier: a custom towel wrap.

Towel wraps are easy to secure with a velcro to make sure it won’t fall off on your way to your dorm. And the best thing about this one is that is has your initials on it, so no one will take it by mistake.

6. Hanging Shoe Organizer

things to bring to college

Dorm rooms have very limited space. This means you’ll have to use what you have very smartly.

One of the things I used in my dorm to save space was a hanging shoe organizer. I hung this inside my closet and it works wonders to storage all my shoes and small clothing items.

If you’re going to live in a small dorm, I highly suggest adding this to your college packing list!

7. A Printer

unexpected things to bring to college

Too many times I forgot to print my papers early and I wished I had a printer in my dorm. It would have saved me so many headaches and it’s one of the main things I wish I brought to college.

If you can invest in a printer, I highly suggest you do. Maybe you can even share the expenses with your roommate, as having a printer is something that will benefit both of you.

You’ll also save money and time in the long run which is super valuable when you’re a college student.

8. A Mattress Topper

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about what to bring to a college dorm is probably your bed.

You’re going to spend a lot of time in your dorm, and definitely in your bed, so you want to make sure it’s comfortable. Dorm mattresses tend to be old, but there’s a way you can improve that without spending a lot of money on a new one: a mattress topper!

I love this mattress topper because it’s a gel-infused memory foam mattress so it adapts perfectly to your body and avoids any back pains.

9. Command Hooks

Command hooks should also be on the top of your list for college packing because in most dorms you’re not allowed to hang anything on the walls.

When I moved to college I remember being super excited about decorating the walls of my dorm, and then my dreams were shattered when I realized they didn’t let us hang anything because it could cause damage to the paint.

So instead, I used command hooks. They are easy to put on your walls and totally removable without leaving any marks.

10. First Aid Kit

Here’s the last essential of the things to bring to college: a first aid kit.

This may not seem super necessary right now (and let’s hope it’s not), but it’s always good to have one in hand for superficial cuts and small burns.

Even if you don’t end up using it, maybe your roommate or one of your friends does at some point. A first aid kit takes the minimum space and you won’t regret having it.

what to bring to college

This post was all about what to bring to college!

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