As a blogger, organization is key.

It can make your work so much easier and faster. Also, planning everything is an efective way to make sure you actually do the work, mostly when laziness hits you hard.

For me, organization is the base of my motivation. So that’s why stationery is SO important.

For all the bloggers out there and those who aspire to be one someday, here’s the stationery you need to survive to your everyday life.

Stationery You Need To Survive As a Blogger


Basically, this is what you’ll use to plan everything related to your blog. From where photo shootings will be and when they will take place, to when each post is going to be published on your blog. I even use my planner to decide when I’m going to be writing new posts if I know there’s a though week ahead.

If you have a job or go to school it can sometimes be hard to find the time or energy to blog, mostly if what you do consists in writing A LOT (I go to university, so I get you friends). That’s why planning things is so important. Assigning a time slot to a specific job means that you will be able to focus on what you are doing, because you already planned it that way in advance.

Floral Annual Planner / Black Annual Planner / Floral Weekly Planner / Galaxy Weekly Planner



A similar thing happens with to-do lists. It’s just that they aren’t about planning, they’re just a list of all the things you have to get done.

If your to-do lists are too long it can be frustrating, because you won’t be able to finish everything in one day, and then you’ll feel bad because you weren’t capable of doing it. Or at least that’s what has happened to me in so many occassions, and it just made me feel that, even though I was giving my best, it was never enough.

My tip for you is to keep it real. We only have 24 hours, so don’t try to fit all the tasks of one week in just one day. That’s just not possible for a human being! Try to do as much as you can everyday, but don’t feel bad if there’s something you missed, always set what your priorities are and start from there.

Number your tasks from 1 to 10 from most important to least important, and there you go! If there’s something you couldn’t do, just do it tomorrow and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Doodle To-Do List / Basic To-Do List


Definitely my favorite piece of stationery ever. I use notebooks to write down blog post ideas and also write them. Sometimes it’s just the main idea or topic that I’ll develop when I write the post on the blog. Carrying a little notebook with you is always a good idea, you never know when inspiration could strike again, so that’s why you should always be prepared.

Nikkistrange design is by difference my favorite stationery brand. They have so many celestial and nature designs, which are my most love themes, and they sell all types of stationery, so you can find these beautiful designs all over notebooks, planners, prints and even greeting cards.

Galaxy Notebook / Avocado Notebook


Last but not least. You should never underestimate the power of a good pen set. Honestly, I don’t know where I would be without my thin liners, they’re the best thing in the world! I really recommend the Sakura Pigma Micron brushes, because you can use them for so many things. I use them to write blog ideas, but I also use them for my drawings and sketches, as well as bullet journaling. And the best thing is that they’re rechargeable, so you don’t have to get a new ones if you run out of ink.

And the next question is: why is everything from Etsy?

Well, you can buy stationery practically everywhere, but I can assure you that Etsy is one of the best places to do it. And here’s why:

Reasons Why You Should Buy At Etsy

  • It’s a handmade market. So everything you can find there is a unique piece, and you probably couldn’t find it anywhere else in the world. There’s a lot of cool stuff exclusively being sold on Etsy, and the idea that most of those things have been made at someone’s house is just mindblowing.
  • You help artists. Being a handmade market, Etsy is full of artist who sell their creations. And trust me when I say that being an artist in 2018 is not easy. Big companies own the world and sell everything for a cheaper price, so that makes it even harder to locals and artists who try to make a living doing what they love. If you buy on Etsy you’ll help them to keep creating, and you’ll also get something really beautiful and unique.
  • You shop ethically. No big factories, no underpaid employees, no global harming. Since every Etsy seller can choose the price of their products, you pay a fair price for what you get. And Etsy keeps a really small comission of that price (5%), so basically, all the money goes directly to the seller.
  • There’s a big price range. Handmade doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Sellers are conscious and reasonable when it comes to pricing, so most of the times there’s just a small difference between Etsy shops and regular shops. Plus there are always discounts and sales going on.
  • Etsy sellers make you feel loved and special. And this is no joke. Since every order is so important, and they know who the owner of that order will be, they make it something personal. More than often they add custom «thank you» notes or a little extra something just for you. Maybe a discount on your next purchase or a mini sticker sheet, who knows!

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