22 Best Christmas Tree Ideas for 2022

Looking for original Christmas tree ideas for this year? This post is all about the best Christmas tree ideas you can recreate!

Looking for Christmas tree ideas is the best way to start the holiday season. 

The whole process of getting ready for Christmas is so exciting, and so is looking for Christmas tree ideas each year. I start looking for ideas on Pinterest probably a month ago before Christmas. So by the end of November, I’ve already selected a few (too many) ideas I want to recreate in my own home.

My problem is that I always go crazy about it and choose the most insane and original ideas like, for example, a cactus Christmas tree. Please, don’t be like me 馃檪

You don鈥檛 need to buy a new Christmas tree or new ornaments every year, but you can keep adding a few new pieces here and there each year to grow your collection.

Whether you prefer a traditional tree or want to try something different, here are the best Christmas tree ideas for every home!

22 Christmas Tree Ideas for 2020

1. Classic and Preppy

Source: Pinterest

If you prefer traditional Christmas tree ideas, this one is for you.

You can add small pink and white accents if you love a preppy style, rather than minimal and simple.

Recreate this tree:

2. The Small Apartment Tree

@homeyohmy on Instagram

This Christmas tree is a bit smaller, but it’s still big enough to fill the space.

You want to consider buying one like this if you live in a small apartment, so you don’t take up too much space.

Also, make sure to not over-decorate it and keep things pretty minimal. Small gold accents combined with green will look amazing!

Recreate this tree:

3. Minimalist and Unique

Source: Love Grows Wild

This is perfect for the people who don’t want to go too far with their Christmas tree.

You don’t need more than three different types of ornaments to decorate this tree. If you want to make it look put together and cute, remember that less is more!

Recreate this tree:

4. The Fun Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

This Christmas tree is for the ones who give EVERYTHING when it comes to Christmas decorations.

You can have fun while decorating it and throw in every ornament you like.

Remember the hat on the top, it has major Alice in Wonderland vibes!

Recreate this tree:

5. Elegant and Gold

Source: Pinterest

This tree is very feminine and chic.

The branches have this snow effect, hence why it looks so good with silver and pink accents. If your living room has white walls, this will look so elegant in it.

Recreate this tree:

6. Modern and Cozy

This one is also very simple and minimal.

The fun part about this Christmas tree is the beautiful rug under it. You can get this one from Amazon for very cheap and it changes the whole game!

Recreate this tree:

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7. The Huge Christmas Tree

Go big or go home!

Well, everybody is going home for Christmas so you better get a big tree for this year.

I love how amazing this Christmas tree looks with all the different ornaments in gold and blue. It’s such an original combination.

Recreate this tree:

8. Classic Red

Source: Pinterest

Red is the official color for Christmas so you can never go wrong with it.

Red and gold are such cozy colors for a Christmas tree and it will look great no matter what part of the house you place it in.

If you choose to decorate your tree using one single color, my tip is that you choose a big shining star at the top that will make it pop.

Recreate this tree:

9. The Grinch

If you dare to go for something different this year, please try this Grinch Christmas tree.

Oh, and don’t forget to send me a picture!

This one is perfect if you have kids and want to make something fun for them.

Recreate this tree:

10. Gingerbread Tree

Source: Collage Cab

Choosing a theme to decorate your tree is a really great idea.

It helps you to picture in your mind what kind of tree and ornaments you need exactly to create it.

In the end, you end up with a really original Christmas tree no one else has!

Recreate this tree:

11. North Pole Tree

Source: Pinterest

If I had to choose one theme for my tree, this would be it!

This North Pole Christmas tree is very unique and I’ve never seen anything like it. You can get most of the ornaments from Amazon which is amazing.

Recreate this tree:

12. The Snowman

Source: Pinterest

Here’s another idea that will blow your mind.

It never snows where I live, so this is probably the closer I’ll get to making a snowman.

Recreate this tree:

13. Small Kitchen Tree

Source: re-fabbed.com

Big Christmas tree ideas can be very expensive. Maybe you want to create something unique but you don’t have the budget. I’ve been there, I get it.

But this shouldn’t be a reason to not get a cute tree anyway. Here’s an original way to create a beautiful tree without breaking the bank.

Recreate this tree:

14. The Orange Tree

From all the Christmas tree ideas I’ve seen (and that’s hundreds of them) this is by far my favorite one.

I love that it looks really natural and organic with the orange garlands. You can DIY them yourself at home, or you can get these ones from Amazon for cheap.

Recreate this tree:

15. Lights and Fireplaces

Source: Pinterest

If your living room has a fireplace, definitely use it! There’s nothing cozier than a Christmas tree next to a fireplace.

This one has red and silver ornaments that match the presents wrapping paper. Such a great idea.

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16. Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

This tree reminds me of a fairy tale. It has princess vibes.

The original touch in this tree is that they use big roses as ornaments combined with fairy lights to give it this fantasy look.

17. Merry Christmas Tree

If you’re not really into decorating your Christmas tree with a lot of ornaments, you can try going for something more simple like a garland.

This one says 芦Marry Christmas禄 and you can find it for cheap on Amazon.

Recreate this tree:

18. Flocked Tree

Flocked trees are such a great idea because the snow already comes with the tree. You’ll avoid having to spray paint it yourself.

Flocked trees are already 芦decorated禄 so you want to keep things clean and not oversaturate it with ornaments.

19. Cactus Christmas Tree

Source: Hey Wanderer

Recreate this Christmas tree idea:

OMG the cactus tree! This is the most original idea ever.

Again, please send me a picture if you try this one. I thought they didn’t sell this kind of Christmas tree, but then I found this one on Amazon that looks really similar!

Recreate this tree:

20. Cascading Lights

Source: Art and Home

This is the most elegant tree I’ve ever seen. They use icicle lights to create this beautiful snow falling effect.

Good news: you can find these Christmas lights on Amazon for less than $20 here.

Recreate this tree:

21. Village Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

This may take a bit more time to recreate, but it’s %100 worth the effort. Look at all the details in this Christmas tree.

This is definitely the tree I wish I had as a kid.

Recreate this tree:

22. Santa Clause Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest

This is the perfect definition of cute without being trashy.

I love seeing Christmas tree ideas that are really put together like this one, but they are still minimalistic and elegant.

Recreate this tree:

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