21 Unique High School Graduation Party Ideas For 2021

This post is all about high school graduation party ideas.

Graduating from high school is a big step, so your high school graduation party should be something memorable.

This is your moment to celebrate everything you’ve worked for and everything you’ve accomplished, and you deserve to go big with it!

However you want to celebrate it, it should be a fun day you spend with your most loved ones. I’ve put together a list of decorations, activities, and all sorts of high school party graduation ideas that will make a day to remember!

20 High School Graduation Party Ideas For 2021

1. Class Year Balloons

high school graduation party decorations

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Year balloons can be used at literally every kind of party, but they are especially needed at a graduation party.

The year you graduate is super important in every student’s life and you need to celebrate it!

2. «Congrats Nurse» Banner

high school graduation party ideas

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This is the perfect high school graduation party decor for the future nurse! If you want to keep it simple, this «congrats nurse» banner will fill up the space and make everything look really put together.

3. Graduate Photo Display

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This is a really cute corner to fill with childhood photos that will have all the guests crying! It’s also a great way to remind the graduate that everything she did in life led her to this moment.

4. Balloon Arch

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Nowadays it’s so easy to get a balloon arch and set it up. Amazon has a lot of options but my favorite one is this pink and gold balloon arch. It will make your party professionally decorated.

5. String Lights Backdrop

high school graduation party decor

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Adding a touch of string lights to your party decor will make it look super magical, and it’s definitely the best backdrop for photos.

6. One Smart Cookie Bar

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When it comes to graduation parties, it’s really popular to set up different food stations so people can serve themselves and you don’t have to be constantly worried about lack of food.

All you need to do is keep refilling the stations as the party goes.

7. Rustic Centerpiece

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Tables are also a place you should focus your attention into, since your guests are going to spend a lot of time there. Make sure you use cute centerpieces that match your party’s theme.

8. Custom Initials Cake

high school graduation party activities

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Your high school graduation party cake should be the cherry on top! A personalized cake with the graduate’s initial will make her feel super special.

9. Diploma Napkins

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This is the most simple idea but it’s a smart and cute detail to add to your party.

10. Polaroid Display

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If you want to keep beautiful memories from this special day, you can set up a Polaroid display. Give a Polaroid camera to your guests and let them take photos during the evening so they can hang them.

Then you can keep the photos and make a graduation photo album.

11. Donut Station

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Setting up a donut station is the most original way to serve dessert at every graduation party! You can DIY it or you can get it on Amazon for a really affordable price.

12. Diploma Cookies

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Details like these really make the difference and I promise you your guests will notice! You just need some blue ribbon to make these and it won’t take you more than 5 minutes.

13. Heart Drop Text Book

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Let your friends and family leave a nice message to the graduate by writing it on little wooden heart shaped pieces. You can keep the small hearts in a wooden box as a memory of this day.

14. Yearbook Photo Evolution

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It’s so cool to see how much you’ve grown since your first yearbook photo. This is super easy to make and makes a cute surprise for the graduate.

15. Photo Display Centerpiece

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If you want to make it even more personal, you can add some photos of the graduate to the centerpieces. This is a little extra touch everyone will appreciate.

16. Beverage Dispenser

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Make sure your guests aren’t thirsty at any moment by setting up a beverage dispenser. They are really cheap on Amazon, and I promise you they change the whole game! You just need to refill it now and then, and you’re good to go.

17. Candy Bar

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Some people like to include a candy bar at the end of the party as an extra treat to their guests and I think that’s the best idea ever!

18. Rose Gold Graduation Setup

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Photo setups are a must at every party because you’re going to be taking photos with all your friends and family and you want to look good in them!

If you’re going for a rose gold theme, this graduation decor set from Amazon will come in handy!

19. “Leave a Note For the Grad”

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Here’s another way to spice up your party by letting your most loved ones write inspiring messages. I promise you reading all these messages will motivate the graduate as she enters this new chapter in her life.

20. Chalkboard Welcome Sign

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Your high school graduation party starts at the door! Make sure you welcome your guests the best way possible by setting up a welcome sign.

21. Congrats Grad Garland

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high school graduation party

«Congrats grad» garlands are the easiest way to decorate your graduation party. It’s even better if you get a custom garland like this one from Etsy.

This post was all about high school graduation party ideas!

high school graduation party

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