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I think bloggers’ main purpose should be to inspire others.
When I find myself in the middle of a «lack of ideas» crisis, I always take a look at my favorite blogs. Not to copy them or what they post (that would be illegal), but to find inspiration in what they do.
I post my own original content, that means everything I write here comes from no one else but myself. So sometimes looking up to those who have more experience in the field can be so encouraging and a boost of energy.
As a blogger, I want to not just inspire people, but also to help them. Blogs are written in order to be read by people, so why not share with you all those tips I apply to my daily life to make yours better too?
Today I want to talk you about how I became a morning person in just 7 days. And trust me, if I did it, there’s no doubt you will be capable to do it too.
  • Go to bed early


This may seem a really obvious tip, but when it comes to the practic it’s something just a few ones do. We like to stay up late watching Stranger Things, or sometimes we have to because of work. Anyways, going to bed earlier means you’re going to be able to wake up earlier as well. So you will have the possibility to invest those extra hours in the morning to do the stuff you would normally get done at night.
  • Set just one alarm
Some people don’t like this, but it actually works for me pretty well. It’s like a mental game I play with myself. For example: if I set 3 alarms at 7:00, 7:05 and 7:10, I know I’m going to ignore the first two ones and wake up at 7:10 anyway. On the contrary, if I set just one alarm at 7:00am, I know this is the only chance I’m going to have to get up. Otherwise, I’m gonna fall asleep again and miss my college classes (and I’m not letting that happen, because one girl must pass the exams).
  • Get your outfit ready the night before
Choosing what you are going to wear the night before is always the better option. If you struggle with waking up early, don’t wait till the morning (you still asleep and you barely know what you’re seeing) to make a decision as important as this one. Otherwise, you could be making some decisions you’ll regret forever. Trust me, I have some experience at that. Make sure you have time enough to choose exactly the outfit you want to wear, so you won’t be in a hurry when you wake up and you’ll have time for more important things (like eating).
  • Find something that motivates you
This may seem really sad, like I don’t have any reason to live or something. But that’s not what I’m talking about, what I mean is that excitement can help us wake up early too. Feeling excited because there’s something you want to do more than sleeping will increase your desire to get out of bed the fastest possible. For example: maybe you’ve got a date and you have to get ready, or you have a really cool plan for the day, or you just want to get active and put your body to work. That can be the fuel that boosts your energy.
  • Think about breakfast
Whether I like it or not, food is one of my biggest desires when I wake up. Lately it has been working out and blogging too, but food is always my first priority. On a daily basis I’m hungry from minute 0 when I wake up, so the first thing I do is go to the kitchen and prepare my breakfast. Thinking about what I’m going to eat motivates me so much, maybe a little too much even. But breakfast is the most important meal of the day, kiddos, so it’s important not to miss it (or at least that’s what I tell to myself after eating a boul of cereal that’s bigger than my head).
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