27 Unique Gifts For Boyfriend He’s Guaranteed To Love

This post is all about gifts for boyfriend.

gifts for boyfriend

In my experience, boyfriends are the hardest people to get Christmas gifts for. Most of the time they’ll just say they don’t need anything, but you still want to find something to impress them.

This year I’ve decided to make some research to find cute gift ideas for boyfriend that he didn’t know he needed, but he will definitely love. I’ve gathered all types of presents: from practical gifts to personalized items.

This post is all about unique gifts for boyfriend this year.


1. Nike Sneakers

gifts for boyfriend christmas

Nike Sneakers are one of the most popular and practical gifts for him.

He will definitely use this gift or maybe he needed a pair already. Clothing is a really smart thing to give as a gift!

2. Smartwatch

gifts for boyfriend anniversary

Literally, everyone I know has a smartwatch. They are really helpful to staying organized and scheduling your day, but also to tracking your fitness and sleep patterns.

3. Sunglasses

gifts for boyfriend birthday

Sunglasses are a staple that will never go out of style. Not only this is a cute gift but it’s also something he will use.

This Ray-Ban model is such a classic!

4. Portable Movie Projector

gift ideas for boyfriend

Honestly, this portable movie projector is something I would even get for myself.

If you enjoy watching movies with your boyfriend, you should definitely consider getting it. I know this is something my boyfriend would LOVE.

5. AirPods

AirPods are a bigger gift, but it’s something literally EVERYONE I know would love to have.

They are perfect for exercising and doing any type of activity that requires movement, so he’ll definitely be using them a lot. There are also cheaper versions on Amazon that look exactly the same if you can’t afford the Apple ones.

6. Record Player

gifts for boyfriend

Record players are really popular gifts for boyfriend right now as they are a bit more sophisticated than regular speakers.

The best thing is you don’t need to break the bank in order to buy one because Amazon has really cheap options.

7. North Face Jacket

unique gifts for boyfriend

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for boyfriend maybe a jacket is the gift you need. What’s more practical than a jacket for the cold months?

North Face is a really popular brand and I think this particular jacket is the one with the best quality they’ve ever made.

8. Beeropoly

unique gifts for boyfriend

Beeropoly is the game every beer lover needs!

This is such a fun game to play with friends and will bring you so many memorable experiences. And you can still play it with a small group of friends (just in case).

9. Netflix Membership

cute gifts for boyfriend

I think at this point we all agree that Netflix is a vital necessity.

Especially during the quarantine, everyone I know got a Netflix subscription. So if your boyfriend doesn’t have one already, this is a gift he will definitely appreciate (and you can personalize it with the amount of money you want to spend).

10. 100 Movies Bucket List

gifts for boyfriend anniversary

This 100 movies bucket list is a fun gift that won’t end up in the back of a drawer.

You can even use it as an excuse to watch the movies together and turn it into a date night or a movie marathon.

11. Bleu de Chanel Cologne

gifts for boyfriend christmas

Maybe you didn’t think of this, but perfume is also a great gift to give your boyfriend. Actually, perfume is a good gift for everyone and this one in particular smells amazing.

12. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

gifts for boyfriend birthday

Staying hydrated is super important and you want to let your boyfriend know you care about him.

Just kidding, but a Hydro Flask is really a good way to remind yourself to drink water. You keep it near you and there’s no way you can forget about it!

This is one of the most underrated gifts for boyfriend but it sure is practical.

13. Bluetooth Speaker

unique gifts for boyfriend

Some people love listening to music in the shower and the phone speaker is just not enough.

You can find good Bluetooth speakers for really cheap these days and this one from Amazon is amazing. This is a portable speaker so you can bring it to your friends’ house.

14. Amazon Gift Card

gifts for boyfriend long distance

If none of these gift ideas for boyfriend convince you, there’s something you still can do: get him an Amazon gift card and let him choose!

Sometimes choosing your own gifts is the perfect gift.

15. Audiobook

gift ideas for boyfriend christmas

An audiobook is perfect for the boyfriend who doesn’t like to read but enjoys listening to stories.

With this gift, you need to make a minimum effort and it still counts as if you read the book! It’s a win-win situation.

16. Temperature Control Mug

gifts for boyfriend romantic

This temperature control mug is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. This is definitely more expensive than a regular mug, but if your boyfriend loves coffee he will use it all the time.

You should consider it if you’re looking for a «big» gift for your boyfriend.

17. Scratch-Off World Map

gifts for boyfriend diy

This is the perfect gift for the boyfriend who loves to travel. He will have to wait until Covid is over to use it, but maybe he can scratch some of the places off already.

You can also use it as an invitation for future trips together!

18. Fleece Joggers

gifts for boyfriends mum

Fleece joggers are really popular among guys right now. My boyfriend wears them all the time because they are so comfortable.

You can never go wrong with joggers and these are super cheap.

19. Backpack

gifts for boyfriend just because

Is there anything more clever than a backpack with a phone charger?

I seriously need to stop adding items I would get for myself, but this backpack is something I would also get for my boyfriend (I’m always the one who runs out of battery, so I guess it would be useful for me too!).

20. Charging Station Organizer

cute gifts for boyfriend

This is the MOST useful gift not only for your boyfriend but for anyone. Nowadays everyone has a million devices, and that means having a million chargers all over the place.

This charging station is perfect to keep everything in one place and make sure you don’t lose anything. The wires are included which is really cool.

21. Star Wars Darth Vader Waffle Maker

thoughtful gifts for boyfriend

I’d buy this for myself and I’m not even a Star Wars fan, but look how cute this Star Wars waffle maker is!

I wish my boyfriend was a Star Wars fan so I could get this for him (and then use it myself haha).

Personalized Gifts For Boyfriend

22. Personalized Men’s Wallet

personalized gifts for boyfriend

This is a really cute gift and the price is way cheaper than what I had initially thought.

A wallet is a classic gift for men in general, but the custom initials add something special to it. These wallets are made from vegan leather and you can choose from multiple styles.

23. Custom Couple Portrait

gift ideas for boyfriend

A couple portrait is a very special gift that will remind him of your relationship. This is a unique gift if you’re looking for something that’s more related to the both of you, rather than a personal gift.

24. Personalized Men’s Docking Station

christmas gifts for boyfriend

A docking station is the best gift to keep all your essentials in the same place and make sure you don’t lose anything. From your phone to your keys, your wallet, and even your glasses.

There are 8 colors you can choose from and you can choose whether you want to engrave a name or not.

25. Personalized Star Map

gifts for boyfrend birthday

A custom star map is a very cute gift idea for your boyfriend because you can personalize it with a date that’s special for both of you.

You can personalize it with the day both of you met or the day he was born, I’m sure it will be a very special gift!

26. Personalized Apple AirPod Case

cute gifts for boyfriend

If your boyfriend already has a pair of AirPods (or you are getting them for him) I highly suggest you get him a personalized AirPod case right away.

They aren’t an expensive gift and you’ll make sure he doesn’t lose them or confuses his with someone else’s. And by the way, these cases are made from vegan leather.

27. Personalized Beer Flight Set

unique gifts for boyfriend

There’s a huge range of products for beer fans (it blew me away!). A personalized beer flight set is a really cool thing to have and you can use it every time you hang out with your friends.

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