20 College Graduation Gifts 2021 Graduates Will Love

This post is all about college graduation gifts.

college graduation gifts
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College graduation is probably one of the proudest moments in every student’s life. It means they finally accomplished the ultimate study goal and it deserves to be celebrated.

I recently graduated so I decided to come up with a list of the best college graduation gifts for 2021 that graduates will actually use.

Talking from experience, college students prefer gifts that are actually practical and that will help them in the next chapter of their lives: adulting!

These are the best college graduation gifts.

20 Best College Graduation Gifts

1. Graduation Gift Box

college graduation gifts for guys

If your graduate is hard to shop for and you have no idea what to give to them, a graduation gift box is perfect for you. It has a bit of everything so you don’t have to choose only one thing.

2. Coffee Maker

As soon as your college graduate enters the real world and starts a 9-5 job, a coffee maker will be essential. Having to wake up early every day is tough so a cup of coffee every morning will definitely be a lifesaver.

3. Custom Monogrammed Journal

college graduation gifts diy

Finishing college means taking a new path in your life: meeting new people, living new experiences. You’ll want to have a journal to write it all down.

College students are constantly anxious about the future, writing in a journal is a great way for them to stay present and focus on the now, rather than stress about what will come.

4. Scratch-Off World Map

Once you graduate and get a job, you have more time and money to travel. A scratch-off world map is a great decoration to hang on your wall and dream of all the places you want to visit.

5. Instant Pot

Living on your own means you’ll have to cook for yourself. It can be a little scary at first, but an instant pot makes the whole process much easier.

It’s the best thing to make yummy and healthy meals without having to spend all your morning cooking. Perfect for the graduate that wants to eat well and has no time.

6. Smartwatch

Now that college is over your graduate will have much more free time. Maybe they want to start a new habit and be more active! A smartwatch will encourage them to go out for runs and get those steps.

7. Laptop Stand

Young people spend a lot of time on our computers, whether it’s for work or simply watching a movie, that’s why most of us suffer from really bad neck pain. A laptop stand will help you avoid bad postures and probably a visit to the doctor, too.

8. Cheese Board

A cheese board is perfect for having a little graduation celebration with friends! This is a really practical college graduation gift that will be put to good use.

9. Adulting Book

God, adulting is hard! It’s okay to need a little extra help sometimes, and books can be really helpful. Especially books that are written by people that have experience in that field.

I read Almost Adulting by Arden Rose when I was 21 and it helped me SO MUCH to get through my first years living alone. She’s so relatable and tells things as they are, but with a really unique sense of humor.

10. Custom Necklace

Personalized gifts are the best ones! There’s nothing more special than something that was made specifically for you. This personalized necklace from Etsy can be completely customized: from the font to the colors, to even the chain.

11. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a device that connects to lightbulbs via Bluetooth, so you can use your voice to control your lights. This is a really cool thing to have if you’re moving to your own apartment.

12. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Now that the graduate is on their own, they’re going to have to clean and take care of their own place. The Dyson cordless vacuum makes it super quick and easy to clean, and it can even be FUN if you play some music.

This vacuum is a life changer that any college graduate with no time will love, especially if they are lazy about cleaning!

13. Monogrammed Towel Set

college graduation gifts for her 2021

Every college graduate that moves into their own apartment needs a lot of new appliances such as kitchenware, bedsheets, and of course, towels!

This monogrammed towel set is the price of a regular towel set, but it is completely customizable with an embroidered initial in all of the towels. You can choose the font and style of the monogram.

14. Gym At Home Kit

Whether the gyms are open or not in your area, having a fitness kit always comes in handy to stay active without having to leave the house.

This is something every graduate that wants to stay fit will appreciate and definitely use.

15. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the best gift ever because you can connect them to your phone or computer via Bluetooth and walk around the house without even noticing you’re wearing them.

These are especially handy when you workout, clean or cook.

16. Star Map Print

college graduation gifts from parents

If you’re looking for thoughtful college graduation gifts, I promise you won’t find anything better than a star map print.

All you need to do is choose a date, a time, and a location and you’ll get a print of how the sky looked at that moment. It is completely customizable and you can even add constellations, a personal message, a background color, etc. You can choose their graduation day or even the day they were born!

17. Macramé Wall Hanging Mirror

college graduation gifts 2021

When I was in college I was to dream all the time about having my own apartment. I couldn’t wait to decorate it and create a little space of my own.

If your graduate is planning to get their own apartment they will love this macramé wall hanging mirror. This is super cute as a gift and it’s also useful, so it’s a win-win.

18. Throw Blanket

Using this throw blanket is super comforting and it honestly feels like someone is hugging you. This gift will be great for the college graduate that is moving out of their home and feels a bit homesick.

19. Business Card Holder

Once you finish college and enter the professional world it’s super important to have your own business card. You will meet a lot of people and you never know how many professional opportunities it could lead to!

This card holder is elegant and minimalist. The graduate and place it in their desk and dream about having their own CEO office one day.

20. Polaroid Photo Frames

college graduation gifts for him 2021

Here’s a cute Polaroid photo frame graduates can use to keep all their memories from college in one place! This is super cute and they and put it on their desk or nightstand, and remember all the good moments they spent in college.

college graduation gifts from parents

This post was all about college graduation gifts!

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