10 Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Room Makeover

This post is all about boho bedroom decor ideas.

This quarantine has made me more mindful of the space I spend more time in: my bedroom. 

Doing classes online and spending most of my working time and free time in one single place has made me realize the importance of room decor and organization. 

Sometimes making a room makeover (or simply changing your pillowcases) can make you feel like a new person. A specific bedroom decor can also change your mood and put you in a more positive mindset.

Especially during these hard times when we spend most of our time in the same space, changing your bed sheets or getting a new rug can be a big improvement for your mental health.

I personally love boho bedroom decor and I’m planning to do a room makeover soon. This is why today I’m showing you 20 bohemian bedroom decor ideas and where you can get them!

10 Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas For A Room Makeover

1. Plants and Greenery

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

If you really want to create a bohemian space in your bedroom you should start with the basics: plants! Boho bedroom decor is all about nature, Earth, and connecting with your roots as a human being, so the best way to make that possible between your bedroom walls is by buying a bunch of plants.

If you live in a bright bedroom with big windows you can consider growing real plants. But if you don’t, there’s no problem! There’s a huge amount of fake plants that look just like the real ones and don’t involve sunlight or watering at all. Also, you don’t want to sleep with too many plants and night, because that would be bad for your health. 

You can find really inexpensive plants and cactus on Amazon for less than $20, so you can get a bunch of them and create a small green sanctuary in your bedroom.

Personally I love to have plants in my room because they make me feel connected with the outside world and it’s nice to have a little greenery around you when you literally work surrounded by technology. 

Whether you prefer real plants or fake ones, always make sure to choose cute plant pots for them. 

2. Fairy Lights and Neon

Fairy Lights

Source: bohemiantrend.com

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Fairy lights are the perfect touch for a boho bedroom. You can create the most relaxing space for less than $10. 

Just think about that moment when you start your night routine: you get your make up off, grab a book and turn on your fairy lights. It’s a perfect way to unwind and feel relaxed, and it will literally cost you nothing.

You can get the regular small fairy lights with a practically invisible wire, which is what I mostly love about them. Or you can opt for different shapes and sizes.

Neon Lights

Source: Unknown

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

If you want to get a bit fancier, you can add a neon light to your bedroom. Nowadays you can find neon lights for a really cheap price.

There are a lot of options and they all will also help to set a chill mood in your room, but this «love» neon light is my favorite!

You can get them in different colors and shapes.

3. Wood Furniture

Source: @deecampling

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Boho bedrooms are woody. It’s all about creating a natural space that it almost feels like it doesn’t belong to the house. This is why the primary material in your room should be wood.

You don’t need to change the whole furniture of your bedroom, but definitely add some wood shelves or a Papasan chair. I personally love my wood desk because it’s also a great background for my Bullet Journal photos.

Wood is a calming material because of its brown tones, this is why we always associate it with Fall, coziness, and a relaxed state of mind.

4. Macramé Wall Decor

Source: blackandblooms.com

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Wall decor is SO important in boho themed bedrooms. You should make sure none of your walls is completely blank and always try to fill it with something that makes you feel good.

Bohemian lifestyle is all about creativity and feeling inspired by your surroundings, so think of your bedroom as your comfort zone where you allow yourself to unleash your creativity and rest from the outside world.

Macramé is used to create beautiful wall pieces that match wood furniture perfectly. You can buy a handmade piece that will be unique and support small businesses on Etsy, which is the option I always try to go for.

5. Tapestries for Wall Decor

Source: amara.com

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Tapestries are similar to macramé because they’re also a decorative piece you can hang on your wall. Other than that, there are many differences between them!

For example, while macramé is knitted, tapestries use graphic designs and therefore there’s a lot more variety. It’s like hanging a drawing on your wall, except it’s printed on cloth. We’re all about zero waste here! 

The best thing about tapestries is there are a lot of cool designs to choose from and you can easily fold them and keep them in the drawer. 

Some tapestries try to simulate natural spaces to create that outdoorsy mood, which is great to get in the boho bedroom mood. But there are also tapestries with mandalas and Sun and Moon designs in warm tones.

6. Moon Phase Wall Decor

Source: theeverygirl.com

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

If you’re looking to create the perfect bohemian bedroom you should consider all things related to the stars and the cosmos.

The Moon is a sign of purity that’s used for restoring our energies. If there’s an empty spot on your bedroom and want to add a little decorative piece definitely get a moon phase wall hanging. It’s a really elegant and classy piece that will match the rest of your boho themed decor.

7. Cute Pillows and Candles

Source: @rightfootcreatives.com

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Small decorative bits here and there will help you complete your bedroom makeover. You don’t want to go crazy with them, but definitely add a few pillows on your bed to make it pop up.

Macramé is pretty much a boho staple so make sure to get really colorful macramé pillows if you can.

Candles are also very important. They’re not only a beautiful decorative piece but also a nice way to give your bedroom an earthy natural scent. Make sure your candles are scented when you buy them and every time you light them up it’ll feel like Heaven!

8. Record Players and Vinyls

Source: Unknown

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

Bohemian bedroom decor is all about vintage decor and reusing what you already have. If your parents already own a record player you can use that! But if you don’t, there’s plenty of options online. My favorite ones are from Urban Outfitters because they have the cutest designs.

Listening to some vinyls is a great way to wake up in the morning. The sound of it is just so real and it instantly puts you in a good mood! Most artists also make vinyl versions of their albums, so don’t worry if you don’t like old music. You can probably find your favorite singer’s vinyl album on Amazon!

I recently bought Andromeda by Weyes Blood and I can’t stop playing it, but I also love to play Normal F*cking Rockwell by Lana del Rey while I’m working.

9. Floral Duvets

Source: Unknown

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

dorm room organization

Duvets are a huge part of your bedroom decor because they are the first thing to set your attention when you enter the room. 

Whether your duvets blend or not with the rest of the room, it can affect the whole vibe of it. To create the perfect bohemian bedroom decor floral duvets and warm tones are your best friend. 

10. Big Rugs

Source: Unknown

Recreate this boho bedroom decor:

A rug will make a huge difference in your bedroom, especially if it’s a big one. If the rest of your bedroom has neutral colors, now it’s your chance to add a bit of color and brighten up space.

This multicolored rug will give the bedroom the vintage look we’re looking for, and overall it will help you create a comfier space where you can take your shoes off, listen to some music and just relax after a long day. 

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