Hello 2018!

2017 has definitely been a year of change, both good and bad.

It has practically been my first year of college, so it has also been the first year I’ve lived away from home. I’ve moved from a town to a big city.

And to be honest, it has been crazy. My life has totally changed in such a short period of time, but I’m not saying it in a bad way (even though some things didn’t go as planned…). To the contrary, it has been the most profitable experience ever and I still feel that I’m learning everyday.

So basically, 2017 has been a year of change and growth, personally and academically. Here are some of my favorite things of 2017:

  • I’ve gained experience in college and life
  • I’ve started taking my fitness journey more seriously
  • Blogging has been a priority
  • I’ve watched TONS of movies
  • I’ve started dating my best friend
  • I know how to cook properly
  • I’ve meet really nice people
  • I’ve started my own Etsy shop (and I’ve made some money with it)

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My first month blogging

It’s been a month since I switched from Blogger to a self-hosted blog. I made the big change because I wanted to finally monetize my site and earn money from it. It wasn’t practically impossible with a free blog, but as soon as I moved I started seeing results.

Blogging is now a totally different game for me. After lots of researching and investigating I have found how to blog the right way, so this is why it has felt like blogging for the first time.

Even though I had my first blog for almost 6 years, this has been like my first month blogging!

I want to be totally honest and transparent with you, so today I want to share here some of the things I’ve achieved and some of the things that turned out to be a complete disaster!

What worked

  • Switching to WordPress: This is a must if you want to make money with your blog. Trust me when I say this is one of the best investment you’ll ever make. My views actually doubled when I switched from Blogger to WordPress, and I’m already starting to make some money. If you want to start a self-hosted blog I highly recommend Bluehost. For just a few bucks a month (3.95$ if you use my link) you can do it, it only takes a few minutes.
  • Writing less posts. This may seem a bit controversial, but more doesn’t necessarily mean better. I say quality before quantity. Google likes longer posts with lots of keywords, it is programmed to give them priority and show them first. More information = more valuable. So I’ve realized that it’s better to write 2 long posts than 5 short ones.
  • Investing in learning courses. After months of reading posts from other bloggers my brain was about to explode. So I decided to invest in a blogging course. The ebook I bought is called Pinteresting Strategies and it’s written by the successful Elise from House of Brazen. Best decision ever! It helped me so much with the next point.
  • Working on Pinterest. Pinterest is like a gold mine for bloggers. Most of them get 90% of their traffic from there, that’s why I decided to focus on it. This course was a game changer for me. In a 2 weeks I went from 4 followers to 54. I know there’s still a lot of work to do, but this course is definitely helping A LOT.

What didn’t work

  • Trying to learn everything. There’s so much to do and learn when you start blogging, and you definitely CAN’T do it all in just one month. Things take time, and learning how to blog properly is not something that happens overnight.
  • Trying to focus on all social media. The same happens with social media. You don’t have the actual time to focus on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest when you start. At first, It’s better to just pick up two of them and start working from there (I finally deicded to focus on Facebook and Pinterest, since I’ve read they work best for bloggers).
  • Affiliate marketing. There’s still a long road to drive with affiliate marketing. I work on it everyday since it’s something I don’t control yet. I recently purchased the course «How to make your first affiliate sale in 24 hours» (yes, you can make money with Pinterest too!), so I’ll be working with it the next months.

My goals for 2018

One of my main personal goals for 2018 (starting today) will be to focus on my blog and give the best of me. Here are some of the things I plan to achieve:

  • Improve my photography and start creating graphics (something I’ve never done before)
  • Improve my affiliate game
  • Get more followers on my social media
  • Increase my views (This month I had 1050 views)
  • Coming up with better ideas for my posts
  • Write more about my college experience and also write some fitness & health related posts
  • Having fun, obviously!

Thank you so much for reading, and Happy New Year!

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