Red is definitely one of my favorite colours. Sadly, you can’t see much red in Winter (unless it’s in shop windows), so I’m anxiously waiting for Spring to come. I may not see too many flowers these days but I still can wear them thanks to Sammydress!

To be honest, I was really happy when the people from Sammydress gave me the opportunity to try their clothes and show them to you. But I want to be totally transparent when it comes to blogging, so I only recommend stuff that I truly like. I would NEVER tell to you buy something I haven’t tried or something I wouldn’t buy.

That’s why today I’m going to tell you my REAL opinion about the clothes I got from Sammydress and I’m going to be 100% honest about their quality.

Sammydress: worth it or not?

My Full Honest Review

When I saw this shirt online I created big expectations for it. Maybe this is the main reason why it was a bit disappointing, maybe I expected too much. I like the embroidered flowers and the neck, but the fabric’s quality is defninitely not good. To be honest, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it and I don’t think I’m going to wear it again. Comfort for me is SO important.

Shopping in these online stores is also a bit challenging because of the sizes. Clothes thend to be a bit smaller than normal, so I always get a bigger size (M). Even doing that, sometimes the clothes don’t fit well. Maybe you can’t tell it by the photos, but this shirt was a bit too big for me. Not gonna lie, I like how it looks with the complete outfit, but it’s not something I would buy on my own.

This was my favorite thing from the order. If you shop in a chinese store or have the chance to get clothes from there, I really recommend going to the bags and accessories section. Their bags and jewelry look pretty much like the ones you could find in any other store, but much cheaper. Obviously, the quality is still not the same, but the price is also more affordable.

I like how the purse looks on this outfit, and I’d definitely wear it again.

I decided to get this hat because it was basically EVERYWHERE on the Internet. The baker boy hat was on trend a few years ago, but apparently lots of instagrammers and bloggers were wearing them again, so it was back on track. I had never put my hands on one, so I decided this was the perfect money.

Since I didn’t know how I’ll look in a baker boy hat, I didn’t want to spend my real money on one, so I ordered this one from Sammydress.

I’ll give you a clue: I don’t look good. What was really shocking for me is that this hat was actually $37 when I purchased it!! What?! That’s crazy, I know. I would never spend this amount of money in a hat, and even less in a asian hat with such bad quality.

You can even find cheaper baker boy hats in stores like Asos ($20) or Lulus ($16).



This was it for today’s post. I hope It was helpful in some way. All I can say is that this kind of online stores are not 100% bad or 100% good. To be honest, it’s all about try and error. Some things may work, some others not. So unless you’re rich or have the opportunity to make a sponsored post and get the items for free, I wouldn’t purchase all my clothing there.

As I said, I’ve always had a good experience when I’ve got bags or accessories, but their bikinis and some other Summer pieces (like the two dresses I showed you here and here) were also a good choice as well. So it’s not black or white.

If you are really interested in shopping in a store like this, I highly recommend reading opinion posts like this or watching honest Youtube hauls. This is the first thing I do when I get the opportunity to make these kind of sponsored posts, I go online and see what others think to use it as a guide.

See you soon!


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