light encounters
light encounters

Photos: taken by a friend and edited by me.
I love light effects in photography as much as I love little cute red dresses. They fit in any situation, that’s why I couldn’t stop myself from taking a look at this new shop called Gamiss. I just discovered it, and the first thing I did was go find similar pieces for the upcoming season. We may not be able to wear red short dresses, but we can apply that pattern to sweaters and cool jeans to create a cool retro indie vibe for Fall. This are some of the pieces I found that totally match my style, because I only pick things I am 100% sure about:


I totally love the pattern on this skirt. I think even though it’s a mini skirt, which is a piece meant to wear in Summer, the colors and embroidery of this one make it perfect for Fall and Winter. I would probably wear it with a high neck sweater and a pair of high black boots to create a really cute outfit for the colder days.
I think this would be a good piece to wear with that embroidered skirt. It looks warm and really flowy, which is a fact that I really appreciate since I don’t really like tight clothing. Mostly during winter, I like to wear warm clothes that don’t necessarily limit my movements and make me feel like a big snowball covered in layers of clothing. I like to keep it loose, you know. If you agree with me in that, then flare sleeves are for you too!
Now matter the year or moment in my life, I will never get tired of baseball jackets. They are a classic for me, and they’re always in the shops. I’ve had two of them in my entire life, but maybe this is a good time to include another one to my collection. I also love how those two little embroidered flowers add a preppy touch to it, which makes a difference from the other ones I bought before.


I also want to seize the occasion to talk you about another one of my recent discoveries in the fashion world. This shop is called Yoins.
I ran into it while I was looking for a pair of booties for Fall and Winter, but my whishlist increased after I scrolled a bit in their «fashion casual dresses for women” section. 
For the past two or three weeks I’ve been loking for new basic stamples to renew my closet for the next season. I think that a good bunch of basic pieces matched with a genuine eye for fashion can lead to really cool combinations. 
Inspired by Cher in Clueless (one of my favorite characters ever, and I don’t really know why) I also went to take a look in their  «co-ord sets for women» section. Co-ords are a really easy way to match the top and bottom of your outfit with pretty much any effort. In my case, that is perfect for lazy college days. 
So to sum up, I fell in love with every bit of them and I encourage you to go take a look. They always make big sales and offer lots of good disccounts, a fact that makes me love them even a bit more, to be honest.

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