In the last few months, I’ve become more and more interested in our impact in the world as humans and its consequences. And I have to say: my emotions are quite contradictory. On one hand, it’s sad to see that our bad lifestyles and misbehaviour have led to the destruction of our planet and the killing of a lot of innocent animals. On the other hand, though, I feel hopeful thanks to the huge amount of people that are trying to make a change and save the planet.

I can proudly admit that I am becoming one of those humans. I haven’t eaten meat in a year (and I definitely won’t do it again), I’ve reduced my dairy intake (I don’t purchase milk anymore) and I’ve cut my plastic use as much as possible, among other little changes towards an ecofriendly lifestyle.

But still, there’s a part of sustainable living that I seem to struggle a bit more with: ethical & sustainable fashion shopping. Not because I love fast fashion brands (which is not the case at all), but because it’s hard for me to shop sustainable clothes where I live. Second hand markets and thrift stores aren’t really a thing here, which makes it harder to buy sustainable fashion on a budget.

We have become accustomed to buying piles of clothing at really cheap prices without really thinking about the waste and enviromental pollution that this is generates. Ethically and enviromentally speaking, fast fashion has a greater cost than the money we’re actually paying for it.

For this reasons and many more, it makes sense, both financially and ethically, to look for more eco-friendly and long lasting options the next time you have to purchase new clothes. In this post I share with you my favorite 10 sustainable and ethical fashion brands for every budget.

10 Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands for Every Budget

EVERLANE ($-$$$)

Everlane stands out for their transparent pricing. They tell you the true cost of every item on their website and compare the final price to other retailers’ average traditional pricing. In fact, “radically transparent” is their mantra. 

This sustainable and ethical fashion brand produces hight quality pieces in ethical factories that are made to last longer than fast fashion items. They offer a wide range of basics and classic pieces at fair prices.

Cool fact: if you live in the U.S. you get free shipping on your first order.


They offer everyday clothing made with organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles and low-impact dyes. They use biodegradable mailer bags to reduce packaging and distribution waste and are a member of the Fashion Revolution that fights for fashion workers’ rights.

Alternative Apparel has proved that sustainable and ethical fashion brands are more than just plain basic t-shirts. You can also find stylish and fun pieces to play with. For example, this long cotton dress that could be perfect for a music festival!

If you check the “sale” section on their website, you’ll find really cool bargains up to a 50% off of the original price.

Cool fact: students receive a 20% off on every purchase. There is free standard shipping & free returns for U.S. residents.

KOTN ($-$$)

Kotn is a conscious label that makes quality essentials. A cool thing about this sustainable and ethical brand is that they work directly with farms to source their Giza Egyptian cotton and ensure all employees are paid fairly and equally.

They also work with a local NGO to provide every child in their farming communities with safe, quality education. So with your purchase, you’re helping to fund school infrastructures and all kind of school needs like laptops, science labs, water and electricity and more.

Cool fact: you get 10% off your first order.


Tees for Bees is a really cool t-shirt brand funded by young entrepreneur Kelly, who lives as a nomad. Her purpose is to create buzz about saving the bees with “some funky tee shirts” and raise awareness about this important issue. 

They donate 10% of their profits to Bee City to support bee conservancy. All the tees are made with 100% natural cotton and ethically made.

Cool fact: they are always looking for ambassadors to spread the word. You can also download free stickers from their website to put them on your laptop, mirror or wherever works to bring the cause to the people.


As its own name states, Bamboo Clothing is a sustainable fashion brand that produces clothing made from bamboo. Bamboo is super soft and 3 times more absorbent than cotton. It’s also good for people with skin allergies, since it’s anti-static and sits well with every skin.

If that wasn’t enough, bamboo is a highly sustainable plant and 100% biodegradable, so it’s totally worth the try!

Bamboo Clothing also stands for ethical working. Everyone is treated fairly and responsibly, from the factory worker to the customer, since they believe every suggestion matters in order to keep improving.

Cool fact: you get 10% off when you sign up to their newsletter. UK deliveries are free on orders over £70. You can also refer your friends and give them 15% off their first order (in return, you’ll get a free pair of socks and £10off your next order over £50!)


Girlfriend Collective is a brand dedicated to ethical sports and activewear clothing. Their products are 100% sustainable, since they are made from recycled plastic found in the oceans or collected along shorelines and beaches. For example: a total amount of 25 water bottles has been needed to produce one of their compressive high-rise leggings. With this, not only a lot of waste has been reduced, but also 18.61 lbs of CO2 have been prevented and 3.11 gallons of water saved.

On their website, they tell you the impact of each garment. Since their inception, they’ve been able to divert six million plastic water bottles from landfills. So by purchasing at Girlfriend Collective, you’ll be saving the planet and getting a stylish and comfortable outfit to wear to the gym.

Cool fact: by signing up to their newsletter, you get $10 off your first purchase of $95 or more. By referring a friend you get a free pair of leggings! (and they get $10 off their first purchase).


This activewear and underwear brand sells sustainable essentials that are high breathable and fit your body naturally. The coolest thing about them? All the garments they produce are made from naturally grown, organic bamboo.

Bamboo is a great source of raw material thanks to its extraordinary growth and fast harvesting, what makes it a really cheap, sustainable and efficient crop. It can be used not only as fiber, but also as food and shelter too!

At Boody Eco Wear, comfort and simplicity go hand in hand to create these beautiful everyday garments.

Cool fact: by signing up to their newsletter, you get $15 off.


Organic clothing and fair trade. These are some of the characteristics that define Pact Apparel. But we could also add fair price to the list.

They produce and sell clothes made from GOTS-Certified 100% Organic Cotton. Toxic dyes, artificial fertilizers and other gross stuff don’t belong in their clothes, against your skin, or in the world’s water supply.

Pact Apparel is also an ethical brand, which means they only use Fair-Trade Certified factories where employees experience better working conditions
and are paid premiums to invest in their communities.

Cool fact: you can find HUGE bargains in their sale section. Orders over $74.99 get free shipping.


Hara, which means green in Hindi, is a sustainable and ethical brand that sells organic bamboo bras and underwear for all types of bodies and skins.

Their mission is to use the label as «a platform to bring change, awareness and education to the issues within the fashion industry». To do so, they have also teamed up with Environmental Justice Foundation to support their environmental projects. This organization works on the world’s toughest and most remote countries to «shine an international spotlight on the environmental and human rights abuses that too often go unnoticed». 

To produce their beautiful pieces, they only use organic bamboo fabric and natural dyes. Every single piece they create is naturally plant dyed by them, since they print and dye the bamboo themselves in their warehouse in Melbourne, Australia. The plants they currently use are Turmeric, Indigo and Madder Root.


SHE THINX ($-$$)

This popular brand sells period-proof underwear made of organic cotton. Their products are made ethically ensuring sustainable manufacturing processes and ethical working conditions. They fight for menstrual equity by making sure every student across the U.S. has free and easy access to basic period products.

They also work to change the way people talk and think about periods and end the taboos that have to cope with everyday.

By purchasing a THINX you will save a lot of money in tampons and pads, as well as make the world a more sustainable place by reducing your waste.

Cool fact: you get free shipping on your first order.

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