Valentine’s Day is slowly approaching, so it’s time to start getting ready for it.

To be honest, I’m not really into the whole romantic spirit of it, but I do love chocolate! And Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil yourself and the ones you love with chocolate and other goodies.

Since most stores tend to offer disccount codes and promotions on this special day, it’s a good occasion to look for stuff you need or send a gift to someone you love. Show them you really care and make them feel loved!

This is how my Valentine’s Day wishlist looks like! I’ve picked some things from two of my favorite online stores: Etsy and Zaful.

What I love about Etsy is that everything is handmade, so by shopping there you’re also helping people with small bussiness. On the contrary, Zaful is not a small bussiness, but they constantly make good offers, so it’s not bad to take a look there too. For this year’s Valentine’s Day they’re making something special too. Yup! It’s a big sale! That’s why I just couldn’t resist and had to made this whishlist (they’re so much fun to make as well).


Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples, but also for friends. So in case you’re looking for the perfect gift for your girlfriends, maybe a little casual Summer dress is the right option.

I love the wine red color of this dress, but what really makes it the cutest is its over-the-shoulder cut.

Or maybe you just want it for yourself, so you can start getting your wardrobe ready for Spring and Summer.

The «women dresses» section is always the first section I take a look at when I find a new online shop, because dresses are basically my favorite thing in the world!

I know that maybe it’s a bit early for sunnies, but this ones were so cute I couldn’t resist. Retro sunglasses are my life, and I’ve been searching for the right ones (it’s really hard to find sunnies that fit my small face), so I’m thinking about trying with these ones.

If your friends already own enough dresses and sunnies, maybe you should go for something different: a crossover purse. Because basically one never has enough crossover purses!

I have lots of bags and I still get new ones, please tell me I’m not the only one!

This is something I’m definitely getting for myself this year. I love everything about lace. I love how it looks on me and I love how comfortable it is. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying something for yourself that makes you feel sexier. It’s actually healthy

If you love stationary as much as I do, then you’ll agree with me that cards are the best way to tell your friends, family and partners that you adore them. Like, literally!

You just have to write it down on a cute card like these two I’ve picked from Etsy. Everything in Etsy is hand-designed, which makes it even more special. And you can also get your own custom cards!

Cute pins are the best thing to share with friends, and apparently Etsy is full of them.

I like friendship pins way more than friendship necklaces or bracelets, because you can put them on denim jeans and jackets. I also put them in my rope bags, which makes them look even cooler.

Wearing something your best friend also has can be so special. It’s like sharing a special connection with someone, something only you both understand.


Some other favorites to get some inspiration:


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