Blogging Income Report: $832.41 in September 2020

It’s finally time for another blogging income report! This month I’ve been working so hard on the blog and I’m so happy to finally be able to show you the results.

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This is my first blogging income report after a really long time because I want to show you that it’s possible to make real money from a blog even as a full-time student.

I started this blog when I was still in college and now it’s making me almost $1k per month. I know, crazy!

If you’re thinking about starting your own blog, I created a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to start a blog in less than an hour. The exact same steps I followed when I started this blog. This post will help you:

  • Choose a niche for your blog
  • Show you how to get a website domain (with Bluehost)
  • Show you how to create a professional website

Why am I sharing my blogging income with you?

First of all, I’ll start by telling you a little about myself, in case you’re new here.

I’m a college graduate in Audiovisual Communication. I graduated in June 2020, but I started this blog in September 2018, when I was a sophomore in college. After looking at how much college cost and seeing the numbers go down every month, I knew I needed to make money ASAP.

I was paying for college completely on my own and I knew I needed to find something that made me money and could work around my college schedule. 

However, finding a job that made a lot of money and worked around my schedule was almost impossible. I went back home for the weekends and during the Summer/Winter break, so I needed to find something I could take with me.

One day I stumbled upon a blogging income report by a blogger ho was making $50,000 A MONTH from her blog!

As I kept researching, I found a lot of stay-at-home moms that were blogging full-time and making six figures a year from their websites.

I was sure that if these women were able to make it work while taking care of their kids, so could I while being a college student.

So I started a blog!

I was starting from scratch, but I was INCREDIBLY motivated to make my blog successful and finally being able to put my passion for photography and writing into something productive.

…and now here I am. Less than two years into blogging, I have more than $800 being deposited into my bank account just from money I made from my website.

I am writing this blogging income report so you can see that it’s possible to make money blogging! 

I’m not smarter or special, I’m just a regular college student that started a blog and worked hard to make it successful.

I know how motivational these income reports can be and I hope they can inspire you to start your own blog!

Proof of Income

Mediavine income
Amazon Associates income

September 2020 Blogging Income Report (+ Traffic)

Affiliate Income: $137.88

  • Amazon Associates: $96.84
  • RewardStyle: $41.04

Display Advertising (Mediavine): $694.53

Total: $832.41

Blogging Expenses

I don’t have any monthly expenses for this blog. The only expense I have for It’s Claudia G is my web hosting which I pay for annually.

I’m on a web hosting plan that costs $160 due to the fact that my website is getting much more traffic than when I started.

However, when you’re starting you DON’T need to spend all this money. You can get web hosting from Bluehost for just $3.95 a month.

This month was a bit different because I decided to take a blogging course because I think they are so important in growing your blog.

I see it as an investment because all the knowledge I get from blogging courses is going to help me grow my blog even more.

The course is called Perfecting Blogging by Sophia Lee and even though I just started, I’m already seeing changes in my traffic and affiliate sales. 

Sophia is a 23-year-old blogger that I’ve been following for a while and she makes $70,000 a MONTH from her blog, so she’s clearly quite an expert.

September 2020 Blogging Stats

September Traffic: 53,790 pageviews

Pinterest Followers: 22,647

Email List Subscribers: 744

So, How Did I Do It?

  • I focused on writing seasonal content 
  • I did keyword research for future blog posts
  • Started the Perfecting Blogging course by Sophia Lee

This month I mainly focused on creating new content for the blog. Last year my Halloween posts did really well and they have been gaining a lot of popularity this year as well.

This is why I wanted to write more posts on Halloween costumes and decor before October 31st.

Creating seasonal content is a great way to boost your traffic because there’s a lot of people searching for content about that festivity in particular. However, I know all this traffic will be gone by November 1st.

Here’s why keyword research is SO important. After Halloween and Christmas, I want to start focusing on home decor and college, so I’ve already started researching topics that I know people will be interested in.

This is one thing I learned from Sophia’s course: you need to write about topics you know there’s always going to be someone interested in.

People only search for Halloween costumes during September/October, but they search for home decor content all year round.

As a blogger, it’s highly important to keep learning as this is a fast-changing world. I just started implementing some of Sophia’s tips into my blogging strategy and I’m already seeing some results. 

I can’t wait to see how my blog grows and share it with you!

My Goals For October 2020

Start an editorial calendar. I want to be more organized with my blog and plan EVERYTHING. I’ve realized that I’m way more productive when I plan things and make to-do lists.

Earn $1000 in October from my website. This has been a long-term goal for so long and this month I’ve been so close to hitting it! Hopefully, I will in October.

Post at least once per week. Writing good quality posts takes a lot of time, but now that I’m done with college I can finally focus on the blog and upload posts consistently.

Come up with a new email opt-in. My current opt-in is a Bullet Journal kit which is doing great, but as I’ve said I want to focus on home decor and college. I need to create a new that will convert this type of audience into subscribers.

Do You Want To Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is, by far, the best decision I’ve ever made!

I can make money from the comfort of my dorm room and I love creating content that hundreds of people read every month.

You can read the step-by-step guide to start your own blog. It tells you the same exact steps I followed to start my blog.

Basically, it boils down to the following steps:

  • Decide what you want to blog about (choosing a niche/topic for your blog)
  • Choose a name for your blog
  • Get your website domain (your website name) on Bluehost. It only costs $3.95 a month.
  • Choose a WordPress theme and make your website look professional 

That was a lot of information about my blogging income report!

If you have any questions about it email me at I love to help anyone that wants to start (or already has) a blog.

Blogging income report September 2020. This is my blog income report for the month of September 2020.

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