Making money while you’re in college can seem tough, especially if you think the only way to do it is by getting a job. Getting a job is one way of doing it, but you’ll be swapping your time for money which in turn can leave you even more exhausted. Instead, looking at smart ways to make cash will ensure you remain flush with plenty of time to concentrate on your schoolwork.

To give you some ideas, here are some insane ways to make money while you’re in college.

Tell People What You Think

Online surveys are a fast way to make a little extra cash, and there are a few different platforms you can use. You can earn small amounts of money and even gift cards for surveys that only take a few minutes. You can even make it more effective by doing it while you’re travelling to college on the bus or train. Maybe even in between lectures! There are things you can do to earn bonuses, too, such as making sure you complete a set amount of surveys.

  • Ebates – you get cash back on purchases you already made. All you have to do is take a picture of your recepits.
  • Swagbucks – This site rewards you for things you already do online like online shopping or searching the web.
  • Inbox Dollars – you earn cash by answering surveys, reading emails and watching videos. It’s really simple to use and you get $5 just for signing up!


Get Tested

Medical tests and market research are crying out for all kinds of people, even people like you. It can be a lucrative way to make some cash, as well as educational. It may sound a bit scary at first, but it’s a legitimate way of making money and help others at the same time! You’ll definitely end up with a few stories to tell on your next night out with friend’s or date! You may even find opportunities within your campus, so keep an eye out for them.


Start Investing And Trading

Investing and trading is one of the smartest things you can do, especially while you’re young as the investments you make begin to appreciate. However, it can be tough to know where to start. Start by downloading an app that will help you – there are many that will round off purchases you make and invest the money. Only small amounts, but a great way to get started. When you’re feeling confident, you can look into CMC Markets and other aspects of investing and trading. It’s a great way to start building wealth right now.


Start Creating And Make Money With Your Hobbie

Do you have a special passion for something? Try to start making money with it and turn your hobbie into your side hustle! You can make money on videos you post on Youtube, on courses you create, ebooks you write, and dropshipping businesses you set up. If you’re really creative and crafty, you can start an Etsy shop. Selling your own handmade stuff is a really rewarding way to make money. Have a look at the different ways you can create income and see what you’d like to try. The more revenue streams you have, the better.


Freelance Writing

You don’t have to write like Shakespeare to become a freelance writer. In fact, you don’t even need an English major! I do freelance writing to pay my student loans, and it definitely makes a huge difference in my budget at the end of the month. All you’ll need to get started is a small writing portfolio with some of your work. Don’t worry if you’re new at this, you can write a few pieces in order to get a few samples, or you can simply use work from your college classes!

  • UpWork – You can find all types of freelance jobs. It is one of the most popular freelance sites.
  • People Per Hour  There’s a wide range of paid tasks available constantly. It’s really easy to find good writing jobs in literally no time and you get £30 to spend on the site for just signing up!


Become A Virtual Assistant

As a virtual employee, you can get steady work and make sure you stay flexible for all of your classes and any social outings. Many business owners out there are looking for a virtual assistant to take care of various admin jobs for them; a great job if you have perfect communication and organization skills. You could also simply offer some of your services on a freelance basis. Have a look on sites like People Per Hour to see what’s out there – people sell all kinds of things these days, even relationship advice.

  • Fiverr – It’s really good for finding assistant jobs, but you can really find all types of freelance work as well.


Start a Blog

You can also make money blogging! Starting an online blog won’t probably make you rich overnight, but it’s a great way to make a steady income if you put in the work and effort. It will help you to improve your writing and graphic design skills, and it may open some doors on your career after college. Bloggers make money through advertising, sponsored posts, products and affiliate sales.


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