30 Valentines Gifts For Anyone in Your Life

Looking for Valentines gifts for someone in your life? Here are 30 gift ideas everyone will love!

valentines gifts

Whether you’re spending it with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, friends, or family, Valentines Day is another opportunity to show everyone how much you care about them.

You don’t want to be extra cheesy or cliche but you want to find the perfect Valentines gifts to make them feel loved. Well, that’s what we’re here for! No matter who you’re shopping for, here’s a list of 30 gifts for everyone.

This post is all about Valentines gifts for anyone in your life.

Best Valentines Gifts For Anyone In Your Life

1. I Need S’More Friend Like You Treat

Sweet treats are a classic when it comes to Valentines Day. If you don’t want to get too fancy with your gift and just give a small treat to someone you love (it doesn’t need to be a romantic), then give them something sweet!

2. Custom Portrait

valentines gifts for boyfriend

A customized gift will always be more personal than anything else because the person will know it was specially made for them.

This custom portrait from Etsy is super minimalistic and cute, and it doesn’t need to be a couple’s portrait. You can use any photo you want: with a friend, your sister or even your whole family.

3. Custom Spotify Plaque

valentines gifts for friends

Spotify plaques are super popular this year! And they are also a really cute gift you can get for less than $25.

You just have to choose an artist, a song and a photo to put on the plaque (you can choose a personal photo or the album cover). Every time the person scans the code with their phone, it will take them to the actual song on Spotify.

4. Picture Frame

Valentines gifts for kids

Giving someone a picture frame as a gift is the perfect way to put your memories on display. You can include a photo that’s special for both of you to make it more personal.

5. Tiled Monogram Mug

valentines gifts for her

If you want to buy a gift that’s personal, but without spending a lot of money on it, a tiled monogram mug will be perfect for you! These mugs are super popular and they cost only $12.

You can add something extra by putting some sweets inside.

6. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

valentines gifts for girlfriend

Making dessert for someone you love is the best way to win their hearts. Even better when it’s heart-shaped waffles! This cute waffle maker is super cute and will definitely bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

valentines day gifts for girlfriend

Maybe you want to tell someone you love to relax and stress down. My biggest recommendation is to get them an oil diffuser. They make every space smell so good that it’s impossible to not wind down.

If you’re considering to get an oil diffuser, the Vitruvi ones are the best. They are handcrafted from porcelain, and make the scent stay for hours.

8. Glass Candle Set

Valentines gifts for husband

This small set of glass candles is the perfect decor to add to your dinning table and make you feel super cozy.

9. Star Map Print

Valentines gifts for teachers

If you’re looking for something unique and special, you MUST get a star map print. This is a personalized print that shows how the sky looked on the date, time, and location that you choose. Absolutely everything is customizable: the background color, the text, the frame lines, and even the fonts.

You can personalize it with the they you met that special person, or a date that’s important for both of you.

10. What I Love About You Journal

Valentines gifts for kids from parents

The best thing about this book is it’s completely customizable but you just have to fill in the blanks with the most relevant aspects about someone you love. You can get it for $10 on Amazon.

Best Valentines Gifts For Boyfriend

11. Personalized AirPod Case

Valentines gifts for him

I’m sure we can all agree that personalized gifts are the most special ones. An AirPod case is perfect for the boyfriend who always loses his headphones.

These cases are made from vegan leather and the initials stamped on them are 100% customizable.

12. Personalized Vegan Leather Wallet

Valentines gifts wholesale

Wallets are such classic Valentines gifts for boyfriend, so you can never fail with a wallet!

These ones are made from vegan leather and you can customize them with your man’s name. You can even choose from different fonts and styles.

13. Custom Location Print

Valentine day gifts for girlfriend

Do you share a special place with your boyfriend you want to remember forever? You can get a custom location print to make it possible.

Maybe the place where you met or a special trip you did together.

14. Airbnb Gift Card

Valentine gifts for wife

Experiences are the best gift you can give to someone you love. This is an Airbnb gift card you can fill with the amount of money you prefer. A small trip together will be perfect to spend time together, and that’s way more valuable than any material gifts.

15. Dart Board

This dart board is such a fun gift because you can put it at home and play together. It will definitely lead to so many good moments.

16. iPhone Case Wallet

An iPhone case wallet is a really smart gift idea, especially if your boyfriend is constantly losing everything!

17. Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running Shoe

Best Valentine gift for girlfriend

I feel like every single man I know loves Nike. They have the most comfortable shoes that are perfect for exercising. If your boyfriend is a runner and he needs a new pair of shoes, definitely get them these ones.

18. Valentines Gifts Box

Copy this gift idea:

DIY gifts are the best way to truly show someone how much you love them. All you need for this project is a box, so then you can add in photos of you and all his favorite sweets and chocolates.

This is a birthday gift idea, but it will honestly work as well on Valentines Day.

19. Beer Making Kit

Classic Valentines gifts

What can I say? Here’s a beer-making kit all the beer lovers will obsess over. This kit is super cheap and it has everything you need to create your own beer.

It’s such a fun project you can make together, if you’re also a fan of beer.

20. «Kisses” Jar

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I guess this is the «cheesiest» gift from this gift, but a lot of people love these kinds of gifts as they are more romantic, and it’s Valentines Day so… it’s okay to be cheesy for a day!

Best Valentines Gifts For Girlfriend

21. Personalized Gold Letter Ring

Valentines day gifts for him

Basically every girl I know has received jewelry on Valentines Day. It’s such a classic you can never fail with! My number one tip is to get something personalized to make her feel super special.

These custom rings from Etsy are super cute and you can personalize them with your girlfriend’s name.

22. Gift Box

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Gift boxes will never get old! This is a gift you can easily DIY without breaking the bank. You can get a wooden box from Amazon and fill it with polaroid photos and lots of sweet treats.

23. Too Faced Makeup Set

cute valentines day gifts for him

Honestly, you can never go wrong with a makeup set. If your girlfriend is a makeup lover, she knows how expensive makeup can be, so I’m 100% sure she will love this makeup set.

This comes with red and pink tones, which is perfect for Valentines Day.

24. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

If your girlfriend has been putting her efforts on being healthier and exercising more, why not help her? Staying hydrated is super important, and I’m sure I would appreciate someone reminding me to do it!

25. Actual Handwriting Bracelet

Valentines gifts for him ideas

This is the most unique gift I’ve ever seen. This bracelet is 100% customizable, and when I say 100%, I mean it. You send your actual handwriting with a quote you like and they turn it into a bracelet.

Is there anything more personal than your actual handwriting?

26. Zodiac Necklace

Valentines gifts for her

A lot of people is into astrology and feel really identified with their Zodiac signs. So this is a really cute Zodiac necklace that is more personal than just a regular necklace.

27. Lululemon Leggings

Valentines gifts ideas

Every girl is obsessed with Lululemon leggings, and that’s super reasonable taking into consideration that they are the most comfortable leggings on Earth.

28. Rose Box

Valentines gifts for husband

Roses are probably the most sold thing as Valentines gifts.

Of course, you can get the expensive version from Venus ET Fleur, but this rose box from Etsy is 4 times cheaper and it looks exactly the same. A total bargain.

29. Spotify Premium Gift Card

Valentines gifts for him

Getting subscription gift cards is super cool because they are actually useful and you get to use them more than just one time.

30. Custom Letter Necklace

Valentine day gifts for girlfriend

This is a custom necklace you can personalize with your girlfriend’s name. It’s a «common» gift, but it’s something everyone loves getting.

valentines gifts

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