Most people think of college as one never-ending party, but, of course, that’s just not true. While students do have their fair share of opportunities to go big, at most it’s one night a week. The rest of the week is spent studying, hanging out with new friends, and all-around living a pretty normal life. So while there’ll be some nights where you want to dress up and go big, there’ll be others where you just want to have a classic cozy night in. But how do you do that, when you’re a college student? Take a look below.

5 Tips For A Cozy Night In

Clean That Bathroom

Wow, cleaning the bathroom? Strong start, right! Well, yeah, it is right, and for one pretty sane reason. Most student’s accommodation is less clean than is normal/humane. So if you want to have a cozy night in, you better get cleaning. It’s easier to sink into that warm, all-is-right-with-the-world when you’re not surrounded by dirt and clutter. Start with the bathroom, which is always the worst hit when it comes to cleanliness.


And Take a Bath

Now that everything is in spick and span condition, enjoy your surroundings! The best way to start a cozy night in is to take a bath, maybe with candles? It’ll put your body into a deep sense of relaxation, and will positively remove any of the strains and stresses of your day of studying. Once you’re fully pampered, you’ll be ready to enjoy the night to the fullest in peace and comfort. And talking of comfort….


Getting Comfortable

You’re going to spend a lot of time wearing dresses and high heels, but this is not the night! Tonight it’s all about wearing clothing that works with your body. Put on cozy pyjama bottoms, a familiar t-shirt, and top off the outfit with a plush gown from Cotton on Body. You’ll be in a state of pure comfort and bliss as you settle into the evening, knowing that you’ve got nothing to do but enjoy the evening.


Load Up Netflix

Now, of course, you’re not going to just stare at the wall! A good book is an option, but really, this is college, and you’re going to be reading a lot. Why not leave the world behind, and lose yourself in a movie or television show? If you’ve got Netflix, you can load up your favorite binge-worthy tv series, or find a feelgood movie.


Tasty Snacks

And don’t forget the snacks! It’s recommended that you learn the art of cooking well when you move to college…but there are still times when it’s just fine to hit the junk food aisle and fill the cart with delicious, not-that-good-for-you snacks. For our money, you can’t get much better than the tried and tested classic, popcorn. You’ll be comfortable, in your own cocoon of warmth, and can eat your snacks guilt-free. You’ll come to love these nights, and also realize come to understand that it can be a wonderful world from time to time!

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