24 February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas You’ll Love

This post is all about February bullet journal spread ideas.

february bullet journal spread

A lot of people love February and that’s for a good reason: the longest month of the year aka January is over!

Another important thing happens in February: st. Valentine’s day, which makes it easier to choose a bullet journal spread. There are tons of February bullet journal spread ideas with pink and red colors and heart themes.

In this post, I’ve made a selection of the best February bullet journal ideas that are easy to try. Hope you find it helpful!

This post is all about February bullet journal spread ideas that are easy to try!

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What Do You Need?

If you’re just starting out on your BuJo journey, you don’t need to spend hundreds of money in professional tools as a lot of established bullet journals recommend you. Instead, I got more affordable options that do exactly the same:

Journal. I use this bullet journal I got for a really inexpensive price on Amazon. The pages are dotted, which makes it easier to draw straight lines and perfect squares. It has been designed exclusively for bullet journaling as you can see on the front cover. On the first page, it has a blank space led by “This bullet journal belongs to” that you can fill in with your name. The best thing is that it doesn’t bleed, so you can use watercolors and markers!

Pens. I use the Pigma Micron black finalizers for writing titles and lines. These are a bit more expensive than usual, but you can get a pack of 6 for a really good price on Amazon. Each one has a different size, so you can do everything with them and you won’t need to purchase any other pens. When bullet journaling, pens are probably the thing that you’re going to use the most, so investing in good ones from the beginning is a great idea.

Markers. I personally prefer minimalist bullet journals with clean spreads, so I’m not a big fan of markers. However, I add small touches of color here and there and I do it with my favorite markers. If you like decorating your bullet journal with a lot of colors I highly recommend investing in a pack of good quality markers that will last you long. 

Stickers. Adding stickers into your bullet journal is the easiest and quickest way to decorate it. If you aren’t good at drawing, you can substitute drawings for stickers – or you can combine both! I make my own stickers because it saves me so much money.

23 Best February Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

1. Daily Routine Spread

Since February is the second month of the year, a lot of us are still working on those new year’s resolutions!

One of my goals for this year is to wake up early and be productive.

2. Mood Tracker

You should do a mood tracker for every month! It will help you to track how you feel and probably find a pattern to your moods.

3. February Monthly Playlist Spread

Adding a monthly playlist as one of your February bullet journal spread ideas will motivate you to discover new music and artists every month.

4. Sunrise February Mood Tracker

This sunrise mood tracker is super cute and it instantly calms you.

5. Monthly February Bullet Journal Spread

Strawberries are a super popular theme for February, you’ll see what I’m talking about as you keep reading.

Sometimes simple things are better, and you just need to doodle a few strawberries and add red accents here and there!

6. Stickers Weekly Spread

I LOVE adding stickers to my bullet journal spreads because I don’t always feel motivated to draw or do super fancy designs, so I just use a few stickers and it instantly looks super cute!

I make my own stickers and you can check them out here.

7. Gumballs Themed Weekly Spread

What a cute theme for your February bullet journal spread! Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ones.

8. February Roses Weekly Spread

bullet journal weekly spread layout February
ingridmagdapl on Pinterest

You don’t need to create the most complicated designs to make cute spreads on your bullet journal. Simply drawing a few roses in a jar can make the cutest layout.

9. Hearts February Monthly Cover

What I love the most about bullet journaling is you can literally make a theme out of everything. These hearts are super easy to make and they’re just perfect for February.

10. Little Hearts

February is all about hearts, guess why?

11. Sweet Hearts Mood Tracker

This mood tracker with heart candy on a jar is perfect for February.

A lot of themes are related to Valentine’s Day this month, so if you’re feeling a bit lost about what theme you should choose… here’s a good idea!

12. Cute Playlist

Another playlist idea for this month, but with pink accents of course!

13. Polaroids Mood Tracker

Polaroids are the best way to keep your most important memories with you. You can hang them on your bedroom wall… or you can draw them on your bullet journal!

14. Cherries Bullet Journal Monthly Cover

February bullet journal cover

Yes! Cherries are my favorite thing to draw, and to eat. And I guess they’re also the perfect theme for your February bullet journal cover.

15. Plants Monthly Bujo Cover

Even though I haven’t found a lot of flower themed ideas for the month of February, I think they’re also a really good theme for this month.

Spring is around the corner and I can’t wait!

16. Monthly Motivational Quote

February bullet journal calendar

Inhale calmness, exhale stress! The first months of the year and be a bit hectic, and it’s important to remind yourself to take things easy sometimes.

17. Self-Care February Bullet Journal Spread

This is definitely a self-reminder I should put on my wall. Self-care is super important, even though sometimes we tend to forget about it.

Always make sure to take care of yourself, especially during the coldest months of the year that can be a bit more sad!

18. Hearts February Mood Tracker

February bullet journal weekly spread
Source: Pinterest

Another mood tracker but make it lovely! (by adding some hanging hearts). Don’t forget about the pink and red tones.

19. Strawberries Monthly Cover

I will never get tired of strawberries. They taste super good and they also look cute as an illustration.

20. Monthly Book Goal

Monthly book goal! Some people like to to these type of spreads at the beginning of the year, but I think it’s never too late the set yourself a new goal.

My goal for this year is also to read at least 12 books!

21. Plant Mood Tracker

A plant mood tracker is perfect if you want to keep things more minimalistic but still cute.

22. Gratitude February Bullet Journal Spread

When we’re feeling a bit down it’s normal to forget the things that make us happy. This gratitude bullet journal spread will help you remember what you feel grateful for.

You can keep adding items as you go, and come back to it whenever you need it.

23. Love Letter February Cover

This is a super romantic and original idea for February.

A love letter as a February bullet journal cover is something I have never seen before, but I definitely want to try it.

24. (Another) Strawberry Themed Cover!

Another strawberry bullet journal theme! Because who doesn’t love strawberries, right?

This post was all about February bullet journal spread ideas!

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