15 College Dorm Room Ideas You’ll Obsess Over

This post is all about college dorm room ideas.

college dorm room

Moving into your college dorm room is one of the best parts of going to college. I was so happy when I knew I was getting my own space to decorate and personalize, but I also felt a bit overwhelmed.

Sometimes it can be hard to define your style and find the perfect decorations. So I definitely wish I had found all these college dorm room ideas earlier because they would have made my life so much easier.

This post is all about the best college dorm room ideas 2021 students will obsess over!

15 Best College Dorm Room Ideas You’ll Obsess Over

1. Have an All-White Aesthetic

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Recreate this dorm room idea:

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Most dorm rooms are small, so sometimes it’s better to keep it more minimalistic and go for an all-white look. It will give your space a cleaner look which will make your room seem bigger.

2. Add Posters and a Neon Sign To Your Wall

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas for guys

The first thing I did when I moved into my dorm room was hanging my favorite posters and polaroid pics. It took me 15 minutes and instantly looked a lot better.

Decorating your walls is the easiest way to give some personality to your dorm room without spending a lot of money. Neon signs look expensive but they’re actually super cheap on Amazon.

3. Hang a Tassel Garland

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room checklist

Here are a few more ideas of things you can hang on your walls. A tassel garland for a nice pop of color, and the map of a city you’ve been to or that you would like to visit.

4. Make a Vision Board

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room wall decor

Making a vision board is SUPER easy and cheap. You just need a big photo frame and then you can print some of your favorite photos from Pinterest. It will give you a boost of inspiration and it’s a great way to discover what’s your favorite aesthetic.

A lot of girls also put monogrammed signs with their initials on the wall. This personalized one from Etsy is affordable and you can customize the color and letters.

5. White and Grey with Pink Accents

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room bedding

Literally, every college dorm room has some sort of string lights, but I swear I had never seen these rose lights before! They are super cute and look perfect in this combination of pink and grey tones.

I also found this hello gorgeous sign dupe on Etsy that you can customize with your favorite words!

6. Add Fairy Lights and Fun Pillows!

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas pinterest

The girl who decorated this dorm room made such a smart decision by adding fairy lights at the corners of the wall. They are super subtle so it doesn’t look tacky, and it’s also a great source of light! So you can turn them on without bothering your roomie.

If most of your college dorm room decor is white, try to add some pastel pink to it. It’s a quick and easy idea to add some color and keep it elegant.

7. Match Your Desk Area With Your Bed

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Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room decorating tips
dorm room sale

This dorm room is so cute. I love how everything is so natural and it has a very refreshing look without feeling blank or empty.

It’s very smart to add plants to a white room because it’s an earthy element and it makes it seem less cold. Wood tones + white are my favorite color combo!

8. Choose Neutral Colors and Macramé

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Recreate this dorm room:

artsy dorm room ideas

If you like a boho style you definitely need a macramé wall hanging in your college dorm room! You can take your room to the next level with a jute rug and choosing neutral colors like white and beige.

I love how this room looks super cozy and it’s the perfect place to relax after a long day of classes and school work.

9. Add Greenery To Your Walls

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Recreate this dorm room:

cute dorm rooms

These hanging vine garlands are super popular, I even have one in my bedroom because they make it look instantly better. It is super easy to hang and will completely transform your dorm for the better.

It’s also super cheap which is great for broke college students like us!

10. Letterboards and Wall Grids Are a Must

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Recreate this dorm room:

You want to fill the shelves on your desk but you don’t know what to put so it doesn’t look too empty or too saturated with stuff. Well, a letter board might just be the answer! They come in lots of sizes and colors and write an inspirational message on it.

Also, a wire grid is great to hang your favorite prints or photos that remind you of home.

11. Get Creative With Flower Garlands

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Recreate this dorm room:

Here’s a more romantic look that combines flowers and wood accents. Using flower garlands on your walls is the best way to give some color to your room and keeping an elegant look.

Make sure the rest of decor like pillows and bed sheets is white so it doesn’t look tacky.

12. Don’t Be Afraid of Neon Colors

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Recreate this dorm room:

college apartment bedroom ideas
college dorm rooms
college dorm room ideas organizing

Sometimes we tend to stay in our comfort zone and avoid trying new things when decorating, but taking risky choices will help you discover what you like. Don’t be afraid of exploring other styles until you find the one that fits you!

Neon colors can be scary, but you could end up creating a room just like this one!

13. Create a Photo Wall

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Recreate this dorm room:

If you can’t find a way to fill a big wall that feels too empty, you can create a photo display with prints that inspire you or photos of your friends and family. I promise it will instantly make your dorm look more put together.

14. Decorate Your Wall With Lights and Prints

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Recreate this dorm room:

You can also use the wall on your desk area by hanging a wire grid. It’s a good way to decorate your wall, or even put your school schedules and to-do lists.

Then you can add string lights for an extra touch of cuteness!

15. Use the Space Under Your Bed

Recreate this dorm room:

college dorm room ideas for guys

You can have a cute college dorm room and be practical at the same time. You just have to be smart about your storage.
Dorms are small, but you can make the most out of them by using the space under your bed to store your shoes, winter clothes, laundry, blankets, etc. This is such a smart college dorm room organization idea.

college dorm rooms

This post was all about college dorm room ideas!

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