The Best Bullet Journal Ideas for March You Can Copy

Setting my bullet journal is my main priority at the start of each month. But before that, I make sure to look for bullet journal ideas to get some inspiration.

While I find most of these bujo ideas on Pinterest, Instagram is also a great place to find beautiful bullet journal accounts. 

Some of my favorites are @letteringwithleni and @journalbeanie. 

If you haven’t started a bullet journal yet, I highly encourage you to do it. For me, it’s the best way to stay organized and keep track of everything important. I keep track of my expenses, my workouts and even the movies I watch!

If you don’t know where to get started, here are some bullet journal ideas for March you can copy.


Turns out starting a bullet journal is way easier than what you expect. 

Before starting my own bullet journal, I spent several months scrolling through bullet journal Instagram accounts telling me that I needed a $30 journal and a $50 worth pack of markers if I wanted to start a bullet journal. But you can actually do the same for a lot less!

If you’re just starting out on your BuJo journey, you don’t need to spend hundreds of money on professional tools as a lot of established bullet journals recommend you. Instead, I got more affordable options that do exactly the same:

Journal – I use this bullet journal I got for a really inexpensive price on Amazon. The pages are dotted, which makes it easier to draw straight lines and perfect squares. It has been designed exclusively for bullet journaling as you can see on the front cover. On the first page, it has a blank space led by “This bullet journal belongs to” that you can fill in with your name. I think this is so cool because it reminds me of the old vintage journals.

Pens – I use the Pigma Micron black finalizers for writing titles and lines. These are a bit more expensive than usual, but you can get a pack of 6 for a really good price on Amazon. Each one has a different size, so you can do everything with them and you won’t need to purchase any other pens. When bullet journaling, pens are probably the thing that you’re going to use the most, so investing in good ones from the beginning is a great idea. 

Markers – I personally prefer minimalist bullet journals with clean spreads, so I’m not a big fan of markers. However, I add small touches of color here and there and I do it with my favorite pastel markers. If you like decorating your bullet journal with a lot of colors I highly recommend investing in a pack of good quality markers. 

Gold pen – on special occasions I’ll use this metallic gold pen. I only have one so I don’t really want to waste it writing everything in gold ink. It looks beautiful when combined with the Pigma Micron pens! This is definitely a good investment and I wouldn’t change it for anything. 

Washi tape & stickers – I use washi tape to fill blank spaces where I don’t know what to write or draw and as an underlay for text. I also use mini sticker stars to mark the most important things about my daily to-do lists. For example, if writing a post is something I must do on Monday no matter what, I’ll add a star to remind myself later.

22 Bullet Journal Ideas for March

Movies I’ve Watched

Movie trackers are my favorite kind of bullet journal spreads. I love keeping track of all the movies I watch during the year!


Moon Phases Calendar

Source: @paperlemons

You can use a regular calendar to track the moon phases, or you can take advantage of your bullet journal and create your own. I highly recommend the second option!

This moon phase calendar by @paperlemons is so beautiful and easy to make.


Packing List

If you are deciding what to add to your next bullet journal monthly setup, a packing list is a «must».

Whether you’re packing for college or for a trip with your friends, a packing list will help you to stay organized and don’t forget anything!


Colorful Shapes Weekly Spread

The best way to start a new month is by creating a beautiful weekly spread on your bullet journal. I love the vibrant colors in this one by @letteringwithleni. She’s my favorite bujo Instagrammer!


Squares and Small Flowers Weekly Spread

Bullet Journal Flowers Spread
Source: @amizaomar

Just in case you love original weekly spreads as much as I do, here’s another beautiful layout for your week.

March is the month when so many trees and flowers start blooming, so why not including some nature in your bullet journal?


Ethereal Bullet Journal Weekly Setup

This weekly layout with small planets and stars is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. I love the simplicity of it and how clean it looks!


Moon Jar & Habit and Mood Trackers

Journal Mood Trackers
Source: @bouf_art

One of the things I like to do with my bullet journal is to use it as a sketchbook too.

Sometimes if I feel like making a small illustration or drawing some doodles, I’ll just grab my bullet journal and do it. This beautiful jar with the universe in it is so original and beautiful!


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Bullet Journal Moon Phases Tracker

Moon related spreads are really trendy right now. And you can see why just by looking at them: they’re insanely cute. This layout illustrates the different moon phases with brush pens.


Habits Tracker & To-Do List

One of the main reasons why I started my bullet journal is so I could have all my to-do lists and trackers in one place.

For the next month, I’m definitely trying this beautiful habit tracker and to-do list.


Headers Inspiration Page

Source: @dulcetbujo

You can also use your bullet journal to experiment and try new header styles. It’s always nice to test new things and come with original ideas for your next spreads.

Plant Pots Weekly Spread

Aren’t these plant pots the cutest? Drawing stuff like flowers and plants instantly adds a pop of color into your bullet journal!

March Bullet Journal Cover 

I know. I’m a bit obsessed with nature, but March is definitely the best time to start fresh with a beautiful cover like this full of color and cute doodles!


Shelves Mood Tracker

Here are more plants for your March layouts! This one is a mood tracker that uses home decor to track how you’re feeling. I’ve never seen a more unique idea!


Sleep Log Bujo Spread 

If you have a hard time tracking your sleep, this sleep log will help you detect any unusual patterns in your sleep and hopefully help you fix them.

Since I’ve been struggling with my sleep lately, I’ll definitely be adding this sleep tracker in my next bullet journal monthly set up.


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Healthy Habits Tracker

Are you planning to add more workouts and healthy meals into your daily routine in March? This healthy habits tracker is a great way to motivate you and make these changes happen!


Monthly Water Tracker

Journal Water Tracker
Source: Pinterest

Drink more water! Everyone seems to know it but really, how many of us actually drink all the water we need?

Maybe this bujo layout will help us reach our goal.

Bullet Journal Study Tracker

It’s March so it means finals are coming. Why not start studying in advance and be prepared for when they come?

This study tracker is really easy to make and will boost your motivation!


Ideal Daily Routine Spread

I’m trying to incorporate healthier habits in 2020 and daily routine spreads are one of the reasons I’m still sticking to them.

Adding beautiful spreads like this with all your daily morning habits will make waking up early suck a bit less. Then you can put it in your tracker and feel proud!

Bujo Self Care Menu 

Bullet Journal Self Care Menu
Source: Miss Louie

This is a self-care menu to remind yourself of all the little things that make you feel good. Whenever you feel like you’re struggling, just go back to it and try one of these self-love treats.

Also, look at all the cute doodles!

Illustrated Exercise Tracker 

Illustrated Exercise Tracker
Source: Anja Home

Another great way to get motivated to start exercising is by tracking your workouts. Filling this spread will definitely get your body moving!

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Having a period tracker is highly important for me. I’m a mess when it comes to remembering dates so this is a must in all my bullet journal weekly setups.


Semester Class Schedule

Last but not least: a semester class schedule to stay organized at school. Organization is the base of success, and this is a perfect schedule to stay on track of your classes.


Bujo Ideas for March

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