23 Best 21st Birthday Ideas For A Memorable Day

This post is all about 21st birthday ideas.

21st birthday ideas

Your 21st birthday is something you’ve probably been looking up to for years, and it should be celebrated properly!

Whether you’re looking for 21st birthday ideas for yourself or a friend, you want to make sure it’s something memorable everyone will remember.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going big or you want a smaller celebration with your closest friends, the most important thing is to make it special.

This is why I’ve gathered the best 21st birthday ideas to make it the best day ever.

23 Best 21st Birthday Ideas To Remember

1. 21st Birthday Cake Topper

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Your 21st birthday isn’t going to happen twice, so you should really go big or go home! Every detail counts, starting with your cake topper!

This crystal cake topper will make your cake pop out.

2. Personalized Cupcakes

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21st birthday ideas photo shoots

The best birthday parties are the ones that are the most personalized. Since this is an important day for you and you’re the star of your birthday, don’t feel bad about putting your name everywhere!

It will make it even more personal and your guests will appreciate all the details. If you can’t get personalized cupcakes, adding custom cupcake toppers with your name is a great alternative.

3. Have a Picnic

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If you have a backyard or can go to a park, then maybe you can celebrate your birthday with a picnic!

This is such an original idea, and you can organize it with your friends so each of you brings something to eat and drink.

4. 21 Balloons

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21 Balloons are a must for every party! These ones from Amazon are super affordable and you can get them in so many colors.

You can also use them as a photo prop, as well as a decoration.

5. Firework Candles

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21st birthday ideas

Make blowing the candles the most special moment of your birthday party with these flare candles! They aren’t only super cool to watch, but they will also look amazing on your pics.

6. Drunk Barbie Cake

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This is such a funny 21st birthday idea, and it’s also really popular!

What a better way to celebrate your 21st birthday than with a drunk barbie?

7. Add a Gold Backdrop

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Every birthday party needs a backdrop for photos! You’ll want to remember this day and have cute memories of it, so adding a nice set up to take pics with your friends is a must.

8. Have a Small Beach Celebration

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If you live by the beach or you want to organize something a bit fancier, you can arrange a small gathering at the beach with your closest friends.

You can choose a theme for it and pick all the decorations, I promise you everyone will remember it!

9. Rose Gold Romantic Theme

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birthday ideas

If you’re a bit lost when choosing a theme for your 21st birthday party, simply think about something you like: a color, a hobbie, or even an animal! Do you like rose gold? then start from there

All you need to do is search «birthday party» on Google followed by «whatever theme you like» and you’ll get tons of ideas!

10. Add a Neon Sign

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Not a lot of people know this, but you can get a custom neon sign on Etsy for pretty cheap. This will definitely make your 21st birthday party one to remember.

11. 21st Birthday Cocktail Kit

You’re 21 and now you can drink (officially, at least)! This birthday cocktail kit is perfect for you if you’re celebrating your birthday with your best friend.

12. Champagne Cart

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If you’re having a big party and you really want to impress your guests… this is for you.

You can create a champagne station with this elegant cart and let your guests serve themselves

13. Film Clapper as a Photo Prop

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If you love Netflix, watching movies or you’re a film student, then you know what party theme you should go for. As a film student myself, I would have LOVED to have this party!

This is such a unique 21st birthday idea, and the film clapper as a photo prop is the best touch.

14. Personalized Cake Topper

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21st birthday ideas for girls

Get a custom cake topper that matches your 21st birthday theme! Small details are the ones everyone remembers afterwards.

15. Use Disposable Cameras

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I’ve seen a lot of people do this at parties, and I love this idea. All you need to do is give a few disposable cameras to your guests and let them take photos during the party. The best part is you won’t see the photos until you develop them.

You’ll laugh for DAYS when you see them, I swear!

16. Entry Fee Shots

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This is definitely the best way to start your 21st birthday party!

17. Custom Birthday Sash

21st birthday ideas for guys turning 21

A custom birthday sash is the accessory every need girl needs on her 21st birthday party! You can get a custom birthday sash on Etsy for less than $7 and then keep it as a memory.

18. Custom Birthday Photo Booth

21st birthday ideas for guys decorations

Such a classic that has turned into a must for ever kind of party: a photo booth! You can DIY one at home, but for less than $20 I would get this one from Etsy.

19. Beer Pong Cupcakes

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This is such a classic every party should have. You can add the little cupcakes so you can all eat them after playing.

20. Alcohol Bottles Cake

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This cake will definitely lead to an unforgettable night! You can easily DIY this with a foam cake base and I’m 100% sure your friends will never forget it.

21. Popcorn Appetizers

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This is one of the cutest 21st birthday ideas to include appetizers at your party. It’s also super cheap to make, and it’s perfect if you don’t plan a party with seats.

You can get this set of popcorn boxes from Amazon for a really affordable price.

22. Cotton Candy Drinks

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If you’re looking for little details that will make your birthday party even more unique, this cotton candy drinks are such a great idea.

All you need to do is make little pompoms with your cotton candy and put it at the top of the glass. It’s such a nice gift to receive your guests with.

23. Alcohol Bottle Clock

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Your 21st birthday party won’t be the best birthday party without a drinking game. You can set this challenge with your friends, and just have the best night of your life!

This post was all about 21st Birthday Ideas!

21st birthday ideas for girls

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