25 Easy & Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples


If you’re on a budget, but still want to wear the most original Halloween couple costume of the party, you’ve come to the right place!

This post is all about the best Halloween costumes for couples. And the best thing is you don’t need to break the bank to get them.

These costumes will be so fun to recreate with your date and they’re totally affordable (we all know Halloween costumes can be really expensive). You can easily put them together with just a few items and they will leave you and your date with something to talk about for years!

If you want to get your Halloween costume for a lot less this year, I highly recommend taking a look at these ideas. You can get everything on Amazon and they always have the most affordable options. Shipping never takes more than 2 days, which comes in handy when you need to buy something last-minute.

25 Best Halloween Couple Costume Ideas

1. Delivery Boy and Pizza Slice

Create this costume:

This costume is so fun and easy to make. It’s perfect for all the pizza lovers out there. I mean, who wouldn’t like to dress up as a pizza slice? It makes me hungry just seeing it.

2. Bonnie and Clyde

Create this costume:

If you want to be the coolest couple at the party, you and your date should dress up as Bonnie and Clyde. They’re both mysterious and bold. Such an iconic couple!

3. Elvira Hancock and Tony Montana from Scarface

Create this costume:

This costume is so simple to recreate and you’ll definitely impress everyone. Who wants to win the trophy for the best costume?

4. Eleven and Dustin from Stranger Things

Create this costume:

Stranger Things is one of the most popular shows of the moment. You’ll look adorable in this Eleven and Dustin costume and everyone will love it. This costume for couples is a must in 2019!

5. Couple of Bandits

Source: sayyes.com

Create this costume:

Classics never grow old. If you’re looking for a costume that’s as easy as practical, then you should go as bandits. This couple costume always works!

6. Football Players

Create this costume:

This is the most «last-minute» costume ever. You can put it up with just a few items, and most of them you’ll probably have at home already. So fast but so effective. This costume is perfect if you want to coordinate your looks. 

7. Moonrise Kingdom Characters

Create this costume:

Moonrise Kingdom characters are so cute and adorable. Plus, this is one of the most iconic movies by Wes Anderson. You can’t go wrong with this costume!

8. Alien and NASA Astronaut

Create this costume:

This is the classic alien costume but you can spice things up by coordinating with your date as a NASA astronaut. So original and unique.

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9. Daphne and Vilma from Scooby Doo

Source: Instagram

Create this costume:

This costume will be a throwback to your childhood. Daphne and Vilma always wear really funky and colorful clothes, and they have a bunch of outfits you can choose from! Don’t be scared to play with colors and you’ll be the most original couple.

10. Cher and Dione from the 90s Movie Clueless

Create this costume:

Definitely the most iconic duo from the 90s. Is anyone out there who doesn’t love Cher and Dione? I mean, look at their clothes! By dressing up like them, you will not only wear the coolest costume of the party, but you’ll also look divine!

11. Forest Gump and Jenny

Create this costume:

Forest Gump and Jenny are one of the most adorable couples in cinema. If you want to show how in love you and your date are, just dress up like them. Their costumes are also pretty easy to create!

12. Barbie and Ken

Create this costume:

With these costumes, you’ll feel like you’re in an 80s movie. Barbie and Ken’s outfits aren’t subtle at all, so if you’re looking for something a bit bolder, this is for you. You won’t go unnoticed!

This is by far my favorite Halloween couple costume.

13. Netflix and Chill Costume

Create this costume:

If you’re looking for a simpler option but still want to get creative, these are the perfect costumes for you. You will give all your friends a good laugh!

14. Riverdale

Create this costume:

Jughead and Betty’s looks are so easy to copy but so representative of the characters at the same time. You just need to see that pink sweater and automatically think of Lili Reinhart’s character! This is such a cute costume for couples and everyone who has seen the show will love it.

15. Aliens

Create this costume:

Normal clothes can get a bit boring, so why not give it all on Halloween? This alien couple costume can be perfect for friends or couples. If you still don’t know what you’re going to be this Halloween, just dress up like an alien! You have literally all the freedom in the world so get creative. Because I mean, has anyone ever seen a real alien? Just use your imagination!

16. Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Create this costume:

You can also get inspired by classic tales to choose your Halloween costume. Of course, you can never go wrong with Little Red Riding and the wolf. You can make it look more interesting with some makeup for the boy and fake blood on a white t-shirt. For the girl, just go with the classic outfit but make it a bit sexier with a short skirt and a crop top.

17. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Create this costume:

This is THE Halloween couple costume. Is there a sexier couple than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as Mr. and Mrs. Smith? I love the movie and all their outfits. You can be them for one night with just a few items, the looks are so easy to recreate!

18. Scarecrow

Create this costume:

This is so cute and you only need a flannel and an overall. Two things pretty much everyone owns. You can get the boots in a secondhand store and add some makeup.

19. Lilo and Stitch

Create this costume:

I can’t get over how cute this couple is! Lilo and Stitch just couldn’t live without each other. The costume is super easy and cheap to get.

20. Jackie and JFK

Create this costume:

This is such an iconic couple with a really characteristic look. I personally love Jackie’s outfits and her classy style.

21. Sandy and Danny Zuko from Grease

Create this costume:

A classic that will never grow old. Grease will forever be one of my favorite romances. I know this has been done a lot but I just love this couple.

22. Morticia and Gomez Addams

Source: @sophieturner

Create this costume:

I watch these movies every year when Halloween comes. We all know Wednesday Addams is such a Halloween icon, but what do you tell me about these two?

Aren’t they the cutest (and spookiest) couple?

23. Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairy Odd Parents

Create this costume:

If you grew up watching The Fairy Odd Parents (like most 90s kids) you’ll love this costume! This is so cheap to make and you can DIY most of the items.

24. Aaron Samuels and Regina George

Create this costume:

I know, I know. I love TV and movie couples. It’s always so cool to be your favorite character for one night, and this couple from Mean Girls is definitely one of my favorites. And yes, you can get the Burnbook on Amazon!

You just can’t go wrong with this Halloween couple costume!

«Your hair looks sexy pushed back!»

25. Boo and Sulley

Create this costume:

Another iconic duo from our childhood: Boo and Sulley! Who didn’t love Monsters, Incorporated as a kid?

The costume is so simple and you probably already own most of the things.


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