24 Unique Graduation Party Ideas Everyone Will Remember

Need some inspiration on graduation party ideas? Keep reading!

Graduation is a really important achievement for every student. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, your graduation party is a celebration of your effort and hard work and it should be memorable.

However, party planning can be a bit stressful, and finding unique graduation party ideas is not easy at all. As a college graduate myself, I have some experience and I want to help you!

Here are the best graduation party ideas your guests will love and remember.

Best Graduation Party Ideas

1. Polaroid Photo Booth

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Photo booths are a must at any party, but especially at graduation parties because you want to make sure you take pictures with all your guests to remember this day.

I love that you can create a photo booth with just a few things and it instantly looks so much better!

2. Graduation Cake

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You need a graduation, just like you would at any other party. Make sure you think about all the details and get a graduation cake topper. They are super cheap and change the whole game.

3. Cookie Table

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This is a «bigger» graduation party idea but It’s something I would do if I really wanted to impress my guests. It’s also a really smart way to incorporate desserts into your party and make everything super put together.

4. Polaroid Guest Book

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This is one of the easiest graduation party ideas and one that you’ll keep forever, literally. Taking photos on your phone is okay, but what’s better than having a physical memory you get to keep forever?

Polaroids are super cheap these days and you can easily put this idea together and encourage your guests to take photos with it.

5. Grad Gift Mason Jar

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If you’re organizing a graduation party for your daughter or son, this is a simple DIY you can give to them as a graduation gift. They will definitely appreciate it!

6. Create a Donut Wall

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If you want to go even further, a donut wall might be just for you!

If you don’t have time to DIY it yourself, there are tons of pre-made donut displays like this one on Amazon you can buy, so you just have to think about baking or buying the donuts.

7. Keys to Success Board

Graduation party ideas high school 2020

If you want your guests to participate in the party, make a «keys to success» board so they can share some inspiring words with the graduate. You can read them out loud at the end of the party, or you can keep them as a memory.

8. Beverage Dispenser

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Every party should have a beverage dispenser. They are super helpful because guests can serve themselves and you just have to refill it when it’s empty.

It also allows you to add a bigger variety of drinks at your party.

9. Flower Photo Backdrop

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If you want to do something more subtile for you and your friends to take photos you can use whatever blank backdrop you have in your house and throw some greenery to create an original photo booth.

10. Cupcake Display

Graduation party ideas for daughter

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Maybe you’ll have a lot of guests at your party and you don’t think a graduation cake is going to be enough. Don’t worry, because you can create a cupcake display that looks just like a cake.

11. Graduation Hat Toppers

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Are you planning on serving cupcakes and want to make them look extra cute? Cupcake toppers are super cheap and one of the best graduation food party ideas.

12. Graduation Custom Labels

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The key to throwing a memorable graduation party is paying attention to the details. Little things like these graduation custom labels will make your guests remember your party forever.

13. Popcorn Wrappers

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One of the best graduation party ideas is serving appetizers in individual wrappers rather than putting everything together in a big container. This will make it easier for your guests to grab the food.

14. Pretzel Station

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Pretzels are SO good and you don’t need a lot to create a pretzel station like this. I’m sure all your guests will love to grab one!

15. Cotton Candy Table

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This is not only super cute as a decor idea for your party, but also a delicious treat to offer to your guests! You can choose any color you want for your cotton candy so it goes with the theme.

16. FRIENDS Backdrop

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If you are a fan of the FRIENDS show this is the best occasion to throw a FRIENDS themed party! This is a super popular idea so they sell pre-made backdrops.

17. 2021 Balloons

At this point, number balloons are a classic and literally, everyone uses them at any kind of party, so you want to make sure you don’t miss them!

These are the silver ones, but Amazon has them in all the colors you can imagine.

18. Taco Bar

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Okay, hear me out: a self-service taco bar with your favorite chips. What’s better than that? You can put different seasonings in different containers so your guests have multiple options.

If you want to serve small snacks at your party rather than a full meal, this is a 2021 graduation party idea you should try!

19. Grad Balloon Bouquet

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A themed balloon bouquet is always good to decorate the entry of your party as a way to say «welcome» to your guests.

20. Graduation Goodie Bags

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A graduation party should definitely make the graduate feel super special, but you also want to make your guests feel special. A goodie bag is a nice way of saying «thank you» to everyone that came.

You don’t need to spend a lot on them, but just a small present to show them that you feel grateful.

21. Graduation Rose Gold Theme

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If you’re planning on having a themed party but don’t know where to start, you can focus on a color. A lot of people choose their parties to be «gold» or «white» themed, and decorate everything around that color.

You can also encourage your guests to wear clothes or complements of the color you choose to make the whole party look super aesthetic.

22. Flower Center Piece

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Adding flower center pieces is a great idea if you are going to have large tables at your party for people to sit and eat. These will look super cute as a graduation party decorations and don’t cost much.

23. Balloon Column

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Balloons are super festive and instantly brighten up a space. The best thing is they work both indoor and as outdoor graduation party ideas.

24. An Inspiring Quote

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Last but not least, remember this is all about making the graduate feel extra special! A motivational quote to congratulate her for all her effort is the best way to show your support.

I hope you liked all these graduation party ideas!

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