20 Insanely Good Best Friend Gifts They’ll Love

Are you wondering what the perfect best friend gifts for this year? We made a list of the best 20 gifts your best friend will love.

best friend gifts

Deciding on best friend gifts to give this year is not an easy task.

Sometimes it can be really hard to know exactly what somebody wants as a Christmas or Birthday gift, even your best friend. 

You might find yourself wondering: will she laugh because she doesn’t like it? Will she just use it once and then throw it away?

Best friends are never easy to shop for because you want to find the perfect gift for them! This post will give you 20 insanely good best friends gifts to buy your closest friend.

This post is all about best friend gifts.

Most Popular Best Friend Gifts for This Year


The classic Converse sneakers will never be out of style. They have become a basic staple in the closets of most young girls.

If your best friend hasn’t got a pair of Converse already, you should definitely consider giving one to them as a gift.


If your best friend likes blasting out to music when they are in the shower, they’ll love this waterproof speaker. This is also a portable and wireless speaker, so you can also use it to play some music whenever you go to her house.


Airpods are one of the most popular Christmas gifts right now. And you don’t need to get break your bank account in order to make your best friend happy.

Gifts for best friends don’t have to be super expensive, so don’t worry if you can’t afford the originals from Apple. Amazon has multiple price options for the original Apple AirPods.

Coordinate Necklaces

Matching necklaces are a CLASSIC but they will never grow old. There’s something magical in wearing matching jewelry or items with your best friend. It will always be something only both of you have and it will create a unique and special bond between you two.

Funny Slippers

This is the perfect gift to make during the cold season because at some point everyone needs a new pair of slippers. You can choose your best friend’s favorite character and gift them a pair of funny slippers for this Christmas.

Air Diffuser

Sometimes all you need after a long day is to come back home and relax. If your best friend is into nighttime routines, they’ll love this air diffuser. It’s the perfect way to unwind while you listen to your favorite peaceful music.

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable bottles are so popular right now because 1) they are so useful and cute and 2) they help save the planet by reducing our plastic waste. The best thing is they keep water cold for DAYS.

Sports Bra

This gift is perfect for someone who’s into fitness and healthy habits. Tops are a great option for working out, they are incredibly cute and make you feel comfy while smashing those abs.

Apple Watch

This is another really popular item among young people. An Apple Watch helps you stay organized and it is also a great tool to track your fitness and sleep patterns.

This is a bigger gift, but since it has the best quality it’s definitely worth the investment.

Portable Charger

This gift may seem a bit simple, but you’d be surprised at how many people actually need a portable charger!

We’re always on the go and we tend to forget to charge our phones. A portable charger is a really helpful and useful item that you can easily fit in a backpack or purse.

Face Masks

Want to have a spa day with your best friend but none of you can afford it? Just get some face masks, put on some relaxing music and create your own spa day!

Face masks are the perfect best friend gifts for the friend that needs to relax.

Personalized Makeup Bag


This is the perfect gift for the makeup guru best friend. Having a customized makeup bag will make sure their stuff doesn’t get lost.

Adulting Books

If you’re going to college soon, there is nothing better than a book that will teach you all the tricks about adulting and how to be successful at it.

I read Almost Adulting by Arden Rose when I was 19 and it helped A LOT. It made me realize that, after all, I wasn’t the only one struggling with making phone calls.

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Gym Bag

This gift is for the fitness addict. She follows every fitness account on Instagram and never misses a workout. She’ll love this gym bag.

A Nice Watch

Everyone should own a nice watch for special occasions. If your best friend doesn’t have one yet, this is the perfect time to get it for her/him!

Electronics Charging Station

This is one of the most useful and curious things on this list. Why have a million chargers when you can just have everything in one single place.

I love buying useful best friend gifts because I know they’ll actually use them, and for me that’s well-spent money.

Sushi Kit

Sushi is life. Don’t you think? If your friend is a sushi lover, you can try preparing it yourselves at home with this amazing sushi kit.

A Cute Phone Case

This may seem like a lame present, but everyone likes to have multiple phone cases so they can keep changing them.

If none of the other options works for you, maybe you should try buying them a phone case! 

An Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow to help grow your friend’s makeup collection is always a good idea. Plus you can ask them to try it on yourself, so it’s a win-win situation!

Embroidery Starter Pack

Embroidery is really on trend right now! It’s a really cool way of customizing your t-shirts and making unique designs. This one from Amazon is really cheap and perfect for beginners.

best friend gifts

This post was all about best friend gifts.

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