It’s been a few months since I started making money on my Etsy shop, so I thought it was about time to share my tips and tricks with you after this interesting experience.

This is the story about how I made $600 on Etsy (after a strong 芦trial and error禄 game):

My start on Etsy

I started my shop on the Summer of 2016, but I didn’t make any money until a year later.

During my first year on Etsy I only had a few products and I barely knew nothing about Etsy as well. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing and everything was kind of a mess. I knew I wanted to do big things and sell my art and creations, but I was two years younger and didn’t even have a plan.

At that time I was creating mini ring dishes in different shapes and colors, just because I saw others doing it and I thought it would be pretty easy. Don’t let me be misunderstood, I loved (and love) crafting, but I didn’t have any experience or knowledge, so I chose the fastest and easiest path.

And it didn’t work… at all!

I only sold one item in the whole year: a black cat ring dish with gold edges (it’s still listed in my shop).

So time went by, I started my first year of college and I was so busy that I forgot about Etsy. Till Summer 2017.

Summer of 2017: a big change

By the Summer of 2017 I decided I wanted to focus and do things properly. I knew that if I put enough effort in would work.

It hadn’t work with ring dishes, so I knew I had to change what I was selling if I wanted to make an actual sale. One day I was scrolling through the Urban Outfitters home decor website and saw that one thing that I had been wanting for so many years (but still couldn’t afford to buy): a wall hanging moon phases garland.

I grabbed the clay that was left from the ring dishes and made my own garland to hang on my bedroom wall. If it looked good, I would sell it on Etsy.

And it did!

I took a beautiful photo of my garland and posted it on Etsy… but I still didn’t make any sale.

Anyways, this time I really believed in what I was selling and I felt really proud of leaving my comfort zone and try something new. I would make it work. Because you can really sell everything if you find the right people disposed to buy it. I just had to find that people… or maybe not!

That’s when something clicked in my head: it’s not that I had to find that people, PEOPLE had to be able to find me. The answer to all this was just one word: SEO.

SEO is so important on Etsy (just like in blogging). And it depends on the key words you use whether your products will be seen by hundreds of people or no one at all. So I improved my article titles and descriptions, and I also took new photos on a clean white wall. This way customers could see the items properly and know all the details (I also added packaging and shipping information).

It was hard work, because I was learning everything from the bottom and I had to do it all by myself, but it worked!

My first sale

I made my first sale by the end of that Summer. It was a black marbled moon phase garland shipping to Spain (my country). I remember dancing and jumping of happiness when I saw the notification on my phone.

All my work had paid off! That was the most satisfying feeling ever.

10 months after

It’s been 10 months from that day and I’ve already made more than $600 and 50 sales. My black marbled moon phases garland has more than one thousand likes.

I know it’s still not a big number, but I’m so proud of it.

I’m so proud that I didn’t gave up even though I failed the first time, and it makes me so happy to see that people like my art and even pay for it!

I’m constantly trying to improve and I’m currently working on new products and a sticker collection I have designed. I really love creating and doing what I do, and my dream is to do it for a living. I’m ready to de whatever it takes me to accomplish it!


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