The Best 20 Grad Party Ideas You Have To Try This Year

This post is all about grad party ideas

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It hasn’t been a good year for the class of 2021 in terms of school, so they deserve to have the best grad party to celebrate they’re finally done with it!

If you’re planning your graduation party at home, here are the best 20 ideas you can use to make it unforgettable. Let’s 2021 graduates end this school year the best way!

This post is all about grad party ideas 2021 graduates will love.

The Best 20 Grad Party Ideas For This Year

1. Use Cupcake Toppers

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Details are what makes the difference between a meh party and a party everyone will remember. Using cupcake toppers to personalize them will make them more unique.

2. Grad Flags

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You can put these grad flags on your treats and food as a little extra decoration.

3. Choose a Tropical Theme

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If you want to be really original and try something different, choose a specific theme for your party. It will be easier to find decorations and create a cool atmosphere if you stick to a theme you love.

You can also ask your guests to dress according to your theme, so everything looks even more put together!

4. Self-Service Bar

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Make sure there’s plenty of food for your guests by creating a self-service table. This is super easy to make with a food tray and a donut stand and you won’t have to worry about your guests getting hungry.

5. Rose Garland Backdrop

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Always make sure your party has a nice backdrop for photos! Graduates love to take photos of EVERYTHING to post it on Instagram. These rose garlands will make the cutest photo backdrop to take pics with your friends and family.

6. Balloon Arch & Uni Banner

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Going to college is a big deal! Make sure you celebrate it properly with a college banner and a themed balloon arch. This is the best spot to take photos!

7. Use Place Cards On Your Tables

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graduation party theme ideas

Place cards are super important to make sure everyone knows where they sit at the party. They will make it easier for the guests to find their places and you can plan where everybody goes in advance.

8. Make a Words of Wisdom Jar

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Make the guests leave a few inspiring messages to the graduate by making this words of wisdom jar. This is a very basic DIY you can make with a regular jar and some cardboard.

9. Give Disposable Cameras To Your Guests

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What a better way to capture the moment than with a disposable camera? Give disposable cameras to your guests and let them take photos throughout the party.

The funny part about this is that you don’t know what you’ll get until you develop the photos!

10. Cupcake Station

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Putting all the cupcakes on a tray will make the table look a bit empty, so placing them at different heights will make it look more put together. If you’ll be serving cupcakes at your party, this is the best display idea.

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11. Memories Display

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This memories display is such a smart idea to go down memory lane, and it will definitely bring a smile to all your guests.

12. Fruit Station

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Maybe you also want to serve healthier snacks as a sweet treat. Then fruit is a must! Choose fruits of different colors to make the table pop up even more, and also offer a variety of juices.

13. Class Year Balloons

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Year balloons are a must for every party, but especially for graduations. The year you graduate is super special and you’ll want to remember it forever!

These class year balloons will look super cute as a photo background.

14. Sweet Treats

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Here’s a really smart idea on how to serve sweet treats for a rustic-themed graduation party! This idea is super easy to recreate and the buckets look ten times better than regular food bowls.

15. Use A Graduation Decor Set

If you don’t want to spend too much time on decoration, you can use a graduation decor pack that includes everything you need to throw the best grad party ever!

16. Flower Initials

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If all your guests will be sitting at a long table, you can try to make one or two of these incredible centerpieces. All you need is a foam letter with the graduate’s initial and some sunflowers for crafts.

17. Make A Graduation Cake

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There’s is no grad party without a cake. Make sure your cake also matches the graduation theme with this graduation cap cake topper.

18. Make DIY Photo Props

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Making these DIY photo props is super easy and they are a funny complement to add to your photo background. They will add more personality to your grad party and the guests will love to use them!

19. Big Grad Led Sign

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If your grad party takes time in the late evening or at night, these led signs will be really handy. They are the best grad party decorations and the best way to welcome your guests.

20. Use Custom Grad Party Centerpieces

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graduation party decorations 2021

My number one tip is anything you can personalize for your party, do it. It will make the celebration much more personal at no extra cost for you. You can get these personalized centerpieces with the name of the graduate on Etsy.

graduation party ideas 2021

This Post Was All About The Best Grad Party Ideas

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