22 Easy Valentines Day Decorations To Show Your Love

This post is all about Valentines Day decorations.

Valentine’s Day is all about love and showing your most loved ones that you care, and throwing a small Valentine’s Day party is a really good way to do it.

Putting together some cute Valentines Day decorations and celebrating with your friends, family or partner will definitely be a memorable experience and a nice way to tell them «I love you».

I’ve gathered the best Valentines Day home decor to help you create the most romantic atmosphere on this special day.

Check these cute and easy Valentines Day decorations!

Best Valentines Day Decorations This Year

1. Valentines Day Decorations For Tables

Recreate these decorations:

The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is by having dinner with your most loved ones! There are tons of Valentine’s decorations for tables that will create the loveliest atmosphere.

Make sure you include lots of hearts and red tones!

2. Tassel Garland

Recreate this decoration:

Tassel garlands are a genius idea for brightening up your walls. If you have a wall that feels to empty or blank, simply hang a tassel garland and the colors will make it pop.

This pink and gold tassel garland from Amazon is super cute and I could definitely see myself using it all year round.

3. Cute Bowls

Recreate this decoration:

These bowls are definitely cute enough to use all year, but they could also work as Valentine’s decorations if you display them on your table.

You can add a touch of pink and red to make it pop up and you’ll have a simple and elegant Valentine’s Day decoration.

4. A Bucket of Flowers

Recreate this idea:

Flowers are the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day, so you can totally use them as a part of your decor too! You just need to put them in a nice vase.

5. Valentines Themed Hot Cocoa Bar

Recreate this idea:

You can get creative in any part of your house. Even your kitchen can be decorated for Valentine’s Day!

This hot cocoa tray has a mix of details that look really put together as a whole. You don’t need to use the same exact things, but you can add anything that has pink or red on it to recreate this idea.

6. Valentines Wreath

Recreate this idea:

Hanging a wreath is an easy way to decorate your walls or doors without spending too much time on it.

There are TONS of wreath styles but roses might be just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

7. Candle Sticks

Recreate this idea:

Is there anything more romantic than enjoying an evening by the light of a candle? These transparent candle holders are so versatile and will complement any type of decor style.

8. Heart Balloons

Recreate this idea:

Balloons are a must at any party, but you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without using heart-shaped balloons.

They will instantly make your space look a lot more festive!

9. Greenery

Recreate this idea:

Just like flowers, greenery and plants are also a symbol of freshness and Spring. This garland will brighten up your space and welcome the new season.

10. Coffee Table

Recreate this idea:

If you want to relax and stay cozy with your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, you should set up a coffee table. A few red touches and a hearts garland will make it look very put together.

You don’t need to spend a lot on this, but using Valentine’s mugs is also a good idea!

11. Sweet Tray

Recreate this idea:

We can all agree that Valentine’s Day is the sweetest day of the year. Everyone is giving away sweets and chocolates, so why not set up a sweet corner at home?

12. Pink Serving Tray

Recreate this idea:

Honestly, anything red or pink will work as Valentines Day decorations! This serving tray from Amazon is too cute I had to include it.

13. Cupcake Display

Recreate this idea:

I love every piece from Rae Dunn, but this canister with the words «made with love» on it is just perfect for Valentine’s Day!

14. Pink and White Balloons

Recreate this idea:

If you don’t want to spend a lot on Valentine’s Day but still add a pop of color and enjoy this festivity, you just need a few balloons.

These ones come in different shades of pink which makes them perfect for this day!

15. Pink Water Glasses & Heart Plates

Recreate this idea:

If you’re planning on having dinner on Valentine’s Day you should consider getting themed dinnerware.

You don’t need to buy everything new, but using pink glasses or heart-shaped plates for appetizers or dipping will be something your guests won’t forget.

16. LOVE Sign

This is one of the most classic Valentines Day decorations but it never never goes out of trend!

17. Wall Decor

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with your partner or your whole family, you should make sure to create a space that feels like home!

This wall decoration is perfect for rustic houses.

18. Heart Shaped Garland

Recreate this idea:

If you prefer to keep your decorations minimal and aren’t a big fan of colors, you can still find good Valentines Day decorations! This silver garland is perfect for you.

19. Valentines Pillows

Recreate this idea:

valentines day decorations

Pillows are the perfect decorations because you can easily add or remove them, and there are pillows for every season and festivity.

20. Candy Container

Recreate this idea:

This is the cutest way to serve sweets to your guests! Presentation is key and with this canister from Rae Dunn you don’t really need anything else.

21. Decorate Your Hall Area

Recreate this idea:

This idea you can DIY yourself, or you can get it from Amazon for under $25.

Your hall is the first thing your guests will see when they come to your house, so unless you have enough budget to decorate your whole house, I highly suggest you focus on that space.

22. Red Candles

Recreate this idea:

Details are what really make an impression, and the best thing is you don’t need to break the bank to buy them.

Valentines Day decorations

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