33 Insanely Cute Dorm Room Ideas You Need To Try

Finding dorm room ideas that go with your style and are cheap to recreate can be a bit difficult. After 4 years in college, I’ve found the best affordable decor that makes your dorm look instantly better.

dorm room ideas

Recreating the Pinterest dorm room ideas of your dreams when you’re in college and broke is a huge task.

I know it first hand because I’ve been there, and after 4 years in college I’ve searched EVERYWHERE to find cute dorm room bedding and wall decor that don’t break the bank.

These are 33 dorm room ideas for every type of girl that you can easily recreate to completely transform your room. These ideas are easy to recreate and will make a huge difference with a small effort.

This post shows you the 33 best dorm room ideas to create your own little sanctuary.

Best Dorm Room Ideas 

1. Add a Wall Tapestry

The walls of your dorm room are likely going to be blank, so that’s a space you especially want to focus your attention on.

Decorating your walls will make your dorm room more «you», so adding a tapestry is a great way of making it look «fuller» as well as making it more aesthetic.

Recreate this dorm room:

2. Use Bins Under Your Bed

Here’s a fact: dorm rooms are tiny. If you want to make the most out of your space, you’re going to have to use every bit of it.

The space under your bed is so IMPORTANT because you can use it for storage. Trust me, bins are going to be your best friends. Make sure you get bins with separators to make it easier for you to get organized.

Recreate this dorm room:

3. Create a Photo Wall Collage

This is the cheapest way of decorating your dorm room. I did this in my college dorm one year and it looked super cute, and it only cost me a few dollars!

A photo wall collage can completely change your space and brighten it up a bit!

Recreate this dorm room:

4. Use a Mini Fridge

Some people have mini fridges in their dorms and I think it is the smartest idea! If you have the space, don’t even think about it and get one.

The alternative is relying solely on coffee shops and your on-campus cafeteria, which isn’t too practical. Especially during Covid (and online classes), it’s nice not having to get out of your dorm to grab food 24/7.

Plus, if you have a fridge you’ll be able to cook some basic meals in your dorm and save money on food.

Recreate this dorm room:

5. Hang a Moon Wall Hanging

This is the cutest dorm room decoration and I can’t believe it’s so cheap.

This moon phase wall hanging is made from metal and will look super cute above your headboard.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas

6. Get a Dorm Room Chair

Okay, this is IMPORTANT. Most dorm rooms won’t have chairs in them, so unless you want to be sitting on your bed all day, I highly recommend getting one.

A papasan chair is a great option for when you just want to chill, but don’t want to be in your bed. It’s especially good for reading, watching a movie or just chilling with friends.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas boy

7. Add a Neon Sign On Your Nightstand

This is obviously not a necessity, but it will make a huge difference in your dorm room. Neon signs are my favorite dorm room ideas because they are super cheap but don’t look cheap at all.

Plus you can use it as a nightstand light.

Recreate this dorm room:

8. Use a Storage Ottoman

Living in a college dorm room is all about being the most practical you can, and finding stuff that has multiple uses is super helpful.

A storage ottoman is not only great for storage, but can also be used as a seat.

Recreate this idea:

dorm room ideas loft bed

9. Buy a Futon For Extra Seats

Another great idea is to buy a futon. I know often space is limited but you can make it work by lofting your bed.

A futon is going to be extremely useful whenever you have guests or you just want to chill with your roommate. Since you’re going to spend a lot of time in your dorm room, I recommend you make it as cozy as possible.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas loft bed

10. A Neon Sign On Your Wall

This is basically the same as a nightstand neon sign, but on your wall.

This is a great idea to save space and decorate your wall at the same time. Neon signs are very cheap so definitely keep an eye on them.

Recreate this idea:

11. Buy a Throw Blanket

Most campuses don’t provide heating in dorm rooms. That’s a major problem during winter, because dorm rooms tend to be super cold.

The first thing you should think about when moving into your dorm room is a throw blanket. This one from Amazon is super soft and fluffy and I can assure you you’ll be using it A LOT.

Recreate this idea:

11. Add a Nice Headboard

A headboard is not a super necessary thing but it’s a nice piece of decor to add to your room.

It definitely makes your dorm look more elegant and put together.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas girl

16. Create a Moodboard For Your Wall

You can create a moodboard with your favorite photos and items that resonate with your dorm room aesthetic.

It’s literally the cheapest thing to make and you can combine it with other elements like posters and neon signs.

Recreate this dorm room:

17. Hang Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights are one of my favorite dorm room ideas! During my time in college, I bought at least 3 packs of fairy lights for my dorm because they are super affordable.

They look super cute and it’s the most relaxing thing to turn them on at night before you go to sleep.

Recreate this idea:

18. Add Greenery!

This is a super popular decoration idea that will look super cute, especially if you combine it with twinkle lights. Urban Outfitters has so many options under $20 when it comes to greenery.

As I mentioned before, dorm room walls are completely empty, so small touches of green really make a huge difference. You don’t need to buy real plants if you don’t want to because artificial plants look just as good.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas for girls college

19. Hang a Small Mirror

Dorm rooms aren’t exactly equipped with a lot of furniture, so will have to bring your own mirror if you want to know how you look before leaving for school.

This may seem like a less important necessity, but it was a life-saver for me when I was in college. You never know how an outfit actually looks like until you see yourself in the mirror!

A wall mirror will save you a ton of space and it’s also a cute decoration.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room

20. Stick To a Dorm Room Aesthetic

Trust me, finding an aesthetic you like and sticking to it is going to make your life sooo much easier.

You can look for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram to find out what resonates more with your style. Do you like gold and pink? Are you more of a boho decor person? Once you realize what you like, any decision regarding decoration will be super easy to make.

Just in case you’re wondering (probs not), I’m in love with bohemian decor at the moment!

Recreate this dorm room:

21. Add A Tall Mirror

Wall mirrors are super helpful, but tall mirrors are definitely game-changers. With a tall mirror, you’ll be able to see your whole outfit (and also take a pic of it).

If you have the space, go for it!

Recreate this idea:

22. Get Cute Bedding

Bedding is also super important! Your bed takes most of the space, so that’s the first thing you see when you enter the room.

Make sure to get a cute bedding set. If you can find one that coordinates with the rest of your furniture and decorations, that’s a win-win!

Recreate this dorm room:

23. Play Around a Color Scheme

This is really similar to the aesthetic tip, but instead of sticking to an aesthetic (which can be a bit more confusing), you just need to choose a color (or a color palette).

Choose a color scheme you like and play around that with your furniture and decorations. If you do it well, you should be getting a perfectly combined dorm room!

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas

24. Create a Polaroid Wall Hanging

Polaroids are a HUGE trend right now! Combine them with string lights and you get a beautiful Polaroid wall hanging.

You can DIY it yourself if you’re feeling crafty, but lucky us Urban Outfitters has these super cute string lights with mod clips attached to them. All you need to worry about is taking the actual photos.

This is the cutest way of keeping your most important memories together where you can see them every day.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas for guys
dorm room ideas loft bed

25. Get Matching Pillows

I feel like pillows are highly underrated but they can actually change how your beed looks.

They are just as important as the bedding and it’s really easy to find cute pillows that coordinate with the rest of the room.

Recreate this dorm room:

26. Photo Frames and a Moon Mirror

This moon-shaped mirror is super cute so I had to include it!

This may not be the most practical mirror but it looks amazing in combination with other elements. Definitely, the aesthetic content we deserve! I love finding gems like these on Urban Outfitters.

Recreate this dorm room:

dorm room ideas

27. Hang Flowers On Your Wall

Let’s face it, when you move in your college dorm room it’s going to be blank and boring. If you want to transform it into something more visually appealing, you will have to add some touches of color.

You can hang a few artificial flowers on your wall or get a flower garland which is even easier.

Recreate this idea:

28. Get a Lap Desk

Lap desks are the best invention of all time. They are great for doing homework, watching a movie, or even eating, and you don’t have to move from your bed.

If you like to spend most of your time on your bed you NEED this. I used to work on my computer while sitting on my bed and it gave me the worst neck pain. This is one of the things I wish someone had told me to get when I was in college.

So get a lap desk, you’ll thank me later!

Recreate this idea:

29. Add Initial-Shaped Light

This initial-shaped light is not only one of the cutest dorm room ideas, but it will also give you an extra source of light.

Some dorm rooms have really bad lightning and small windows, so this will definitely come in handy.

Recreate this idea:

31. Use The Space Under Your Bed

As I mentioned before, dorm room life is all about making the most out of the tiniest bit of space. Ever inch counts, and so does the space under your bed.

You can use bins for your clothes and shoes, but you’ll need something bigger for your blankets and pillows. This is where woven baskets come in!

Woven baskets are the best thing in the world. I have one in my bedroom to store my throw blankets and bigger pillows that don’t fit in any of my drawers. They also don’t look like a «storage item» at all which is great because they’re more like a decoration that’s also useful.

Recreate this idea:

32. Add Macramé To Your Walls

Another decoration idea you can’t miss if you’re a fan of the bohemian aesthetic!

Macramé is super popular these days and looks so good combined with rusty colors and greenery.

Recreate this dorm room:

33. Add a Cate Rug

Dorm room floors aren’t particularly cute. Adding a cate rug to cover not only will give your dorm a pop of color, but it’s also easier to clean.

Recreate this idea:

dorm room ideas aesthetic

I hope you liked all these dorm room ideas!

dorm room ideas

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