How To Start A Fitness Routine In College

How To Start A Fitness Routine In College

To whoever said starting a fitness routine in college wasn’t possible was completely wrong.

Sure, as a college student your schedule will be a bit tighter. Your day will consist of lectures, study group sessions, club parties and tons of work. But this doesn’t mean you should completely erase fitness from your daily routine.

I have found that, for me, fitness is a huge lifesaver. Whenever college gets too stressful (which is basically all the time) exercising helps me to deal with it. Working out has become my “me time” and the perfect way to distress after a long day.

How To Start A Fitness Routine in College


First of all, set a realistic workout plan that fits your daily schedule. You don’t want to set a fitness routine without a workout plan that’s sustainable (suitable) for you! 

Starting something that you can’t maintain in a long-term period will lead to frustration and probably quitting.

So make sure to sit down before you start training and set a workout plan you know you will be able to follow. This will make it easier for you to accomplish your goals and will motivate you to push yourself more!


Obviously, you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym on the first day. You shouldn’t either give everything till you bust out one day and then don’t go back to the gym in 2 weeks.

This is a bad habit a lot of people have, and it’s unhealthy and useless.

Fitness is all about perseverance. You need to know this is a long-term relationship, hence why you don’t want to rush things. Start slow, start at your own pace and keep going.

Sometimes you’ll be super motivated while other times it will be hard to hit the gym, and this is okay. Great things will come as long as you keep being constant and disciplined.


It’s so important to track your progress when you start a fitness routine because when you start you won’t be able to see a big physical change.

Nevertheless, you will probably feel a lot better both physically and mentally. This is where tracking your progress will help you. Small steps are also progress and they will lead to a bigger change.

Writing down your mood before and after working out will help you to stay motivated even when you don’t feel like going to the gym. You can use your bullet journal to track your workouts, or you can get a fitness journal.

You can also download a fitness app on your phone which is even more practical and quick. Apps like My fitness pal allow tracking your food and exercise sessions.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself is usually inevitable, especially in the social media era we are living in. We are constantly pushed to compare ourselves to people we don’t even know, even though we know it won’t do any good to us. I guess it’s human nature.

So here are a few tips and reminders for when you feel tempted to compare yourself, especially to the fitness gurus on Instagram:

  • This person has been doing this for years. You just got started! She/he was in the same position you are right now when they started.
  • Everyone’s path is different. Doing things at your own pace doesn’t mean you won’t get there.
  • This is not a competition. The only person you’re competing against is yourself. Fitness is all about improving yourself and creating a better lifestyle for YOU. Remember who you’re doing this for.
  • No one is judging you. Actually, everyone has gone through the process of starting something. Even those lean people you see on Instagram, they weren’t born like that!

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Blocking out the same time slots to workout during the week will help you stay consistent with your fitness routine.

I try to workout every day at 7 pm. When I workout in the morning, I always do it at 11 am. This blocking out system helps me to set my mind on a workout mood. Otherwise, I would probably find an excuse to avoid it.

I have found that this strategy is the best way for me to integrate new habits into my daily routine. 


I like wearing cute sportswear when I workout. It makes me feel more productive and motivated to smash my reps.

It doesn’t need to be the fanciest gear though. Just a cute sports bra and a pair of black leggings will work. I prefer to purchase good quality gear that I know will last me long.

If you’re looking for high compression sportswear that will last for years, I highly recommend you Girlfriend Collective.

They are a sustainable and ethical brand that sells sportswear made from recycled fishing nets, and they have options for all types of bodies. 

I’m obsessed with the Topanga Bra. It’s way cheaper than most Nike sports bras and has better quality. Plus you are helping the planet which is pretty cool!

For my shoes, I wear my regular Adidas runners. I’ve had them for YEARS and they are still in perfect condition.


There’s nothing better than a motivating workout playlist to get ready for the gym!

I have divided my playlist into 3 sections: pre-workout, workout, and post-workout. Each section is filled with songs according to my mood before, during and after my workout.

I use Amazon Prime Music to create my playlists since it allows me to listen to my favorite music even when I don’t have an Internet connection. And now they give a free 6-month subscription for students which is the BEST if you’re a broke student like me.


Working out can be a fun activity to do with a friend -or friends. Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be a solo thing!

If you don’t feel motivated to exercise on your own, having a friend who does it with you might help to push yourself and go get your workout done. 

Also, it’s great to have someone that gives you moral support and has similar struggles as you. 

You can use exercise to build a stronger relationship with your friends and get to know them a little bit better.

Going to public places like the gym or the park to do your workouts can also lead to new friendships and connections, so it’s a win-win situation!

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Fit in College

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