15 Trendy College Dorm Rooms You’ll Love

This post is all about trendy college dorm rooms.

college dorm rooms

Finding the perfect college dorm is not easy. You want it to be a unique space that matches your own style, but also trendy. Well, I’ve got you covered.

When I moved into my own dorm room, I made a mood board of all the college dorm rooms I loved to get some inspiration.

Today I’m sharing this list for college dorm inspiration, so you can get some new ideas on dorm room decor, bedding, wall decor, and more!

15 Trendy College Dorm Rooms You’ll Obsess Over

1. Add Greenery To Your College Dorm!

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college dorm room organization

The easiest way to decorate college dorm rooms is with wall decor.

You can find super inexpensive wall decor online and it will instantly make your room look more put together.

Adding some greenery garlands will give your room a pop of color, so they should definitely be on your college dorm list.

2. Decorate Your College Dorm Room With Fairy Lights

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essentials for college dorm

Fairy lights are super popular these days, and they are also super cheap on Amazon. I consider them one of my essentials for college dorm room.

To be honest, the first thing I did when I got into my dorm room was hanging these fairy lights on the wall.

3. Choose Neutral Tones

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college dorm checklist
college dorm list

A dorm room is like a blank canvas you can personalize however you want.

Some people like to go crazy with it in terms of colors and decorations, which is fine, but others prefer to keep it clean and simple.

If you’re a fan of minimalism and all-white looks, throw pillows and blankets with neutral tones should be on your college dorm checklist.

4. Dorm Room Wall Decor is a Must

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college dorm ideas
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Hanging tapestry is another great way to decorate your walls without damaging them. You can create a really cool effect if you layer them like in the picture above.

There are tons of tapestries available, but I personally love the ones from Urban Outfitters and they’re pretty affordable. This is one of my favorite college dorm rooms ideas.

5. Art Prints and Earth Tones

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Recreate this college dorm idea:

college dorm rooms
college dorm rooms ideas

If you’re not sure what kind of aesthetic or decor you want for your college dorm, start with the colors!

Ask yourself a question: do you prefer cold or warm tones? You may not know the exact decorations you’re looking for, but at least you know where to begin.

By the way, this floral bedding set is currently on my college dorm list.

6. Photo Frames and Hanging Plants

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Using hanging plants in your college dorm room is really smart because it makes the place less cold and adds a pop of color.

The best part is you don’t even need to use real plants because nowadays artificial plants look just as realistic.

If you’re searching for college dorm rooms that incorporate hanging plants into their decor, this one is a great example!

7. Use ALL the Space In Your College Dorm Room

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Let’s face it: college dorm rooms are really small.

So you want to make sure you optimize your space. And by space, I mean all of it.

The space under your bed is a great place to store your winter clothes, blankets, shoes, etc. Or you can also create a cool space to chill with your roomie.

8. Monogrammed Sign and Art Prints

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Monogrammed signs are super popular in college dorm rooms. A lot of girls use them to decorate their walls.

This custom monogrammed sign is from Etsy and you can totally personalize it with the letters and colors you want.

9. The Minimalist Boho College Dorm

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If you want to give your dorm room a bohemian touch without going too far, try adding some wooden accents or warm colors here and there.

This is a great way to give some life to your dorm without making it look tacky.

By the way, do I need to say that this bunny makes this one of the best college dorm room ideas?

10. Gold, White and Pink Color Scheme

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dorm room bedding

Pink and gold look really good together. I feel like this is one of those color combinations that will never go out of style.

A photo wall collage is a great idea if you think your wall looks to blank. The best part is that it’s a quick and cheap college dorm room idea.

11. Boho College Dorm Rooms are THE Best

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dorm room wall decor

I personally love these types of college dorm rooms because I think they have so much personality.

This college dorm has a bit of everything: floral prints, tapestries, incredible dorm room wall decor and cute bedding!

12. Go For An All-White Look

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girl dorm room ideas

Here’s another example of how sometimes it’s just better to keep it simple. You know what they say: less is more!

Macramé wall hanging is one of the essentials for college dorm. When I was in college a lot of the girls would use macramé to decorate their dorm rooms.

13. The Romantic College Dorm Theme

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college dorm rooms

This dorm is on my Top Ten unique college dorm room ideas because you don’t see a lot of dorms like this these days.

Most people prefer boho or modern aesthetics, so it’s not super common to see romantic and classic college dorm rooms like this one. Still, one of my favorites.

14. Make a Photo Display On Your Wall

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Most of us feel lonely and miss our friends and family the first days after moving to our college dorm rooms.

Making a photo display on your wall with pictures of your most loved ones definitely helps, I promise!

15. Combine White and Neon Colors

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Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to colors and decorations. If you like neon and bright colors, then go for it!

Your college dorm room is where you’re going to spend most of your time, whether it’s chilling with friends, watching a movie on Netflix or getting homework done.

You need to make sure it’s a place where you feel comfortable, and decorating with stuff you love is a big part of it.

Good luck with your college dorm rooms!

college dorm rooms ideas

This post was all about trendy college dorm rooms!

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