17 New Years Eve Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

This post is all about New Years Eve party ideas.

New years eve party ideas

Even if you stay at home for New Years Eve, you can throw a memorable party everyone will remember. Celebrating at home means you have the perfect excuse to start looking for New Years Eve party ideas!

The best part about spending this day at home with your friends or family is that you get to choose your favorite theme and decorations. Oh, and you can also send cute New Years Eve party invitations!

These are the best New Years Eve party ideas your guests will love.

Our Top New Years Eve Party Ideas

1. New Years Eve Party Invitation

at home new years eve party ideas

Invitations are super important because they will set the tone of the party. Is it a formal party? Is it a chill party with your friends? These cute New Years Eve invitations will bring a smile to your guests face no matter what type of party you throw.

2. 2021 Banner

New Years Eve party ideas for adults
@beijosevents on Instagram

Any New Years Eve party must have some sort of banner. Year planners look incredibly cute and they easily fill up space so everything looks more put together.

The best thing is they’re super cheap and you can also use them as a backdrop for photos. This is one from Amazon is in silver but there are so many colors to choose from!

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3. Black and Gold Balloons

New Years Eve party invitations
@lifewithdulce on Instagram

Honestly, New Year’s Eve is one of the easiest festivities to find decor for. It’s insane how many things you can get for less than $10!

Gold and black are the official colors of New Year’s Eve, and you can see how a few balloons can completely change a whole room. That’s all you need to make your party super cute.

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4. Gold Photo Backdrop

New Years Eve party ideas food

If you want to go even further with the decorations, there are so many backdrops in so many colors that will make the perfect backgrounds for your Instagram photos.

Gold is our go-to but there are millions of options like silver or gold pink.

5. «Happy New Year» Banner

New Years Eve party 2020
@makingprettymemories on Instagram

Most of us still have our Christmas trees up during New Years Eve. This can be a good excuse to add a few of New Years Eve party decorations to it.

Banners are the easiest (and cheapest) thing to throw on and they’ve got even more creative this year. You can choose the classic «Happy New Year» banner, but we’re in LOVE with the second one: «F*ck 2022, Hello 2023».

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New Years Eve party ideas for adults

6. Sweet Table

new years eve party ideas
@everydaylivingwith_rita on Instagram

Sweets are probably the most important thing at a party. While a lot of the decorations used in a party are thrown away, you can also purchase items you will use over time.

This is not only a more eco-friendly option, but it’s also a good way to create a sweet table. Sweet tables are a «must» at any party and you can decorate them to fit the theme as well.

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New Years Eve party themes

7. Themed Cake Toppers

New Years Eve party ideas for family
@culturedcardco on Instagram

The best New Years Eve party ideas are in the details. This is a set of cute cake toppers you can use on your sweets or appetizers to make them look «on brand».

I love seeing these kind of details when I go to a party because I think it’s what really makes a party stand out.

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8. Themed Bar Cart

New Years Eve party ideas decorations
@jaimelyncarney on Instagram

A bar cart is a perfect complement to any New Years Eve party ideas. You can add some decor to stick with the festive theme and then put your favorite wine bottles and champagne on it.

This will also make it easier for your guests to serve themselves and is a great piece of decor you can use at any party.

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New Years Eve party games

9. Candles and Dinnerware

New Years Eve party ideas food
@countrygirlhome on Instagram

New Year’s Eve is a really special festivity because you get to start a new year with your most loved ones.

Candles will create a feeling of intimacy between your guests. I love candles because they make everything feel instantly cozier.

Dinnerware is also a huge part of your party and you should focus on it probably than in any other aspect of your party. Colors are key, but adding small touches like candles, sparkling confetti or even a clock (so cool!) can make a big improvement.

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10. New Year Letterbox

New Years Eve party 2021

This is additional, but a lightbox can also work as part of your New Years Eve party decorations.

Some people already have a letterbox in their bedrooms or living rooms and they are for less than $15 on Amazon. All you need to do is create a nice text that goes with the party theme.

11. Reusable Party Straws

New Years Eve party themes
@mrs.osterglam on Instagram

A jar full of party straws is super cute as a decoration. This is probably a bit weird, but I always see them at parties even when no one is using them.

If you use them at your party, make sure they are reusable and not the ones you throw away. These black and gold ones from Amazon are super cute and you’ll be able to use them more than once.

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12. Mirror Balls

New Years Eve party ideas for adults
@lydiamenziescelebrates on Instagram

Maybe you can’t go to a club, but you can bring the club home. It’s as easy as hanging a mirror ball from your ceiling.

To make it extra cool, you can project light into the mirror balls which will create a «disco» light effect.

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13. Photo Booth Props

New Years Eve party ideas decorations

Photo booth props are really popular and everyone has been using them lately. I’ve seen them at weddings, birthday parties and any kind of festivity.

You can easily DIY them and create something more personalized or you can get them online for really cheap.

New Years Eve Party Games

14. Highlights of the Year Game

This game will give you a lot to talk about. All you need to do is create cards with different sentences like «best moment of the year» or «worst time of the year».

Each member of the group will have to pull out a card and talk about his experience. This is super easy to set up and one of my favorite New Years Eve party games.

15. New Years Resolutions Game

New Years Eve party ideas for family

This is a really easy game you can improvise with your friends or relatives in case you haven’t thought of anything to do on New Year’s Eve.

All you need to do is write your New Years’ resolutions on a piece of paper and put them all in a bowl. Then you have to pull the resolutions one by one out of the bowl and guess who wrote them.

It’s a simple game but it can lead to so many funny moments.

16. Beeropoly

new years eve party ideas

If you want to go even further with your New Years Eve party games you can include drinks. They will definitely make everything funnier and lead to a memorable night.

Beeropoly is like the classic Monopoly but with beer, so it’s perfect for a game night!

17. Spin the Bottle

New Years Eve party ideas food

The classic «Spin the Bottle» game but make it fancier. This game never gets old and has brought so many good memories to my friends and me.

You can use an old school glass bottle or you can get this one from Amazon for less than $10.

I hope you liked these New Years Eve party ideas!

new years eve party ideas food

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