25 Trendy High School Graduation Gifts To Give This Year

This post is all about trendy high school graduation gifts graduates will love!

high school graduation gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a recent high school graduate can be hard. I know it because I’ve been there. Teenagers are hard to please and trends change all the time.

As a recent graduate myself, I’m aware of what’s trendy and what isn’t, and I want to help you find the perfect gift for your graduate. I’ve curated a list of 25 high school graduation gifts you can’t go wrong with.

From personalized and thoughtful gifts to college essentials they will actually use, I have the best gift ideas every graduate is guaranteed to love.

This post is all about high school graduation gifts!

25 Trendiest High School Graduation Gifts

1. Money Flower

One of the most popular gifts for graduates is money. Most high school graduates are moving away for college, so money is definitely something they will need. You can never go wrong with it, but make sure you give it to them in a creative way!

2. College Survival Kit

Recreate this idea:

Every graduate who is going to college needs this. Surviving college and living on your own for the first time is not easy, but this college survival kit will definitely help.

This kit has all the basics from toothpaste to snacks and it’s something I promise every future college student will appreciate.

3. Money in A Pizza Box

Recreate this idea:

Here’s another way to get creative with your gifted money! I mean, who doesn’t love pizza, right? You just need a pizza box for this easy DIY high school graduation gift.

4. Custom Spotify Plaque

Custom Spotify plaques are really popular right now. Basically, you choose a playlist or a song, and a photo you like (this could be a photo of the graduate) and they make a plaque with a personalized code. Then you can scan the code on your phone and it will take you to that song or playlist you chose.

A custom Spotify plaque is a really thoughtful gift since you can choose a song that has a special meaning to you and the graduate.

5. Custom Initial Makeup Bag

high school graduation gifts diy

Every high school girl needs an extra makeup bag in case they are going to a friend’s house or moving to college.

You can personalize this makeup bag from Etsy with the graduate’s initials so they won’t confuse it with anyone else’s.

6. Polaroid Instant Camera

Getting a Polaroid instant camera for the graduate is one of the best ideas because she will be able to capture all her journey at college and have a physical memory of it.

Also, every girl loves to hang cute polaroids on her wall.

7. Personalized Laundry Bag

high school graduation gifts for sister

Doing laundry with your roommates will make it easy to confuse each other’s clothes. A monogrammed laundry bag is not only cute but also super helpful when you move to college.

This one is from Etsy and you can choose from more than 45 colors and multiple font styles.

8. Macrame Wall Hanging

high school graduation gifts

The first thing every girl does when she moves into her dorm room is decorating it! Trust me, I know it first hand. You want your dorm to feel like home, so you personalize it as much as you can.

This macrame wall hanging is a really cute piece to hang on your wall and it makes a really good gift for a graduate.

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9. Zodiac Embroidered Journal

high school graduation gifts ideas

A journal is a really good gift for the graduate that’s going to college. Whether they use it as a planner or a reflective journal, it’s something they will definitely put to good use.

This zodiac embroidered journal from Urban Outfitters is really good quality and they have all the zodiac signs available to choose from.

10. Insulated Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable coffee cups are essential when it comes to college. Everyone carries one around so they can bring water or coffee to class.

Buying a water bottle every time is expensive and wasteful, so a portable coffee cup is something every student needs.

11. Customized Heart Shaped Necklace

high school graduation gifts from parents

Personalized gifts are the most special ones because you know that’s something that was made exclusively for you. This heart-shaped necklace from Etsy is elegant and delicate and you can personalize it with the graduate’s initials.

12. Jewelry Organizer

high school graduation gifts for him

Organizing your jewelry can be a mess, especially when living in a dorm room with other girls. This jewelry organizer is really trendy right now and it will save the graduate a lot of untangling struggles.

13. Heart Shaped Mirror

high school graduation gifts for son

A very few people think about this when moving to college, but most dorm rooms won’t have any mirrors. If you want to give your graduate something useful, this mirror from Urban Outfitters is a great option.

It has led lights incorporated and a big base you can use to put your scrunchies or jewelry.

14. Personalized Illustration

gifts for high school seniors

A personalized illustration is something very unique and exclusive only your graduate will have. This one is by DelaneDesign, a talented illustrator on Etsy that illustrates wedding and graduation gifts.

If you want something to impress the graduate, this is it.

15. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Living in college means you’re going to be sharing your bedroom with other people, so it will be noisy most of the time. Do the graduate a favor and get them noise-canceling headphones. I promise they will thank you later!

16. Instant Pot Cooker

Most college students don’t have the time or the skills to cook. I’ve been there, and it’s really frustrating when you want to stay healthy but can’t cook. An instant pot cooker is something I wish I had in college, it would have saved me so many headaches.

17. Fjallraven Backpack

high school graduation gifts for niece

Fjallraven backpacks are super trendy right now and almost every girl I’ve met in college has one. Plus, you can choose from so many colors!

18. Charging Station

A charging station is great to keep all your devices in one place. It saves you so much time and energy because you don’t have to be constantly looking for your chargers.

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19. Carry-On Suitcase

It’s pretty obvious why a carry-on suitcase is one of the most useful gifts from this list. If the graduate is moving to college she must have one.

20. Set of Aromatherapy Candles

high school graduation gifts for daughter

Aromatherapy is really good for when you’re feeling stressed or anxious which happens a lot when you’re a college student. Get the graduate this set of aromatherapy candles to help her relax and stay focused during exam periods.

21. iPad

2021 graduation gifts for her

An iPad is more on the pricey side, but I had to include it because it saved my life as a college student. I used it for everything from taking notes to studying to watching movies on Netflix and I have never regretted a single cent spent on it.

It’s also a really popular thing for college students to have. At least 5 people in my class had one.

22. Netflix Gift Card

2021 high school graduation gifts

Every college student needs some chill time now and then. Having a Netflix subscription is the dream of every teenager.

23. Picture Frame

high school graduation gifts for nephew

A small picture frame they can bring to their dorm room and use to put their favorite photos with family and friends is something graduates love because it reminds them of home.

24. Portable Blender

It can be hard to stay healthy when you live in a small place and you barely have enough space to cook. This blender is small and portable so you can make your own smoothies in your dorm room.

25. Cute Plant Pots

creative high school graduation gifts

This is a perfect gift for the plant lover! Back in college, I loved filling my dorm room with little plants because they helped me during exam periods. Taking care of them was like my little self-care routine.

If your graduate likes to have plants in her room, these cute plant pots will make her super happy!

This post was all about high school graduation gifts!

high school graduation gifts for her

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