I remember when I started at university the worst part was to move away from home.

Getting away from everything that was familiar to me and going to live in a big city was a bit scary. But anyway, I still felt excited and curious about new people and new beginnings.

After two years in college, I’ve finally made it to set up a list with the things that make my life sooo much easier as a college student. I highly recommend them to new college students but also to all those students who struggle to keep their life together (you’re not alone).



My favorite part of the day is when I’m about to go to sleep. I’ll light up a candle and read a book on my bed, or I’ll either just plan my day for tomorrow or scroll through Pinterest (a.k.a my addiction).

It feels so relaxing to have that little scented light near me. So warm and cozy, and perfect to recover after a hard day.


Plants (are friends)

Plants can actually be your friends. When you have to sit in front of your desk for so many hours, they turn to be the best study companions and also make your bedroom look cuter.

Since I started my own Etsy shop I became obssessed with all the beautiful plant pots you can find there. They’re in all shapes and designs. ThisWayToTheCircus is my favorite plant pot shop so far.

If you decide to add a little plant to your bedroom, I recommend you to get a cacti or a small succulent. They’re really easy to take care of since you only have to water them 4-5 times a month.

A planner

I can’t live without a planner. It helps me to keep my life organized. I use it to keep track of my school homework and plan my blog posts in advance. Even though I just started a bullet journal, and it’s the best thing ever!

I honestly LOVE stationary and it motivates me so much when I feel lazy or unmotivated to start working. Seeing those beautiful pages arranged by colors is so pleasuring haha.


To-Do lists 

Since I decided I didn’t want to spend so much time on my phone, I went back to writing everything down on paper. To-do lists included. I feel like I can mentally focus a lot more on the things I have to do if I have them written physically on paper.

So for all the tick-list doers out there, here are the cutest to-do list notebooks ever!

I love that each page contains tick boxes for every task -giving you enough space to fill it with your tasks of the day, as well as the date and notes.

Annie Dornan-Smith // ONR Shop

Cute mugs and good tea (or coffee)

We’ve all been there: finals week. 7AM in the morning, you have an exam in 2 hours. You need something to help your head think properly.

Coffe is the answer, my friends.

That’s why you need a good collection of mugs. Personally, I like to have many and use each one for a different drink. For example, I use my Harry Potter mug when I’m in a «reading mood» and I fill it with tea only. I just feel like that’s the right mug for reading!


Good light

Good light is truly an essential when you are in college. You need proper light if you don’t want your eyes to fall off while you’re studying, so a good lamp is key.

That’s why I added this lamp from Lampara.es to my bedroom. I also think that it looks perfect with the aesthetic I try to create for my bedroom. It’s so minimalistic and simple, and it looks pretty good next to my desk. I really recommend you to check out their wepage. This is the model I got.




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