26 Best Graduation Cap Ideas For 2022

Looking for graduation caps to wear on your graduation? Here are the best graduation cap ideas for 2022!

graduation cap ideas

Graduating is one of the best moments in every student’s life. However, it can be easy to get lost in all the graduation cap ideas you can find on the Internet.

Whether you want to wear something that’s special for you or simply DIY a funny quote for it, your graduation cap is going to be something you keep forever to remind you of the best day of your life.

Here are the best graduation cap ideas for every type of graduate!

The Best Graduation Cap Ideas For 2022

1. Off To My Misionfield

School is the last step before getting out into the «real world». It can be intimidating, but it can also feel like an adventure!

2. An Inspirational Quote

If you’re looking for a college graduation cap that’s cute and easy to make, this one is for you! The message is simple but super motivational: the best is yet to come!

3. Handpainted Graduation Cap

If you’re a bit crafty and like to DIY everything, maybe you can try adding a cute design to your graduation cap.

4. Coord Graduation Caps

This is the best idea for anyone who owns a dog or any type of pet! You can get matching graduation caps and take some photos you’ll love revisiting.

5. Two Degrees Graduation Cap

Such a funny idea for the ones who graduated with a double degree! Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ones.

6. DIY Scrapbook

Graduation cap ideas for moms with kids

This is for the ones who want to make a difference! I’m sure this graduation cap design will take you a few more hours, but it’s totally worth it!

7. RIP Senior Year

Graduation cap ideas mexican
Source: Pinterest

Some glittery foam and letter iron patches. That’s all you need to make this unique and funny graduation cap!

8. Last Minute Graduation Cap

Graduation cap ideas for guys
Source: Pinterest

Okay, this is by far the easiest idea. It can look a bit crappy, but I’m sure you’ll bring a smile to everyone’s faces! And honestly, we can all relate to it.

9. Better Late Than Ever

Graduation cap ideas nursing
@_Spalm via Pinterest

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get your degree. The harder it gets, the bigger the reward will be!

10. The Mean Girls Graduation Cap

Graduation cap ideas for teachers
@Laurie Dew via Pinterest

Movie-inspired graduation caps are the best, and the good thing is you can stick to a theme so it’s even easier to make. To try this idea you’ll need some white cardboard and glittery pink foam.

11. Clueless Graduation Cap

Graduation cap ideas spanish
Source: Pinterest

This is definitely me after getting my college degree! If I had to choose one graduation cap, this would be the one. Plus it’s super easy to copy with this glittery foam pack.

12. That’s A Wrap

Graduation cap ideas disney
@maurissamariacollection on Pinterest

Are you a film student? Then this is perfect for you! I can totally relate because I also graduated in Audiovisual Communication.

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13. David Bowie Graduation Cap

last minute Graduation cap ideas
@kolaks on Pinterest

If you have a quote from a song or a singer that’s special for you, you can also use it on your graduation cap. You can copy this idea with some cardboard and this gold chipboard letters from Amazon.

14. Monogram Graduation Cap

Graduation cap ideas pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Maybe you’re not too sentimental or you prefer something a bit more simple. This idea is super cute and it won’t take you too long! You just need these flat rhinestones to outline your name’s monogram.

15. SpongeBob Meme

This is the perfect idea for a high school graduation cap. Super funny and clever!

16. Thousands of Years Later

easy graduation cap ideas

School is full of great memories, but sometimes it can also feel like an eternity. Why not make some fun about it?

17. Dory Graduation Cap

how to decorate a graduation cap
Source: Pinterest

Dory is super funny and cute, and also a character most of us can relate to, since she is constantly forgetting everything! By the way, this is how I felt after graduating college. Sorry, not sorry.

18. Motivational Quote

psychology graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

For all those who struggled in college (same here) just remember you always get something good off of it. Graduating, for example!

19. Believe in Yourself

Graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

Believing in yourself is key in high school and college! You go through a lot of stress and sometimes it can be hard. Graduating is the perfect moment to be proud of yourself!

20. Feeling Grateful

college graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

A lot of people like to dedicate their graduation caps to their family and friends who helped them along the way. This is such a nice idea to show how grateful you feel for having them in your life!

21. The Story Goes On

graduation cap ideas last minute
Source: Pinterest

Graduating is a big accomplishment, but the story goes on! In fact, this is where real life begins!

22. A New Beginning

funny graduation cap ideas

I couldn’t have said it better. Even after all the stress, high school and college will leave you with a lot of good memories and people. Sometimes it’s hard to move on, but remember every end is a new beginning.

This idea is super easy to copy and you only need black cardboard and these paper flowers for crafts.

23. Graduate SpongeBob

cute graduation cap ideas
@love__spongebob on Twitter

SpongeBob is super popular on graduation caps. Guess it’s because it makes the best memes!

24. Princess Diaries Graduation Cap

high school graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

I’m a HUGE fan of princess diaries, and I’m sure everyone who loved the movies will also adore this graduation cap idea. You can also include a photo of Mia with a little graduation cap!

25. Ariana Grande Graduation Cap

disney graduation cap ideas
Source: Pinterest

If you’re graduating soon and you’re burnt out after 4 years of hard work, all you probably just want to say is: THANK YOU, NEXT!

26. High School Musical

2021 graduation cap ideas
@forestvillenati on Pinterest

I couldn’t help myself to include a high school graduation cap. These movies set high standards for our high school experience, and I feel like we all felt a bit disappointed because of them. But hey, I still LOVE watching them even at the age of 22.

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